IPL 2017, DD vs KXIP Highlights: How Billings, Anderson helped Delhi derail Punjab

first_imgHello and Welcome to our Live Coverage of Match No. 15 between Delhi Daredevils and Kings XI Punjab at the Feroz Shah Kotla stadium.(POINTS TABLE | SCORECARD)23.32 IST: OUT!!!! Bowled! That does it. Delhi have pulled off a dominating win. Morris takes the pace off it and bowls it on a length on middle and leg, Axar Patel goes for the wild heave but misses and has his bails knocked over. With that, DELHI WIN THIS BY 51 RUNS!#ChrisMorris ends it in style.More points and we go up on the points table.#DDvKXIP #DDTweets #DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) April 15, 201723.30 IST: This is Axar Patel’s highest score in the IPL.23.28 IST: OUT!!! Chris Morris gets  KC Cariappa. One of those “You miss, I hit” kind of situations. the big South African attacks the stumps, keeps it nice and full, Cariappa backs away to hit it out but misses and the ball crashes into the stumps.#ChrisMorris aims for the stumps and gets it spot on. Clean bowled! #DDvKXIP #DDTweets #DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) April 15, 2017Punjab need 55 runs in the last over.  KXIP: 134/8 23.27 IST: OUT!!!Pat Cummins strikes timber for his first wicket of the night. Mohit has to walk. Bowled ’em! Yorker from Pat Cummins and that does the trick for him. It’s on leg, Mohit Sharma makes room to hit. It hits him low on the pads and then goes on to rock the timber. The bails are off and he has to make his way back to the dugout.advertisementClean bowled by #PatExpress. C’mon Dilli! #DDvKXIP #DDTweets #DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) April 15, 2017 KXIP:133/7 (18.5overs)23.26 IST: Losing wickets at regular intervals is costing Punjab the match.  Punjab need 58 runs in 10 balls.23.19 IST:  Punjab need 65 runs in 18 balls. Required run-rate 28.15 KXIP: 130/6 (18 0vers)Down to the final two. #KXIP 130/6. #DDvKXIP #DDTweets #DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) April 15, 201723. 18 IST: SIX!!! Axar shows Mohit it is done. That’s outta here! What a hit, son! Full on middle and off, Axar Patel launches this from within his crease and clears the long on boundary with ease. KXIP: 124/6 (17 overs)Match 15. 16.6: Z Khan to A Patel, 6 runs, 124/6 https://t.co/Qx1rO18uHJ #DDvKXIP- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 15, 201723.18 IST: Almost carried!!! Mohit Sharma safe, for now.  23.17 IST:  Punjab need 73 runs in 21 balls.23.15 IST: Zaheer Khan comes on for his last over of the night. 23.12 IST: Nine off the 16th over.  KXIP: 112/6 (16 overs) Punjab need 77 runs in 24 balls. Required run-rate 19.25Looks like KXIP are under pressure as they need 77 runs in 24 balls.#DDvKXIP #DDTweets #DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) April 15, 201723. 09 IST: SIX!!! Axar blasts Anderson over the ropes. That’s smoked! Full and in the slot, Axar Patel gets underneath this properly. Stands his ground as he clears the long on fence for a flat maximum..@akshar2026 smashes it straight down the ground and it goes all the way! #LivePunjabiPlayPunjabi #DDvKXIP- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 15, 201723.07 IST: FOUR!!!! Mohit cuts hard. Full and fired across, Mohit slices this away over backward point. Nobody out there in the deep so the ball will race away to the boundary line. KXIP: 103/6 (14 overs)23.07 IST: Punjab need 91 runs in 32 balls. Required run-rate 17.4223.05 IST: FOUR!!! Axar Patel still not willing to give up. Short and wide outside off, Patel slashes hard at this. Clears backward point and it goes across the fence for a boundary.  Required run-rate 16.41.@akshar2026 cuts hard and the ball finds the third man fence. #LivePunjabiPlayPunjabi #DDvKXIP- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 15, 201723.01 IST: Miller has to make the long walk back after being struck in front of the wickets by Anderson.  