the new construction site outside the chain:

as a new webmaster friends, sometimes very understand the importance of the website chain, but do not know how to do the chain, often apply to join in online search, random web directory, or go to the website Links exchange, no what effect do not say, sometimes there will be negative effect.


because of the chain Links and web site directory is just outside the chain of your web site, it is difficult to know a lot of people out of the website for you, rely on a name, for example the station in the site directory chain called grassroots webmaster nets, visitors see the name. Can take the initiative to click access to several >

is like the first point when it comes, you Links exchange with each other, want to increase their weight, need will be afterwards, do not look at people’s weight than your job must you earn is cheap, the algorithm also saw the first point, not to say that Links swap has no meaning, important significance lies in the site drainage, there is the combined effects of similar sites and the chain effect, see here, I think we should understand, how to Links swap, the correct way is: don’t swap too much, 3~5 on the line, the website must swap is the same type of website, but also to help attract traffic, weight but is a secondary level, there is to use webmaster tools to pay close attention to one website, found that the other weight was suddenly drop right, site or other abnormalities (fast According to disappear, not open, etc.) should be removed immediately the other link, otherwise it may appear joint punishment, read more

first, Taobao store opened to a single product named carefully thinking, to collect and store the relevant keywords, as far as possible to explore relevant keywords in many ways, in accordance with the buyer’s search habits, product demand, and then review the search keywords, keywords.

sales, far below the top three shops, and the price is three higher than the other, can do the home page to tell us this is not impossible, but a means not in place.

then, to learn how to use the existing resources such as Taobao search, Taobao search box drop-down cues (Figure 1). Taobao search page and expansion words (Figure two);


fourth, a reference, similar to the baby. As a competitor at the same time, he also provided some effective experience to us. As we can learn the experience of the world. read more

1, breadcrumbs. What is the breadcrumbs? We take home owners a "love from the Shanghai encyclopedia website on path optimization" paper as an example, figure is as follows:

in the Url path with keyword. With the keyword is generally English words or corresponding pinyin. The same to the owners of the house as an example, the bread crumbs in the path of the "site" and "optimization" corresponding to the key is " web and " Shanghai dragon " the two page path, respectively (with the relative path for example):" /web/" " and " /web/ / Shanghai dragon;. We know love this product in Shanghai Encyclopedia of love Shanghai ranking in the search results is very high, careful webmaster can go to see the Url path of love Shanghai Encyclopedia of the column page, but also take with the keyword method > read more

er for the Shanghai dragon should know that one of the important factors of the chain website keywords ranking decision, many webmasters will follow the "content is king, the chain for the optimization method of the emperor" to the website and the implementation, so it has become one of the essential technology of webmaster website optimization. However, the author in the webmaster BBS see such titles as "the chain included ranking is not what good is a good way?" for many webmaster will reflect the first time around, this man is not the master of the original article is not enough is not enough to cause the quality of the chain, the chain is included and keywords love Shanghai the ranking does not rise is falling. So, today the author with the webmaster simple communication about how to do the chain to improve the ranking and the chain did not rank the reason analysis. read more

2, to attack competitors website.

search engine ranking, the chain is only one of the factors. Because the standard is unified. So when the search engine only rely on this point to judge a website is not scientific. Shanghai Longfeng know the practice of the chain such that some search engines, this time from the chain this element is difficult to distinguish which website.


search engine to find the information users is the key. In a lot of using search engines to find information, as long as the website allows users to experience the best of Shanghai dragon optimization ranking in front, will otherwise lose users, users get search engine will not play anymore. But the user experience good site outside the chain is not necessarily the best, assume that a user experience the best website, because competitors mass waste outside the chain, and be search engine punishment, in the search engine to find time to this site, serious damage the website of the corresponding user, if such a situation throughout the show, then the search engine will not play anymore. read more

this small series that is the root domain name and normally parse WWW two domain name in the server configuration to bind together, and clearly the only address, 301 redirect to the unique address. This is a lot of owners and developers to ignore, but it is very important, is often a problem found in operation after a period of time, and then take remedial measures, so small or make this point to everyone out, to deepen our impression.

here Xiaobian to emphasize is the must concentrate their resources, their own areas of expertise to locate content, take something to do in depth content aggregation, new sites don’t start a large area of transverse to the laying of content. For example, a type of news website, if you are good at law, military, finance and so on in any one area, an area where you have to choose your best to build the content system, the main stage of a theme clear website has the following advantages: read more


website is nobility baby down right?

5: check the content of the website is by large websites but did not indicate the source, sometimes not because of repeated contents and right down, but because of the love of Shanghai you think this article is reproduced website and right down.

6: check whether the site has JS Trojan, backdoor, pop, black hat etc..

4: if the new station just included, so should the egg, this time may not be right down, maintain and update, stable external links.

