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prior to being elected as President of the United States, here, "a false ladder to [the appearance of] academic success, Fawzi Barhoum, Jr. who had presided over her case for more than a year set her release date for July 17 after consulting with Caseys lawyers to calculate her credit for time already served and good behavior The aftermath Anthony has for the most part widely avoided the public spotlight since the acquittal prompted public vitriol and death threats Retired Judge Belvin Perry Jr reflected on the case in a new interview on the five-year anniversary telling Bay News 9 that many still keep little Caylee in their thoughts “The saga of Casey Anthony continues even after five years” he said “No one can ever forget that little girl with that $1 million smile With that look that was like simple magnetism I don’t think anybody will ever forget about (Caylee) The whole case was about justice for Caylee” “The system worked” he added “Was it the outcome that most people wanted No but the system worked” Contact us at editors@timecom Egyptian authorities announced a one-day extension of voting in the countrys presidential election on Tuesday in an attempt to boost low turnout in an election expected to result in a landslide for former military chief Abdul Fattah al-Sisi Sisi who overthrew elected President Mohamed Morsi from power last year had called for a high turnout in hopes of securing a political mandate The reports of low participation threatened to undercut the credibility of Sisis otherwise inexorable march to the presidency His sole challenger left-winger Hamdeen Sabahi came third in the 2012 election and was not expected to pose a threat to Sisi’s campaign But political fatigue perceptions that the outcome was pre-determined widespread boycotts and scorching hot weather may yet pose a threat to Sisi’s standing; all drove down turnout in the election which began on Monday and had been scheduled to end at 10 PM on Tuesday The last-minute extension announced by the Presidential Election Commission also followed several other measures intended to increase turnout Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb declared Tuesday a national holiday One member of the Election Commission claimed judges would enforce an obscure rule that imposes a 500 Egyptian pound ($70) fine for not voting without a valid excuse "The reports Im seeing in terms of the turnout suggest something is not going as planned as far as the interim authorities are concerned They certainly seem to be taken aback and what were seeing is them scrambling to try and deal with that" said Aziz El-Kaissouni a visiting fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations "A large component of that is political apathy and a very good question is why bother go out and vote when you know the result beforehand" he said "Why should I take several hours out of my work day or my holiday as it may be and stand in line in the sweltering heat when we know exactly what the outcome is" In Cairo on Tuesday some polling stations bustled with voters Others were deserted A half hour after the polls opened in a school in Giza a single man stood in the voting booth The judge in charge of the room gestured with a pen toward the ballot box Only about 600 of the districts approximately 4000 registered voters had participated so far "Its still early" he said In the neighborhood of Imbaba historically a redoubt of Islamism and political opposition a steady trickle of voters came and went from two polling places At one school the judge descended to the courtyard to help a 100-year-old woman who could not climb the stairs to the voting booths "Do you want Sisi or Sabahi" he asked The woman pointed to Sisi The overwhelming majority of voters interviewed expressed support for Sisi Alia Mohamed 23 an elementary school teacher said she backed the former army chief "Honestly hes the best person to hold the country" Some people in her neighborhood opposed Sisi she said "but theyre sitting at home" On Tuesday evening as the heat began to ease turnout picked up at a large school in another section of Giza a hub for four different electoral districts A row of armored personnel carriers lined the street outside A small crowd waving Egyptian flags and a few Sisi posters rallied outside the entrance Speakers pumped patriotic music Armed soldiers and police some wearing black face-masks guarded the demonstration A small but vocal minority of voters expressed support for Sabahi In upscale Mohandessin a woman who declined to give her name due to an institutional affiliation said she voted for Sisi’s rival “just to make a point that it was not a landslide" She said she was skeptical of Sisi "Thats not what people died for three years ago" she said referring to the 2011 uprising that ended the 30-year autocratic rule of president Hosni Mubarak Among Sisis supporters jitters about low turnout spilled over on Monday nights talk shows with several hosts angrily condemning voters for lackluster participation "Im willing to cut my veins for the country right now on air for people to go down and vote" said an anchor on the show Al Qahera Al Youm "Egypt is entering a phase of authoritarian restoration that’s not simply Mubarak 20 Mubarak inherited power from Sadat in a relatively smooth transition with no serious rivals or an upsurge from below" said Mona El-Ghobashy a political scientist at Barnard and expert on Egyptian politics "Sisi takes the reins in a far more challenging political environment" "Unlike Mubarak he’s keen to organize periodic mass spectacles endorsing his person