THAT’S PLUMB! Anderson bowled his last over  very well, deserved that wicket completely. Anderson fires a full toss on middle and leg, Miller looks to flick it across but misses and is caught flush in front of the stumps. The appeal is made and the finger goes up without a second’s hesitation. Killer Miller is out of here, Punjab sink further.LBW! @coreyanderson78 strikes and the 6th wicket goes down. #KXIP 88/6. #DDvKXIP #DDTweets #DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) April 15, 201722.58 IST: Just four runs of Amit Mishra’s over. KXIP:85/5 (13 overs) End of the 13th over. We need another 104 of 42 balls. #LivePunjabiPlayPunjabi #DDvKXIP- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 15, 201722.55 IST: FOUR!!!! Miller gets lucky boundary. Low full toss, on off, Miller drives at it hard. Ends up getting a thick inside edge which runs away to the fine leg fence.KXIP: 81/5 (21 overs)22.53 IST: Punjab need 117 runs in 54 balls.  Required run-rate 13.27 22.51 IST: SIX!!! Axar Patel hits it long. KXIP: 72/5 (11 overs) Going, going, going….. Gone! That’s a huuuuugggeeee hit from Axar Patel! Tossed up and it’s in the arc, Axar Patel kneels down and slog sweeps it with everything he’s got. Sends it lightyears into the mid-wicket stands for a maximum.advertisement22.48 IST: OUT!!! Maxwell follows Morgan.  MISHRA GETS THE BIG FISH! A huge wicket for the hosts. The Big Show departs without troubling the scoreboard one bit. It’s tossed up on off, Maxwell goes for the slog sweep and gets a big top edge. It skies to Sam Billings at deep mid-wicket and he takes a safe catch. The Punjab skipper departs and his team are in deep trouble here.Taken! #MishraJi get’s the wicket of #Maxwell. 5 down for 65. C’mon Dilli! #DDvKXIP #DDTweets #DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) April 15, 201722.47 IST: OUT!!! Morgan’s shot finds the pint fielder, Karun Nair. Pat Cummins gets his man! Width on offer again, Morgan again unleashes his cut but this time he manages to find the fielder at backward point. Karun Nair judges it well and takes a fine catch to send the dangerous Morgan home. Punjab are in trouble now. They need 125 runs off 60 balls to win.#KarunNair collects that one beautifully.#EoinMorgan walks back to the dug out.KXIP 64/4#DDvKXIP #DDTweets #DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) April 15, 201722.46 IST: FOUR!! Morgan is turning up the heat in the middle. Powerful! Short and wide outside off, Morgan dispatches it through the point region for a boundary. 22.45 IST: FOUR!!! Cummins goes for a boundary. Full and outside off, Morgan drills it through the extra cover region for a boundary. Much needed boundary.22.37 IST: Amit Mishra into the attack, Miller has no clue what is happening.just four runs coming off the ninth over.  Required run-rate: 12.36  KXIP: 53/3 (9 overs)22.34 IST: Morgan and Miller just can’t seem to be getting ball on bat. Just two runs of th eover from Cummins. KXIP:49/3 (8 overs) Beautiful deliveries from #PatExpress. This is turning out to be a good over. #DDvKXIP #DDTweets #DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) April 15, 201722.32 IST: Required run-rate is ever climbing, stands at 11.06 currently.   22.31 IST: Just seven runs given away by Morris. KXIP: 47/3 (7 overs) Good and tidy over as 7 comes from it. #KXIP 47/3. #DDvKXIP #DDTweets #DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) April 15, 201722.23 IST: FOUR!!! Morgan greets Cummins with a boundary. Short delivery around off, Morgan clobbers it through the mid-wicket region for a boundary. There is no stopping that. KXIP: 40/3 (6 overs) 7 of the 6th over. Score is 40/3. #LivePunjabiPlayPunjabi #DDvKXIP- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 15, 201722.19 IST: OUT!!! Morris has the last laugh, Amla has to depart. Amla throws it away! Full toss on the pads, Hashim Amla clips that one straight to the fielder at square leg. Sam Billings does not move an inch as he pouches a simple catch. Morris gets his first and Amla is annoyed with himself. KXIP: 33/3 (5 overs)Match 15. 