first_img The Best Men’s Quilted Jackets Stitched for Every Occasion The New Gerber Explore Collection Offers Up Great Holiday (or Anytime) Gift Ideas Editors’ Recommendations 9 Socially Conscious Sweaters for Cozying Up in Comfort This Fall Tuxedo Tips: Your Guide to Nailing Black-Tie Attire The Best Wireless Charging Pads and Stands, No Strings Attached Warning: you needn’t be a necktie aficionado to appreciate Glendon Lambert’s neckwear, though you might feel like one after donning one of its sublimely knit ties. Rare indeed are ties that feel this soft and textural, yet such are the mainstays of this newcomer Brooklyn-based brand whose original textiles and patterns feel at once vintage and new and luxurious without being precious. Hardy but not overly casual, its neckties to pocket squares also carry more versatility than its peers, giving the brand its currency with the more casually dressed set. As it turns out, founder Glendon Breismeister (above) is just getting started (there are plans for shirts and leather goods), so we recently tracked the designer down to talk plans, rules of style, and modern luxury.How often do you wear neckwear yourself? ​All of the time. It’s why I got into this industry. I wanted more variety in color and texture and couldn’t find it on the market already. I wear neckties tied simply in a four-in-hand knot all the time. My necktie is not in the way because my blazer is never unbuttoned and I breathe freely because my tie is loosely knotted at my neck. My personal style and look is me. It’s not uptown or downtown but more Town and Country​-meets-Met gift store design section. It’s not subversive or angry ​and I jokingly refer to it as populist intellectualism: everyday wearable luxury that is smart. I rock a faux suit—color trousers and a matching colors blazer with gold buttons. I think it straddles the line of sport casual and really formal. Gold buttons are classic Americana but they are slightly obnoxious and there is something really funny about it to me.Well, what are three rules you want guys to know about ​neckwear and pocket squares? ​Ditch the white shirts and go for color. Let your neckwear do the matching for you.Button-down collars are for sailors and Jai-alai players and should be avoided.Pocket squares should be stuffed into your breast, change or back pocket with little to no thought. They should never be pressed or made into origami shapes. If the back or greige good side of the square is showing, it’s a good thing.We hear you were in the wine and spirits biz before men’s accessories. How did you become so savvy with textiles and creating ties by hand?I knew my ties had to stand out in some way when I began and that many menswear designers started out with neckwear. For me, this meant not only making neckties but also designing my own fabrics. (At the time, I thought it was cheating if you bought a bolt of fabric and then had it cut at a local factory and just threw your label on it.) Creating my own textiles has evolved from season to season, and though we’re not quite Liberty, I continue to design and present a couple of custom fabrics textiles every season. These original fabrics are always our bestsellers.My influences run the gamut: I grew up looking at my architect father’s coffee table books featuring the best of midcentury modern design, which gave me an appreciation for clean lines (which never go out of style.) Post-modernism, though, offers me the safe clean sensibilities while also indulging my desire for ornamentation. That is my design aesthetic: casual but finished, simple but unique. I make products that I like and always have. Product design for me on a more macro level is a reaction to, against, and love affair with what I saw and experienced growing up in Connecticut, now reinterpreted with the urban influences and experiences I have stepping outside my building every day in Brooklyn.In addition to designing my own fabrics with some of the best mills in the world, I believe our sourcing of other textiles adds a richness to the story each season. This season you’ll see silks and cashmere along with fine woolens—all are presented formally, finished with our custom Indian silk shantung lining and loop, but come from far places like Mongolia and also close to home in Mexico. Our ties are all made by hand near our home in Brooklyn, using traditional four fold slip stitch construction. At no point do the ties get run through or pressed by machines. Our commitment to quality, hand-made American manufacturing is the cornerstone of our business. We are cool but not hip.There’s a story and sophisticated process behind everyone of your fabrics. Tell us, for example, how your signature “birds on a wire” pattern happened.One of the first fabrics I made was a silk jacquard that had polyamide knots woven in and out of the face. I was inspired by birds sitting on the telephone wires out in the street but also the sneakers hanging right next to them. An English mill specializing in couture textiles helped me in creating and realizing the fabric. I drew a sketch of birds on the telephone wire—literally on a napkin—then we worked together for weeks to come up with the final fabric. When this type of creative and collaborative dialogue leads to a great final product, it’s particularly satisfying. We run it once every other year and is one of the few things you’ll see pop up again for me.What are some other special fabrics you offer?One of the custom fabrics I designed this season and that is arriving in stores right now is an amazing raw silk from England. It was woven in one of the best and oldest silk mills in the world. The stripes and color combinations are a little more progressive than the ’60s repp tie, but it is nonetheless a classic repp tie at the end of the day.So all your neckwear showcases new textiles, i.e. nothing is vintage even though they might have that vintage feel? ​Any vintage feel can be attributed to a focus on texture that I love, be it a bouclé or even a knit. Any worn appearance can be attributed to the casual nature of the fabric. I think it’s the contrast of these casual fabrics against the fine silk tipping that is part of the attraction.You’re also expanding into shirts and leather bags and each one of these product expansions is unique.We have a hybrid shirting program called man about town shirting that provides modern tailoring as well as unique colors and fabrics to match my neckwear. Linen year-round is a big thing for me, but the real gem here is the hidden placard slits and button-down option you’ll find hidden underneath the collar, giving you the option to play dress up in the office everyday or to always be casual with no buttons or collars. And it’s a classic unstructured shirt with a straight cut bottom with 2-inch side vents. I love the colors offered in the shirt—from dark solids perfect for fall and dusty hues for the spring if you’re still wed to the idea of seasonal shades. I bring my love of color and shade as well as the reaction to scale you see in, say, some of the abstract toile neckwear I present back to accessories and apply it to the other new product launch we had in 2014 (the Lost Weekender upright duffel). The North-South Carryall is a weekender or hold-all. It is inspired by the classic heritage leather bags seen throughout the market, but luxurious notes of suede, contrast color lining, and rolled handles show a real style that you won’t find in any slim brief out there today.You make men’s accessories look easy. Based on your experience, can anyone get into the biz? ​I think you have it right: anyone can get into men’s accessories, but staying is hard and thriving is even tougher. The package in my opinion has to be complete: finding a compelling voice, showing continuity in design and creativity season after season. Confidence in yourself and passion for your product have to be at the forefront of your process. Knowing what makes me different from the 16 kids that just moved into Brooklyn who are ​​making neckwear with ​an active Instagram ​account is important. I love product and design from menswear to home goods to furniture, and that will always keep my creative side nourished.So is the plan to open a shop?A brick and mortar “clubhouse” is a long-term plan. Curating and designing a conceptual yet homey design-driven space here in Brooklyn for Glendon Lambert would be amazing.Did you ever think what you’d do if you weren’t designing neckwear?I love furniture design. It all speaks to me,​ even the stuff I don’t like—from art nouveau to atomic mid-century. But mid-​century modern and art deco are favorites and the idea of what these designers were trying to present to the world at that time really amazes me, and to see that same vision and those ideals being realized in the better contemporary work out there today amazes me. Jaime Hayon is a favorite.Any other plans you have?Starting next season we’ll be showing Glendon Lambert to new markets globally and all the while, of course, I will have one eye on the market and new product. I place many of my product finds into my book: a compilation of what I believe to be the best or most interesting products out in the market. They’re often not the most popular, running the gamut from home goods to clothing apparel all the way to hardware. This is what you’ll find in my Instagram feed as well—an endorsement of products, not just menswear highlights but other brand highlights, notable artists or architects that I connect with. I will spare you “sunset in NYC” posts.last_img read more

