Nanning Shanghai dragon the first is how to do it

fifth, the construction of web content. The use of pseudo original + original two complement each other, the benefits of the original needless to say (but my literary talent is not good, only updates on the website), but the pseudo original effect how? I often use false original method to modify the site, usually with their own language and add first paragraph at the end in the article, this method can also be included in the search engine.

fourth, sitemap.xml site map. I have more than 20 pages included not many pages, but since the addition of sitemap increased after overnight included more than 50 pages. This shows that sitemap is useful for the collection of the search engine. Many articles in the use of read more

The actual process of new Shanghai Dragon write original, go to the forum, blog

to write the second, hot, hot to write in your article, through the collation of the point, the integration of their own language, is an original, the original, because there is a hot news clip inside, will get good record search and browsing;

in the actual combat say first to write original. Just began to write the article, I do not know what to write, writing from what place to start, and I doubt my own ability to work in this area, but still to write. Write for a long time, gradually found the original writing is not difficult, mainly to see if you want to write, have the mood to write. No matter what to write, just try to write, write more, learn more, think deeply, improve the writing ability of expression, to finally write high quality articles. read more

nstall love Shanghai statistics on the Shanghai dragon optimization ranking is good

love Shanghai statistics, more and more webmaster friends for your web site to install love Shanghai statistical code, some friends said after the installation site to get a better ranking, some friends said after the installation site included reducing, right down, even the phenomenon of K station. How to install love Shanghai statistics OK?


happy child according to the statistical results are as follows: the user experience good site installation of love Shanghai statistics on the website ranking role, but the user experience is relatively not so good standing (especially some of the garbage station, traffic station or railway station) to install love Shanghai statistics played a negative role. read more

Shanghai Longfeng chain Collection – 10 external links to the most effective summary

2. do the best chain blog is updated every day, on his blog, persevere, so the chain blog made it more likely to be included in

1. needs and their site related industry site exchange, not related to the Links exchange to enhance the website weight, if not a large number of exchange links, search engine optimization website will think you are deliberately, not on the site to help the friendship link.

two: blog link

1. the content of posts must and your site related theme, so the chain is

group in exchange for read more

How to let the customer more trust in our Shanghai dragon service

: don’t tell the customer that the first ranking

a Shanghai Longfeng service providers to guarantee a professional is that there must be a complete and professional optimization plan. Now not to be trusted in Shanghai Longfeng market, is more important for the optimization plan. Optimization of books are not just write, but should be targeted, do not use a template to write, if customers find often doubt the authenticity of your service. Write optimization plan book should include several aspects: (1) the website where you need to optimize, divided into the station and stood outside the writing; (2) competitive keywords, a brief description of competitive between sites, this can let the customer understand how to customize the service price; (3) simply write about the optimization steps of course, not every step of the writing, the outline optimization list as soon as possible, you can better reflect the professional service. read more

Should do a reverse link to competitors

two, the chain strategy analysis


analysis of a competitor’s site today, 2 words I do (2 words of love Shanghai index 1 900+, 1 600+) in this website Haidu ranked first, from the angle of reverse connection, this site is analyzed, the harvest is very large, learned a lot of knowledge. Connect to a new understanding of a website to do the reverse. (taking into account the stationmaster I do not know, the website here is not published).

2, the webmaster full attention to the breadth of the chain. The domain name from about more than 300 names, which for a small website and grassroots webmaster, is also quite easy. The chain from blogs, forums, quizzes, etc. Post Bar platform, web directory. From different domain name suffix. The chain is the main source of relevant website, a few from not related sites. read more

How to let the products by Shanghai Longfeng multiplier


I give you an example, mogujie贵族宝贝 and beauty, the two domestic new women to share website. Now I see is almost no Shanghai Longfeng Er go to the chain and promotion of the two sites. But many businesses have on taobao贵族宝贝 to share their products, users can share pictures, find the commodity Taobao link address.

products may be for some Shanghai dragon Er unfamiliar, at that time in the beginning to do is relatively confused in the interview, so make a joke. With the deep understanding of the Internet, more and more of the feel, the product is an indispensable treasure. If you can have enough knowledge and understanding of the product, we will make the Shanghai dragon more efficient. read more