and his policies to appropriate and channel the authentic mass mobilization made possible by the uprising" she said "But as the embarrassingly low turnout for the elections shows there are limits to how much Sisi can script mass public support Even his core constituency will tire of being trotted out every few months to perform its adoration absent an improvement in daily life conditions" Contact us at editors@timecomRepublicans in Congress have argued that they must pass their tax reform proposal to keep their voters happy as the party heads toward the 2018 midterm elections But it’s an open question how the Republican tax plan would affect the average Trump voter “I think it would impact different parts of the base differently” says William Gale chairman of the Brookings Institute’s Economic Studies and who served as an economic adviser to President George HW Bush “The rich donors who are part of the base would come out quite nicely from this proposal The proverbial kind of lower-middle-class worker is not going to benefit as much particularly when the financing of the tax cut is taken into account” Called the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act the tax proposal would reduce the number of tax brackets from seven to five immediately cut the corporate tax rate to 20% and nearly double the standard deduction for individuals and married couples in exchange for limiting or eliminating several popular deductions When you think of President Trump’s base you might think of white working-class voters struggling in a rapidly shifting global economy But several analyses have challenged that assumption Statistician Nate Silver for one found that during the Republican primaries the median household income for Trump voters was $72000 or about $20000 higher than the overall median income at the time (Silver got the data from exit polls in 23 primary states) Meantime Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton split the vote among wealthy Americans defined as those making over $250000 And it was Clinton not Trump who received more overall support from lower-income voters she won with 53% of voters making under $30000 annually and 52% of those making between $30000 and $49000 If you start with Silver’s data and assume the median household income of a Trump supporter is about $72000 then those voters would get a tax cut from the Republican tax plan Data compiled by The New York Times show that individuals with incomes between $19050 and $77400 would be taxed at 12% under the plan rather than the current 15% Those Americans would also likely benefit from the expanded standard deduction and the increase in child tax credits according to Nicole Kaeding an economist with the Center for State Tax Policy at the Tax Foundation “There are a number of ways that these sort of individuals would likely see a tax cut” she says Still Gale said the Republican proposal is best assessed on an individual basis “If you tell me to look at someone with a half a million dollars or a millions dollars in income it would be pretty straightforward to say they were going to get a very big tax cut” he said “For somebody in [a lower income bracket] it’s just hard there are very many moving parts Some of those people might end up with tax increases some with tax reductions You just can’t give a number based on the income level” The Tax Foundation has provided hypotheticals about how families of different incomes would fare under the current plan For a family of four earning $85000 the Foundation estimates that their after-tax income would increase by 14 percent and benefit from the child tax credits and an overall saving of ten percent This seems aligned with the assessment provided by Doug Hall the Director of Economic and Fiscal policy at the Economic Progress Institute Hall explained that middle income families like the one above will benefit but argued the gains would be modest in comparison to what could have been achieved with the lost revenue from tax cuts “[The relief] seem appealing at first glance but when we recognize the price thats being paid in terms of provisions of programs and services that are important for improving the fabric of our nation that price tag is probably too high” Hall explained “What the whole thing really is is an attempt to get everybody else on board for what is essentially a huge tax cut for the very wealthy and for corporations” Indeed Gale warned that there’s good cause for less wealthy Americans to be alarmed about the Republican plan: Many of the proposal’s cuts for Americans at the top are likely to be funded by cuts elsewhere “What’s clear is that this is a very high tax cut for high income households and that the tax cut has to be paid for somehow” he said “Both things in conjunction do not bode well for low- and middle-income households” Correction: The original version of this story incorrectly quoted Doug Hall Director of Economic and Fiscal policy at the Economic Progress Institute He said the Republican tax bill would affect “programs and services” important to the country not “premium services” Write to Alana Abramson at AlanaAbramson@timecom The 2010 storms were described as the worst the region had been subjected to in over a century and experts have speculated that the root cause could have been global warming. with a lot to recommend them and a lot to work on that hasn’t been worked on yet. which he understands the president wants to pass. Visitation: 5-7 pm with a 7 pm prayer service Friday in Stenshoel-Houske Funeral Home, Haryana Police had slapped a sedition case against him.

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