first_img Prime Minister Simpson Miller will use this opportunity to further strengthen the friendship and cooperation between Jamaica and Japan, one of our long standing diplomatic partners. During her visit, the Prime Minister will attend and address the Inter American Development Bank’s Japan-LAC (Latin American and the Caribbean) Conference -Shaping the Future between Japan and Latin America and the Caribbean. The Prime Minister will also meet with Marubeni, Nippon Light Metals, and UCC, all major investors in Jamaica with interests in electricity, Minerals and Blue Mountain Coffee. Story Highlights Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Portia Simpson Miller, left the island yesterday (November 2) for a three day working visit to Japan.The Prime Minister is accompanied by the Hon. Philip Paulwell, Minister of Science, Technology, Mining and Energy; Ms. Onika Miller, Permanent Secretary, Office of the Prime Minister; Ambassador Paul Robotham, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade; her support staff and security team.During her visit, the Prime Minister will meet with His Imperial Highness Prince Akishino, as well as the Prime Minister of Japan, His Excellency Shinzo Abe.Prime Minister Simpson Miller will use this opportunity to further strengthen the friendship and cooperation between Jamaica and Japan, one of our long standing diplomatic partners.During her visit, the Prime Minister will attend and address the Inter American Development Bank’s Japan-LAC (Latin American and the Caribbean) Conference -Shaping the Future between Japan and Latin America and the Caribbean.The Prime Minister will also meet with Marubeni and UCC, all major investors in Jamaica with interests in electricity, Minerals and Blue Mountain Coffee.The Prime Minister will return to Jamaica on the 9th November, and in her absence, Dr. the Hon. Peter Phillips, Minister of Finance and Planning, will be in charge of the Government.last_img read more