Outside the station flow and the chain effect factors of love Shanghai ranking



There are two main chain of The rise and fall of the

blog the chain in the chain has been in a relatively awkward position. First of all, can not be denied a high quality blog site for no ground for blame. However, a >


social label is said to be a typical representative of the chain. The purpose of optimizing it is no longer confined to the site, more important is to establish the brand image of the company on the internet. Now the most popular social tagging is the main search Wikipedia, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love. This chain is not only conducive to the establishment of the corporate image can provide a powerful chain for the website. read more

The UGC content of tourism website of Shanghai Longfeng brand strategy

hot zone travel network called "fate" invited me to answer questions about their suggestions to optimize the tourism brand search website asked, by and he learned to communicate on the QQ website using UGC content and form, this spontaneous form is the content of the construction of the site can be a important link, but if there is no good the Shanghai dragon strategy as a guide, then some problems in content construction will inevitably encounter the following:

The number of

1, website content is not controllable. The user spontaneous content construction can bring a lot of original content, but the original is not necessarily the best, but because of the same quality needs of different groups, or the user spontaneous construction and lazy and become uncontrollable, a word or the contents of a large number of repeat, repeat the topic, or directly on other websites reproduced content to a certain extent, weakened the quality of website content. read more

Methods the site lasted two months out of the sandbox love Shanghai

… We want to find the first

website is love Shanghai into the sandbox is different, although love Shanghai as usual update and included in your site, but no matter how you do the key heat low, put the title so popular, in the normal search you must search to your site, because your site is love Shanghai in its "jail", in the absence of "sentence" before the end of the website certainly can not appear in the normal search, so if the site was unfortunately fall into the Hella sandbox, our webmaster what to do? The fact that the site want out of the sandbox is not so difficult, now I will talk about my in this is how to make websites out of some experience love Shanghai sandbox in two months! read more

Friends please correct understanding of Shanghai Dragon

, a Shanghai dragon is not a shortcut to

actually I want to say, friends, Shanghai dragon is not a panacea. If you want to change on the operation of the community, Shanghai dragon, if accurate positioning, accurate judgment with keywords, can bring the first flow to the community, this is true. However, want to rely on the community to support Shanghai Longfeng completely, is obviously not realistic. Want to put the community work, from the current trend of development of the Internet, to achieve three, socialization, differentiation, concept. Only when to do I have no people, I have gifted, gifted people I am fine, fine I am special, a little bit of community development can be developed. Of course, in this case a friend can see, some people are too superstitious for Shanghai dragon. read more

The article is in love with the sea this second small.

, the effectiveness of

active real-time push can quickly let Shanghai know love you update the article, although not included in the 100%, the equivalent of hanging a number in Shanghai, but at least your article is reprinted by others, love Shanghai will know that you are the original (very important). >

if you can’t write original, reproduced in the article to let love Shanghai second is not difficult, as long as you publish the article is love Shanghai feel credible article, still can do it, so how to find it? For you at the source of the news, Qun Weiwei at the beginning of the site in order to fill the content of the website is often reprinted the article, but I and other people are different, I was directly in the news source to find, and finally found this kind of articles can often be second, although not 100%, but there are 8 in the. read more

At present, Shanghai dragon Er ideas should be changed

Forum ! development!

two, included in this article: I believe this is many webmaster unhappiness if you follow the "one" webmaster answer questions no effect after some webmasters began to say: "you are not original! Your article pseudo work. The original love love Shanghai "best these stationmaster began his career in the original difficult:

many people did after a day round the clock in accordance with this step for a month two months not what effect, and to the forum asked me to say to all in accordance with the method made but the website how or stop there, this is some thought of the master came out to answer this is our webmaster to say the two problems included. read more

A beginner in the eyes of Shanghai dragon diamond bird

site navigation links

1, a large number of integrated station Links

diamond bird website link building

we found that the station link link and reverse diamond bird are doing well, the webmaster should learn. The station link recommendation function using related products, increase mutual links inside pages, improve the internal links between the station page, more closely linked, more reasonable.