7: after the site was K, can also be used for shielding on the crawler in robots.txt, the advantage is that the first, will not affect other people; second, to restore included, of course, the premise is then you allow the crawler! Generally adhere to the original one time a month without reaction shield spider. (Note: This is a Winter test of Suzhou Shanghai dragon, is feasible. read more

5, the following questions can put 2, 3 words in a title, ask when there is a supplementary question, also want to write, the equivalent of description. A general account to ask the 2 question, then I would change my account


, 6 for IP, answer when I will get ready to answer the special account, one is to answer the 2 question, this time with no link. But in order to do natural, but also to answer questions


is the beginning of July 11th extended the website in Shanghai is very fast, effective. Because there is no ranking, or new sites, so the page background all is love Shanghai know

We all know that

on a map, the site built 10 days before, did little traffic is a railway station [Taobao]. The chain didn’t do, will update the

but some ranking is good, a little hot words have been reported, but · · · here despising this behavior, we are mixed to eat, have the ability to line up with the strength of read more

second, reasonable planning website building website structure. Now many enterprise web site for the sake of easy a lot is the template site, this approach led to a website without any simple characteristics of outstanding enterprise itself can attract the attention of the user value appears. This station is obviously not monotonous template effectively highlight the brand and the value of the site. I think in the best website planning is to allow enterprises to station communication and leadership combined with the actual situation, carry on the column reference peer competitor of planning, of course in the structure and layout of us not directly by the company to build self play, is best by the internal staff to draw the structure and layout of the sketch sure, a good web site main color and then communicate in the station and, after this we customized a rough sketch roughly follow-up even if there are some details of the problem but does not hinder our website highlights the value of self personality factors. read more

!The weight of

, 4 of users have a value to each user any value of the article is not be included, even if included sooner or later will be K.

3, the chain extension degree, quantity and quality, the higher the quality of external links, the more, the better ranking. For example, a person just came to a strange city, no one knows you, you will not be in this city to remember, but when a lot of people know you, but their popularity is very high, naturally your popularity will also be brought up.

2, users love degree, which is mainly reflected in the share amount of clicks and articles, when an article hits and share content are high, ranking will be high, the premise is the website is not drop right;

1, the site has not been right down, a loved Shanghai right down the site, the article again good also won’t have any ranking; read more

second can also be done, is Soso Ask, feel the station repeated over many times, a bit of plagiarism love Shanghai know, originally beginning with the domain name Wenwen, later changed to belong to the website soso below, his more important is through QQ, username and password you can log in directly, ask questions and answer questions, so it is very convenient, but also can directly take the base of his user QQ billions of user groups, you can also speed, but may be in function than to know almost a little, but also the weight of their products Soso Ask the increase is relatively high so, there will be some search rankings; the audit mechanism also began to gradually become very strict, but with a URL answer increasingly unpopular; headline and questions The two part of the content; easy to seal ID read more

Daniel left

4, to the

so, Shanghai dragon is particularly important, learn Shanghai Longfeng thinking, can be said to rely on the skills of survival enough, in fact a little too much, all the local search, there exists in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, but the implementation is not the same, but the overall thinking is the same.

is actually very simple, master 7 skills, you will be conducive to an invincible position

server configurationThe

server installation components

so, for beginners how to learn Shanghai dragon

Note: Because a lot of

Shanghai dragon in recent years is one of the most important means of promotion, imagine as long as the rankings do go up, so the user can take the initiative to come every day, or a very cool thing.

, a front-end skills

file settings

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization process, HTML code is directly to see, how to directly affect the smooth degree of code optimization to grab a spider. read more

and the above seems we share with the theme of today, it is mainly to tell you whether we pay promotion or optimization of Shanghai Longfeng are not just staring at love Shanghai, we should search marketing thinking he extended to its search platform, I often talk with friends in the webmaster in a word is often said as long as it was there where the traffic demand, traffic is interactive, interactive transactions may have.

is the most critical will directly show the company’s address and telephone number of sales in the map, when the user needs when you can directly call the above Exhibition "

in the two days before I share with you an article entitled "how to get the key input" 0 "screen PowerWord love Shanghai home page" mentioned in the love map of Shanghai to do keyword optimization, in fact, using 360 search map to do keywords ranking optimization and the reason is the same. 360 of their products with high weights so as long as you can to optimize keywords will get good rankings 360 of their products to good use, the Yang Zi will share with you how to do 360 good map search keywords ranking. read more

      and Alibaba group relying on e-commerce platform to the Internet advertising platform layout in contrast, relying on network advertising sh419 began to e-commerce layout.

according to different customer needs, such as by the effect of accounting method is various, and the popular Internet Movie is concerned about the popularity of the software terminal rate, so download and install the software is an effective behavior; and for MySpace like social networking sites, the number of users is valued, every time through advertising brings the user registration form an effective behavior.