first_imgThe Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission invites interested Maritime university students to submit an application to become a member of one of its advisory committees. “There are no prerequisites to become a member,” said Mireille Duguay, chief executive officer of the commission. “Applications are accepted from all university students in the Maritimes interested in shaping the region’s post-secondary learning environment, now and for the future.” If selected, member’s input will be sought on university education, including program development and monitoring, data and research. For further information please visit the Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission website at The Maritime Provinces Higher Education Commission was established in 1974 to help institutions and governments to enhance a post-secondary learning environment. The commission’s 20 members are drawn from the Maritime provinces, and represent higher education institutions, provincial governments and the general public.last_img read more

first_imgFollow @dfriend on Twitter. David Friend, The Canadian Press New Democrat legislators are calling on the Liberal government to reconsider a decision that denies funding to the National Arts Centre’s Indigenous Theatre.Five NDP members of parliament signed a letter on Friday to Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez urging a commitment to stable funding for the Indigenous theatre project, which launches its inaugural season this year.The letter says while the federal government has pledged to protect and promote Indigenous cultures and history, it “must go much further” and that includes acknowledging Indigenous cultures “as a foundational pillar of Canadian culture.”Playwright Kevin Loring, the first-ever artistic director of the NAC’s Indigenous program, posted a note on Facebook earlier this month lamenting a lack of support for the project from Canadian Heritage in the 2019 federal budget.He said it will have a tangible impact on the first season, leaving the Ottawa-based performing arts centre to rely on fundraising efforts. The scope of any subsequent seasons remains in question.The NDP MPs say the new theatre was created as a space for Indigenous people to share their stories “in the heart of our country’s capital for all to see and hear.”“Support for such a vision is key to reconciliation,” the letter added.New Democrat MP Niki Ashton asked the Liberals during question period on Monday why the government isn’t supporting the theatre program. Gary Anandasangaree, parliamentary secretary to Heritage Minister Rodriguez, responded saying the Liberals are working on reconciliation efforts.  The first season’s lineup of NAC’s Indigenous Theatre is scheduled to be announced on April 30.last_img read more

first_imgAPTN National NewsLove is the focus of a conference in Edmonton this week.It’s being held by the institute for the advancement of Aboriginal women.Community members are exploring what healthy love is and its power to heal and transform.APTN National News reporter Noemi LoPinto finds out that men also had a lot to do with the conference.last_img