4.4: WICKET! H Amla (19) is out, c Sam Billings b Chris Morris, 31/3 https://t.co/Qx1rO18uHJ #DDvKXIP- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 15, 201722.17 IST: FOUR!!! Amla packs Morris off to the boundary ropes. Subtle movements do the trick! Full into the stumps, Amla walks across and flicks it fine down the leg side for a boundary.advertisement22.15 IST: FOUR!!! Amla going strong. Tossed up outside off, Amla smacks it over the cover region for a boundary. KXIP: 26/2 (4 overs) #HashimAmla strikes that strong enough to lift it over the man inside the circle.#DDvKXIP #DDTweets #DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) April 15, 201722.11 IST: OUT!!! Nadeem picks up his second. Saha has to depart as Zaheer takes a clean catches. Floated around off, Saha dances down the track and drives it in the air towards the fielder at covers. Zaheer Khan gets low to take a good catch. He starts claiming it and the umpire go upstairs to check it. Replays could not show any conclusive evidence and the soft signal stands. Saha walks back to the hut.  KXIP:21/2 (3.2 overs).@Wriddhipops The catch looks clean. Second wicket down as @Wriddhipops goes. Score is now 21/2. #LivePunjabiPlayPunjabi #DDvKXIP- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 15, 201722.10 IST: FOUR!!! Saha goes inside-out against Nadeem. Width outside off, Saha cuts it over the point fielder for a boundary.22.09 IST: FOUR!!! Amla ends the over in style. Good shot! Length delivery angling across, Amla stays in his crease and lofts it over the mid off region for a boundary. KXIP: 17/1 (3 overs)22.07 IST: FOUR!!!! Amla pulls Zaheer for a boundary. Knucle ball a bit short, Amla reads the pace well and heaves it through the mid-wicket region for a boundary.22.04 IST: OUT!!! Vohra departs for just three.  Nadeem strikes! Floated around middle and off, Manan Vohra shuffles across and goes to play the paddle scoop. He misses it completely and gets rapped on the pads. Shahbaz Nadeem has a stifled appeal and the umpire takes his own time to raise his finger. KXIP: 6/1 (2 overs)Wicket! @ImMananVohra tries paddling the ball but misses and is caught leg before. Score is 5/1. #LivePunjabiPlayPunjabi #DDvKXIP- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 15, 201722.03 IST: Shahbaz Nadeem shares the new ball with captain Zaheer Khan.  IF Punjab manage to chase this total down it will be record. 21.57 IST: Captain Zaheer Khan with the new ball against Hashim Amla and Manan Vohra. Gives away just two runs. KXIP: 2/0 (1 over) .@amlahash & @ImMananVohra will open the batting once again. Looking forward to a bright start again! #LivePunjabiPlayPunjabi #DDvKXIP- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 15, 201721.54 IST: Onus will be on Hashim Amla, Eoin Morgan, Glenn Maxwell, David Miller and Wriddhiman Saha to chase down the target of 189 for Punjab. A great comeback from the #DilliBoys.Let’s do some serious bowling now!#DDTweets #DDvKXIP #DilDilliHai pic.twitter.com/ivLKn7KKe2- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) April 15, 201721.47 IST: Corey Anderson, started off late but made amends in the fag end of the innings. He ended up scoring 39 runs off 22 deliveries. Pat Cummins also joined the party in the last couple of overs.6 to finish the innings as Delhi finish with 188/6 from their 20 overs. #LivePunjabiPlayPunjabi #DDvKXIP- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 15, 201721.44 IST: Delhi have smashed the Punjab bowler’s all over the park in the last overs to post a total close to 190. Sam Billings and Sanju Samson started off in an attacking fashion. The former was relentless as he hammered all the bowlers and managed to score a fifty. The