2, the forum brought a lot of original content, improve the cohesion and weight included user and website; read more

Using the nteractive Encyclopedia allows you to create high quality chain

Interactive Encyclopedia encyclopedia website in Chinese in low only to love the Shanghai encyclopedia, PR 7 weight is 8, if you add a link to our site in the Interactive Encyclopedia, it can give our site to bring a higher weight value.

as everyone knows, the chain quality relates to the overall effect of Shanghai dragon, how to build a high quality the chain became the webmaster compared brainer problem. According to the author attempts to find the chain, such as the Interactive Encyclopedia website can let the webmaster to create a high quality. Here the author of Interactive Encyclopedia as an example of a simple analysis of the chain how to create high quality, hoping to give some inspiration to the webmaster, draw results. read more

Tell the new Adsense four moves experience on engine optimization

I give up filling of content acquisition, although pre >

often browse the site, found a lot of new sites, positioning is very broad, what kind of information will be very difficult to find the specific user groups there. Compared to many webmaster think early fairy like construction content, can attract more traffic. In fact, in the construction of station, should consider the clear positioning website is what? Especially to yourself as a web site to see how the content should go to the building. For example my site, Xi’an Aibei network ( is 0-6 year old infant, I just had my father, children grow up in a year’s time, understand yourself as a father, a husband, what you need to know, understand what, to let children grow up healthily, let his wife able to live a healthy life, this is my pursuit of nature is the soul of the site. read more

Shanghai dragon how to integrate into the construction site in the link

The relationship between

website editor just used acquisition part of the article, copy and paste the article to put together, as the Shanghai dragon, you want to tell them, search engines love the original article, and you should tell them: the best website content is the same, the effect of sprocket at the very least, it extends the search engine to crawl thus, the increase included, have a positive impact to the site optimization.

4 and the Shanghai dragon website editor

            former network companies pay more attention to the realization of the appearance and function of the website, but the website optimization is accompanied by an increase in demand, the site is no longer just as to display the image of the role, but more users and exchange platform, because most of the time, the users of such sites are your potential customers profit, how to deal with them directly determines your customers or not, so the website optimization is a new issue to be raised, so as Qingdao Shanghai dragon, what are you supposed to be the same as the previous colleagues to deal with as soon as possible into the construction site in the link? read more

The dog off station copyright problem search announced

dog search brings trouble for the copyright to the thunder, thunder 2010 planning listed earlier, searching the thunder to 10 thousand yuan sold to non affiliated third party.

is searching the television drama, providing e-books, software, download music search engine, founded by Li Xueling in 2004, has received 1 million yuan investment in 2007, Lei Jun, was sold to the thunder.

search dogs have repeatedly closed station, repeatedly reopened. In April 2011, the Ministry of culture jointly advertising administration ordered the search dog ordered the closure of the rectification; in November 2011, searching the announcement due to adjustment of the system to suspend the website service; after the beginning of December 2011 to restore access to the end of the month, when once again announced to stop the service. read more

Shanghai Longfeng Optimization three kinds of love in Shanghai Difficult miscellaneous diseases caus

first of all, to understand the meaning of love: love Shanghai in Shanghai to the site for some reason can not open the case, the user can access the snapshot love Shanghai still see the contents of web caching. So, in order to let love Shanghai snapshot update timely, owners need to regularly update the website content, do not do their original acquisition of other sites, some may. Add a new article in the forum page, to add an article to update the same page content, thus speeding up the love Shanghai snapshot data update. Of course, love Shanghai love Shanghai also provides a snapshot of the complaint service, you can submit your URL to love Shanghai, love Shanghai according to the site situation timely snapshot love Shanghai. read more

The site is down right and be K are actually playing the game search engine warning

2, to re submit your website, modify title and keywords website before submitting your website, webmaster should pay attention to, the site was K after modification of the title and closing >

is not concerned with little warning to you play games, search engine game plot

collection site is down right, the search engine game

storm from June K station to now, countless websites included has plummeted, many website ranking is reduced, and most of this kind of website is not pass the contents of the website, for this type of search engine website found that the site has value but the value is not high, the search engine is to take down the right method to warn these sites to the content of the website value, search engine to play the game and not warning, said to the site put to death, but the webmaster if you do not pay attention to the content of the website, will enter the search engine to a warning game, that is the site K off. read more