first_imgCALGARY, A.B. –The National Energy Board has endorsed an expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline following a reconsideration of its impact on marine life off the B.C. coast.The energy regulator says an increase in tanker traffic resulting from the pipeline would hurt southern resident killer whales and increase greenhouse gas emissions., which had tried unsuccessfully to widen the scope of the board’s reconsideration, had said before the ruling that it expected the board to endorse the project again.“Today’s recommendation is the direct result of the Prime Minister’s Office telling the NEB and federal bureaucrats to ‘get to yes’ on this project,” Tzeporah Berman, director of the Vancouver environmental group, said in a statement.“Scientific evidence filed with the NEB clearly shows that there is not enough data to ensure the safety of the marine environment … and that the NEB failed to address the climate impacts of this project.“The Trans Mountain pipeline is not in the public interest and will never be built.” But it says those consequences can be justified in light of what would be the pipeline’s benefits.“While these effects weighed heavily in the NEB’s consideration of project-related marine shipping, the NEB recommends that the government of Canada find that they can be justified in the circumstances, in light of the considerable benefits of the project and measures to minimize the effects.”The energy board says it will impose 156 conditions on the project if it is approved. It has also made 16 new recommendations to the federal government.Among those recommendations are measures to offset increased underwater noise and the greater chance that a whale could be hit by a ship. They also include suggestions for better spill response and reducing emissions from tankers.The board notes that the new recommendations deal with areas outside its jurisdiction, but within the purview of the federal government.Reaction from environmental groups was swift.center_img Alberta has been fighting hard for the Trans Mountain expansion so that the province could move more crude oil to ports and from there to lucrative overseas markets.The energy board’s original approval of the project was set aside last summer by the Federal Court of Appeal, which said the regulator had not properly considered marine life.The NEB’s report starts the clock on a 90-day period for the federal government to decide whether the project should proceed.Officials in Natural Resources Minister Amarjeet Sohi’s office have said a final decision won’t be made until consultations with affected Indigenous groups are complete.The consultations were also an issue the federal Appeal Court raised when it put a halt on the project. It said talks with First Nations in the area had been insufficient.The regulator’s support does not guarantee restart of construction on the controversial pipeline. Sven Biggs, climate campaigner for, predicted before the ruling that there will be more lawsuits and delays resulting from the board’s support of the project. He also said there will be protests in the streets and along the pipeline route if Ottawa decides to go aheadVanessa Adams, spokeswoman for Sohi, wouldn’t comment on Thursday on whether a cabinet ruling could be delayed.She said in an email the federal government wants to “achieve the required public trust” to help move resources to market by first addressing environmental, Indigenous and local concerns.She said a 60-member consultation team in British Columbia and Alberta has met with more than 85 of 117 Indigenous groups that would be affected by a Trans Mountain expansion and more meetings are taking place daily.last_img read more

“The encouraging thing I found was that there was a recognition of the need to, of the desirability of working more closely together with the United Nations humanitarian system and the international humanitarian system more widely,” Mr. Holmes told a news conference in New York following a visit to Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.“I wasn’t there asking for money for any particular cause or any particular fund or any particular request. It wasn’t that kind of visit. It was more like trying to create the kind of partnerships, long-term partnerships… which I think are appropriate,” he said, calling his talks very constructive and noting that the message he was carrying was not new.“I was pointing out for them the advantages of channelling resources where they want to give them through the international system in the sense that we have already through our existing mechanisms established needs, established priorities and established projects which can be funded multilaterally in a very transparent and accountable way,” added Mr. Holmes, who is also Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs.“I am reasonably optimistic that over time these kinds of discussions will bear fruit in the form of better partnerships and a more multilateral channelling of resources from these countries to the international humanitarian system. But I am not expecting a sort of instant results right now.”Asked about the situation in Gaza, where crossing points with Israel have been closed, Mr. Holmes said it remained grim but there was a marginal improvement last month when twice as many lorry-loads of goods got through as in February. But that was still a very low base since February’s figures were only 10 per cent those of the same period in 2007.“It still leaves the inhabitants of Gaza very, very substantially short of what it is they need to lead a normal and decent life. Nevertheless it is a marginal improvement from the situation we saw in February and we will be pressing for that to go on improving,” he added.“We have been discussing with the Israeli authorities how we can try to persuade them to allow more goods in even if they’re not going to lift the embargo or blockade altogether.” 14 April 2008United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator John Holmes said today he was reasonably optimistic of building over time greater partnerships between UN agencies and the Gulf Arab States, which have a tradition of bilateral donations, in channelling humanitarian contributions multilaterally. read more