middle order batsmen did not make the most of it. But Morris started the attack once he came out to the middle. DD:188/6 Tremendous batting performance by our #DilliBoys and we have a good total on the board. #DD 188/6. #DDvKXIP #DDTweets #DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) April 15, 201721.41 IST: FOUR!!! SIX!!! What a way to end the innings! Super shot from Corey Anderson. He pulls this away over square leg. Manan Vohra out in the deep runs to his right, tries judging the ball flight of the ball and leaps. Gets his right hand to it, tries parrying it back in but just fails in his attempt to do so. A biggie and with that, DELHI FINISH ON 188/6!Sandeep Sharma has a change of angle but it doesn’t work for him. He ends up bowling a low full toss on middle, Anderson thumps it straight back down the ground for a boundary.21.38 IST: FOUR!!! FOUR!!! Consecutive boundaries from Pat Cummins.Low full toss outside off, Cummins reaches out to it and squeezes it through point to pick up a boundary. Brilliant placement from the Australian.Pat Cummins on the charge! Back of a length on the stumps, he muscles the pull over the mid-wicket region for the second boundary in as many balls.21.36I ST: SIX!!! SIX!!! Corey Anderson launches them into the stars. DD: 169/6 (19 overs) Shorter ball on the body, Anderson swivels across and pulls it over the deep backward square leg fence for a biggie.wo in two for Corey Anderson! It’s short and flat outside off, the southpaw pulls it with all his might over the leaping long on fielder for a biggie. Excellent over this for Delhi. They really needed it. 21.36 IST: Axar Patel with the ball in his hand in the penultimate over. 21.32 IST: OUT!!! Morris has to walk.Back of a length on off, Morris pulls it over mid-wicket. Mohit Sharma out in the deep moves to his right and takes a safe catch. Morris departs and that’s another wicket down for Delhi. DD: 153/6 (18 overs)21.24 IST: SIX! That’s a massive hit from Morris! He sends the ball into the orbit. What a shot! Slower one from Mohit Sharma, Morris picks this up and there’s no way he’s going to let this one pass by. He positions himself well and launches it high and handsome over the wide long on boundary for half a dozen.21.21 IST: FOUR! Finally… Anderson gets one away! Full again, it’s in the slot and Anderson gets a hold of this. Murders it straight back over the bowler’s head. Dead straight and it crashes into the fence. DD 131/5 in 16 overs21.17 IST: FOUR! Aaron bowls it short of a length outside off, Chris Morris hops, opens the face of the bat and guides it between backward point and short third man. It races away to the fence leaving the two chasing fielders with no chance.21.16 IST: OUT! Aaron removes Pant for 15. Another timely wicket for Punjab. Back of a length angling across, Rishabh Pant stands firm and swings across the line. Gets a big top edge which spoons to Eoin Morgan at mid off. He moves to his left and takes an easy catch. DD 120/5 in 15.1 overs. Chris Morris is the next man in. Can he cause the same damage he caused last time he stepped out?21.14: FOUR! A bit short on the stumps, Rishabh Pant whips this hard through wide mid on. Beats the man out in the deep and picks up consecutive boundaries.21.13 IST: FOUR! THAT’S CRUNCHED! Lovely shot from Rishabh Pant. Short and flat outside off, Pant hangs back and crashes it hard through the gap in the covers for a boundary.21.11 IST: Dropped! Short and flat on the stumps from Cariappa, Anderson goes back and punches it back to the bowler. It’s in the air and Cariappa gets low to take it. Can’t hold on to it though because it’s hit really hard. Could have maybe done better, probably.21.10 IST: FOUR! He’s hit that exceptionally well. What a shot! A bit loopy and fuller outside off from Maxwell, Pant plants his front foot forward and hammers it over extra cover for a boundary.21.08 IST: Glenn Maxwell brings himself into the attack.21.04 IST: OUT!!!! Billings departs, but not before playing a superb knock. Fuller ball around off, Sam Billings makes use of his feet again, gets to the pitch and lofts it over mid on. Has got the height, but not the distance. It’s straight down the throat of David Miller at long on who hangs on to it solidly. Important breakthrough for Punjab. DD: 103/4 (13 overs)The knock that we needed!