Inertia keeping Aussies homebound

first_imgWhile economic uncertainties push most Aussies into a state of inertia, up to 47 percent continue to harbour fantasies of travelling and exploring different cultures and countries.A Carnival Cruise Lines nationwide study found that although the economy has left the majority of Australians with a lacking sense of adventure, the dream of travelling still persists with 41 percent dreaming of packing in their jobs and travelling around the world.Among the most important things to try, 35 percent said they were eager to travel solo, while almost half of survey participants said they were keen to try different foods and 34 percent enthused to meet new people.According to the survey, up to 31 percent said their routine and family limited them from travelling or trying something new while 84 percent cited uncertain economic climate conditions.“Getting caught up in the nitty-gritty of our day-to-day, the financial austerity of the last few years… these are all things that have the effect of constraining our lifestyles,” social trend analyst Mark McCrindle said.  “We’re all looking for a full colour life but can easily get temporarily stuck in a grey zone.  “Australians value an adventurous spirit and just need a little motivation and support to push them from their inertia.”Results of the study found that most Aussies are stuck in a routine that is dissolving their spirit of adventure and trying something new.74 percent of respondents said they wear the same style of clothing and eat the same meals every day, 59 percent explained that they socialise in the same places every weekend and 68 percent said they sleep on the same side of the bed every night and wouldn’t consider swapping. Attempting to break Australians out of their routine and achieve their travel dreams, Carnival Cruise Lines announced early this year that it is bringing its Carnival Spirit down under on a full time basis from October 2012.“We recognise that Aussies have an adventurous spirit, which is just one of the reasons we decided to bring our cruise experience to this market,” the cruise line’s director Jennifer Vandekreeke said. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.Jlast_img