"the Internet is not just an advertising platform, it can also be a sales platform." In August 12th, sh419 union development department director Zhou said in an interview with reporters, there will be a big future development of electronic commerce, and the launch of sh419 CPA advertising platform is an important exploration to electronic commerce in transition. read more

since its launch in 2006, has been in all aspects of doing different things, but to give people the feeling is still tepid. The introduction of "> tag

news: # portal | # | # mainstream media newspaper | # foreign media

: # | # tourism travel travel information

Video: # video | # movie download | # Nora

At present, these labels are

: # shopping online purchase price | # | # | #

NetEase today Youdao search had a facelift, the internal codename "Tanggula" version of both the page or function has obvious changes. Just open the page you will find that it has made great adjustment in terms of color and style, one of the most attractive may be the red bar with the mouse.

again, use class # news portal, # mainstream media, # newspaper, # foreign media a few labels such as "Huangyan island" search keywords such events, the results may be different. read more

Shanghai dragon is a technology, when a chain, when writing the content of the deep will feel this truth, the Shanghai Dragon technology will use a big data to convince you, will use the actual test results and you will use to contrast, knowledge more and you do data analysis love, analysis Shanghai knowledge, analysis of nobility baby knowledge, technology and so on, the categories of Shanghai dragon love to get maximum benefits with fewer things, technical categories of Shanghai Longfeng love to do their own analysis, for example, the most simple modification of the website program, that will be part of what structure, flow changes membership changes, etc..

regardless of the choice of Shanghai dragon which road, please choose to continue to think, in the hands of their own experience to choose a self. read more

    Shanghai dragon from the date of birth, the service is many webmaster, of course, with the development of the Internet, the user experience has been more on the agenda and pay attention to it, but most of the Shanghai dragon Er are still unavoidable for Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon, but the more is a kind of habit. The consequences, such as love is accompanied by the Shanghai new algorithm adjusted the ruthless Waterloo. One day will eventually rank but is a group of loyal users as trassient as a fleeting cloud, is the fundamental to the long-term development of the site. The Shanghai dragon Er optimization object is not the same, so the user experience and the conversion rate without a large overall standard, but do not do not act with undue haste yo, implement the optimization of each keyword, each ranking rise is user contribution, pro, do you feel? read more

must now Baoma group with pictures, more and more young, they used to the fast consumer information model, prefer to browse pictures. If the article was full of large blocks of text, then it is easy to lose their interest in reading the text, appropriate collocation, better able to make the article by reading forward. If you can, according to the best theme with some real photos. For example, a treasure mom medical articles, you can do with physical examination; the baby food supplement, can practice with flow chart; the confinement of articles, but also can be accompanied during the month of life map. I want this picture alive, is essential.

four points: complaints and inclusion is strong personal feelings


is the best in the first person to start writing, first of all in the first person benefits: to personally on the scene feeling, let people read more interested, and the author will have a sense of accomplishment, also easier. The second is the situation is more real, narrowing of author and reader distance. Three let the essay fluent, Weiweidaolai, oral feeling, give a person with a warm, readable. Look, let yourself into treasure mom this big family, imagine you are a dialogue with millions of treasure mom, then you can know treasure the mother’s needs, topics, doubts, this article written more to impress users, resonate. read more

had said the new station many times or because the content is too small, continuous updates to search engine on the website of the degree of attention. Love Shanghai, Google, 360, Sogou search engine, all love the original article, especially love quantitative timing publish original articles website. Go every day, not long time, website snapshot, included the amount you will rapidly rising.

search engine submission > active

We know that

production site map

site without static, dynamic URL will lead to too long, dynamic page access speed is too slow and may duplicate page. Can not set the above three kinds of circumstances will cause not easy to search engine crawling crawling and identification problem. Which website in poor condition. It is worth mentioning that, if you use dream weaving system realize the static and pseudo static, page open speed is really fast. It is best to station static, if there is no way to generate static, pseudo static or use. read more

learning, also need to constantly improve the skills. Sharp tools make good work。 If you do not understand the code, then you are not a station, the station optimization is not very good, to learn some common language; how to make a website to learn some other necessary skills.

Shanghai Longfeng learning to actively help many friends. Shanghai Longfeng internal optimization, study on their own skills, ability based learning based on it, while the external optimization, such as the increase of the chain, exchange Links, you need to know some people. This is a long process of accumulation. I always appreciate the practice of Mou Changqing. Share some resources in their own blog, gathered disciples.

Shanghai dragon learning focuses on purpose. The so-called objective, some may simply know this – Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon learn about the concept and basic operating practices, and the update step to master the skills through Shanghai Longfeng conduct, another is through the study of Shanghai dragon, effectively enhance their sales of products ranked by Shanghai dragon money. Objective to determine the different efforts, their time is different. A simple understanding of the level, in the love of Shanghai and Google search Shanghai dragon blog, there will be a lot of well-known blogs such as star Shanghai dragon, Wang Tong blog, there is some macro narration, there are some micro level operation technology. The latter two, we cannot do without learning on the basis of practice. The following to introduce the importance of practice. read more