#SamBillings plays his part well.#DDTweets #DDvKXIP #DilDilliHai pic.twitter.com/2hvGcYh4kN- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) April 15, 201721.01 IST: FOUR!!! Sam Billings dances down the track. DD: 99/3 (12.2 overs)20.57 IST: Morgan’s second catch of the night. Iyer goes for a six, finds the fielder off Mohit Sharma.  Length delivery around off, Shreyas Iyer with no foot movement slogs hard across the line. Gets a big top edge though and it skies towards Morgan at long on who makes no mistake in taking it. Mohit Sharma bags his first wicket of the match. That goes up in the air and caught. #ShreyasIyer departs. #DD 96/3. #DDvKXIP #DDTweets #DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) April 15, 201720.55 IST: FOUR!!! Billings sends Mohit Sharma to the ropes. hat’s muscled! Back of a length on off, Billings stays back and pulls it hard through the gap in the mid-wicket region for a boundary. Super shot.That is powerful!@sambillings wacks it for a boundary.#DDTweets#DDvKXIP#DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) April 15, 201720.53 IST: Axar Patel gives away just seven runs. DD:90/2 (11 overs)20. 49 IST: FOUR!!! Off the pads by Iyer again. Pierced! Another one going down the leg side, Shreyas Iyer clips it through the square leg region for a boundary. Two fielders tried reaching it but the ball won the race to the fence. DD: 83/2 (10 overs)20.48 IST: FOUR!!! Iyer tucks it away for a boundary. Deft! Sprayed down the leg side, Samson shuffles a bit and taps it fine down the leg side for a boundary.20.44 IST: FOUR!!!! Iyer sends it the boundary behind point. Classical! Floated outside off, Shreyas Iyer drives it through the point region for a boundary. DD: 71/2 (9 overs)Tidy over from Cariappa. 7 from it. Score stands at 71/2 at the end of 9 overs. #LivePunjabiPlayPunjabi #DDvKXIP- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 15, 201720.42 IST: FOUR!!! Good length delivery outside off, Billing just slashes his blade at it and gets a thick outside edge over the keeper’s head for a boundary. Eventfull over by Aaron comes to an end.  DD: 64/2 (8 overs)20.37 IST: OUT!!! Karun Nair gloves it through to Saha off Aaron. Aaron gets his man! Short delivery down the leg side, Karun Nair attempts to clip it fine but manages to find the keeper on the way. Saha takes a good diving catch to his left. Karun Nair’s dismal performances at the top continue. DD:55/2 (7.3 overs) Second man goes down.Well bowled by #Aaron.#DDTweets#DDvKXIP#DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) April 15, 201720.33 IST: OUT!!!! Samson finds Morgan in the deep off Carippa. Tossed up around middle and leg, Samson goes for a biggie but he gets a leading edge which flies towards the long off region. Morgan gets under it and takes a fine catch to send Samson back to the hut.  DD:55/1 (7 overs)Cariappa celebrates getting rid of the dangerous Sanju Samson. #LivePunjabiPlayPunjabi #DDvKXIP pic.twitter.com/6IlopYg94G- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 15, 2017 Wicket! Cariappa strikes in his first over as #EoinMorgan comfortably catches Samson out. It’s 53/1. #LivePunjabiPlayPunjabi #DDvKXIP- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 15, 201720.31 IST: No Ball!!  