Rodman Hall wins again

Rodman HallRodman Hall has once again received an Ontario Association of Art Galleries (OAAG) award, this time for a book that documents a slowly changing exhibit at its St. Paul Crescent site.The Brock-owned St. Catharines gallery received a design award for the book Micah Lexier: A Week at a Glance. Designed by Lexier and Tom Koken, the book documents Lexier’s exhibit where ephemera (temporary everyday objects) is slowly rotated in and out of the display.“This is a special project for us because Micah created it specifically for that space,” she said. “The changes (to the display) are subtle, but overtime there’s definitely an aesthetic change.”A Week at a Glance runs from January 2011 until January 2012. Material used includes stationery, printed and cut cardboard, books, games, puzzles, teaching tools, printed envelopes, scribbled notes, and various items found on the street.The award was presented at the 34th annual OAAG Awards in Toronto on Sept. 30. There were 33 galleries nominated. Eighteen received awards.The OAAG Awards are juried. Rodman Hall was awarded last year for design and installation and publication of the year.Related story:• Rodman Hall celebrates provincial awards