Bowls this one way outside off, spins away after pitching, Billings goes for the reverse sweep. He misses it completely and the keeper collects it quickly to dislodge the bails. Appeals for a stumping and the umpires go upstairs. The third umpire rules it as a front foot no ball and there is a free hit coming up.20.29 IST: 50-run partnership comes up between Sam Billings and Sanju Samson.20.25 IST: SIX!!! A very tidy over is ruined by Samson. Back of a length delivery around off, Samson pulls it over wide of long on for a maximum. DD: 49/0 (6 overs)20.22 IST: Mohit Sharma comes back to bowl his second over. 20.19 IST: FOUR!!! FOUR!!! Three boundaries on the trot by Sam Billings off Varun Aaron. DD:41/0 (5 overs) Three in row for #SamBillings. #DDvKXIP #DDTweets #DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) April 15, 2017A bit short this time but the same result! Back of a length delivery around off, Billings dances down the track and whacks it past the diving mid-wicket fielder for a boundary.Sprayed down the leg side, Sam Billings flicks it off his pads through the fine leg region for a boundary.20.18 IST: FOUR!!!! Sixth boundary of the innings by Sam Billings. Sam Billings dances down the track and smashes the full ball down the ground through the mid on region for a boundary.20.17 IST: Quite over from Axar patel, just five off the over. DD: 27?0 (4 overs)Steady start from @akshar2026. Just 5 off his over. Delhi are 27/0 after 4. #LivePunjabiPlayPunjabi #DDvKXIP- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 15, 201720.12 IST: FOUR!!!! Swept hard by Billings. Sandeep Sharma. Fuller delivery outside off, Sam Billings sweeps it through the square leg region for a boundary. DD: 22/0 (3 overs)20.11 IST:  Hashim Amla saves a certain four.20.08 FOUR!! Back to back from Sam Billings.Another short ball but this time into the body, Sam gets on top of it and pulls it along the ground through the wide of mid on region for a boundary. DD: 17/0 (2 overs) Mohit Sharma concedes 9 off his 1st over. It’s 17/0 after 2 overs. #LivePunjabiPlayPunjabi #DDvKXIP- Kings XI Punjab (@lionsdenkxip) April 15, 201720.07 IST: FOUR!!! Sheer power from Billings to hit over the inner circle. Back of a length outside off, Sam Billings pulls it over the mid on fielder for a boundary.20.05 IST: Mohit Sharma keeping it tight. Sam Billings yet to be off the mark.20.03 FOUR!!! Eight runs come off the first over. Length delivery around off, Samson hangs in his crease and crunches it through the cover region for a boundary. It was superbly timed as well. DD: 8/0 (1 over) 20.00 IST: FOUR!!! Samson sends Sandeep Sharma to the boundaries. Easy pickings! Angling into the pads, Sanju Samson shuffles a bit and clips it fine down the leg side for a boundary.Nice strike from #SmashingSamson for a 4. #DDvKXIP #DDTweets #DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) April 15, 201719.41 IST: The teams are ready. .@DelhiDaredevils @lionsdenkxip #IPl Match 15 – The @DelhiDaredevils boys are ready for #DDvKXIP pic.twitter.com/Y5STm3tOna- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 15, 2017.@DelhiDaredevils @lionsdenkxip #IPL Match 15 – @lionsdenkxip are warming up for #DDvKXIP pic.twitter.com/4hHR2yC71S- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 15, 201719.40 IST: Playing XIsKings XI Punjab: Hashim Amla, Manan Vohra, Eoin Morgan, Glenn Maxwell(c), David Miller, Wriddhiman Saha(w), Axar Patel, Mohit Sharma, Varun Aaron, Sandeep Sharma, KC CariappaKXIP XI: H Amla, M Vohra, G Maxwell, D Miller, E Morgan, W Saha, A Patel, KC Cariappa, M Sharma, V Aaron, Sandeep Sharma- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 15, 2017Delhi Daredevils: Shreyas Iyer, Sam Billings, Sanju Samson, Rishabh Pant(w), Corey Anderson, Chris Morris, Karun Nair, Pat Cummins, Amit Mishra, Shahbaz Nadeem, Zaheer Khan(c)DD XI: S Iyer, S Billings, S Samson, K Nair, R Pant, C Morris, C Anderson, P Cummins, A Mishra, Z Khan, S Nadeem- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 15, 2017Here’s our playing XI for tonight’s first home game. C’mon Dilli! #DDTweets #DDvKXIP #DilDilliHai pic.twitter.com/liDEHlchSQ- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) April 15, 201719.35 IST: Delhi win toss and will come out to bat. Shreyas Iyer has been dropped from the Delhi team and Punjab have decided to go with Eion Morgan and KC Cariappa.Maxwell: It is always a good rivalry. We have their (Delhi’s) favourite son (Virender Sehwag) as our coach. It is nice to have him on our side. We probably would have bowled. It looks a bit dry. Let’s see how it goes. We have a couple of changes, Stoinis misses out to Eoin Morgan and Ishant is replaced by KC Cariappa.Zaheer: Looks like a bat first wicket. It is a bit on the drier side and that is why we wanted to bat first.Hopefully it will assist the spinners later and we can take advantage of that. Pretty good crowd here and looking forward to their support. It is about taking forward the momentum from the last game. Just one change: Tare is out and Shreyas Iyer is in.That’s it then, Captain #ZaheerKhan wins the toss and elects to bat first. The excitement is on! #DDvsKXIP #DDTweets #DilDilliHai- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) April 15, 201719.30 IST: Over at the Eden Gardens, Kolkata Knight Riders beat Sunrisers Hyderabad by  17 runs.19.20 IST: Delhi play their first game at home. Fans are excited about the new season.Dilli hain Dilwaalon ki.Here’s #Dilli showing some love for their favourite team as we take on @lionsdenkxip#DDvKXIP#VIVOIPL#DilDilliHai pic.twitter.com/3CtxMjMxFM- Delhi Daredevils (@DelhiDaredevils) April 15, 201719.12 IST:  Both captains with the Spirit of cricket token.  .@DelhiDaredevils @lionsdenkxip Play Hard, Play Fair – Spirit of Cricket at #IPL – @ImZaheer and @Gmaxi_32 #DDvKXIP pic.twitter.com/rJnSHAz9gh- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 15, 201719.11 IST: Yami Gautam kept the crowd enthralled at the Feroz Shah Kotla..@DelhiDaredevils @lionsdenkxip .@yamigautam has set the stage on fire #IPL #DDvKXIP pic.twitter.com/puSNjb54b0- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 15, 201719.10 IST: The last Opening ceremony of this season. We had eight opening ceremonies this year, one each at every first game at home stadiums.  The #IPL Opening event is taking place in Delhi – @DelhiDaredevils vs. @lionsdenkxip #DDvKXIP pic.twitter.com/A1ZCNf19Ej- IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) April 15, 2017Brief Preview:Daredevils’ huge win over Rising Pune Supergiant acted as a warning to the rival teams, including their immediate opponents, whose unbeaten run in IPL-10 has just come to a screeching halt.Daredevils are entering the match after hammering Rising Pune Supergiant by 97 runs, thanks to young batsman Sanju Samson’s maiden IPL ton and Chris Morris’ incredible power- hitting down the order. The South African’s nine-ball 38 is still being talked about.Punjab, who beat RPS and Royal Challengers Bangalore in the first two games, squandered an advantageous position to lose to Kolkata Knight Riders by eight wickets yesterday night.Daredevils boast a strong battling line-up, which is full of all-rounders and will fancy their chances against Punjab bowlers, who did a decent job before being hammered around by the KKR batsmen.Meanwhile, Punjab bowlers have a job at hand, specially after KKR exposed their weaknesses at the Eden Gardens.The Punjab bowlers managed to restrict RPS and RCB under 165, but KKR skipper Gambhir and surprise opener Sunil Narine took them to the cleaners with remarkable ease.Punjab have admitted that Narine opening the batting did disturb their plans and the surprise move hurt them badly.Except Mohit Sharma, the visitors do not boast of a reliable name. Ishant Sharma did get a game at the expense of T Natrajan against KKR, but bowled only two overs.Since Feroze Shah Kotla is Ishant’s home ground, he might get his second game, considering his familiarity with the conditions.last_img

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