1 November 2010Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today commended the people of the Côte d’Ivoire for the peaceful conduct of yesterday’s historic elections, as he reaffirmed the United Nations’ continued commitment to assisting the West African country emerge from its devastating civil conflict. “This election is an important milestone in the efforts to restore lasting peace in the country,” according to a statement released by Mr. Ban’s spokesperson, following the presidential election held yesterday, which was originally scheduled for as far back as 2005 and repeatedly postponed.The Secretary-General called on all parties and candidates to help maintain a calm environment and urged them to accept the proclaimed and certified results, filing any complaints through the legally-established mechanisms.He also pledged the United Nations continued support for the peace process in the country, which was split by civil war into a Government-held south and rebel Forces Nouvelles-controlled north in 2002. “The United Nations remains deeply committed to support the Ivorian peace process,” he saidThe Secretary-General also credited the Ivorian Independent Electoral Commission and the national and international partners that contributed to for the organization and conduct of this election for yesterday’s smooth polling.The Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Y. J. Choi, will continue, in the context of his certification mandate, all efforts to safeguard the process through the counting and certification phases, according to the statement.An additional 500 troops are in the country to reinforce the 8,650-strong UN peacekeeping force (UNOCI), and assist with security during the election period. A second round of voting is scheduled for 28 November if the 31 October poll does not produce a clear winner. Cote read more

Jayaraj was said to be the kingpin of the plan. He had collected Indian Rs.1 lakh each for arranging the boat ride, sources added. (Colombo Gazette) File picThe “Q” branch police in India arrested six Sri Lankan Tamil refugees in Tiruchi on the charge of planning to embark on an illegal boat journey to New Zealand, The Hindu newspaper reported.They were secured when they assembled near a school in the city to chalk out a plan for the boat journey. They were identified as K. Jayaraj (34) and A. Chandrakumar (36) of Sri Lankan camp at Rayanur in Karur district, C. Pradeepan (27), R. Prabu (25) and M. Pradeep (21) of Sri Lankan camp in Kottapattu and S. Sreshwararaja (34) of Irubuthipatti in Karur district, sources said.

An overnight fire destroyed a barn in Flamborough.  The fire started around 8 last night.  Flames were seen shooting out of the side walls.  The roof of the barn was made of metal though and that made it difficult to knock down the blaze.  When fire crews arrived they immediately noticed a 500 pound propane tank behind the building, which caused concern of an explosion, so fire fighters cooled it down and moved it about 100 metres away.  It took several hours to put out the fire and now investigators need to figure out how the fire started. Damages are estimated at $150 000.  The Ontario Fire Marshal has been called, but the Hamilton fire department has not said if the fire is suspicious.  The barn did not contain any animals and it is not known what the barn was used for, although a garage door company called Flamborough Doors operates out of the property. read more

The United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia today signed three key protocols aimed at improving procedures for identification of missing persons. One of the documents signed at a ceremony in Pristina – a protocol on Cross-Boundary Repatriation of Identified Remains – sets out a means to return bodies that have been identified to their families with minimal administrative fuss. Another accord, the Protocol on the Exchange of Forensic Experts and Expertise, encourages exchanges of forensic information between Kosovo and the rest of Yugoslavia to help identify human remains. The third protocol on Joint Verification Teams on Hidden Prisons establishes joint investigations into allegations about such prisons, and ensures the results of such probes are reported to dispel rumours and allay fears. Jean-Christian Cady, deputy head of UNMIK responsible for police and justice issues, signed on behalf of the UN, while Major-General Svetislav Djurdjevic, of the Coordination Centre for Kosovo and Metohija, acted for the Governments of Serbia and Yugoslavia. read more

first_imgDr Sarah Wollaston “We are extremely disappointed that the Government has rejected a number of our recommendations,” said Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, the Chair of the Health Select Committee.“These omissions mean that the current plan misses important opportunities to tackle childhood obesity. Vague statements about seeing how the current plan turns out are inadequate to the seriousness and urgency of this major public health challenge.“The Government must set clear goals for reducing overall levels of childhood obesity as well as goals for reducing the unacceptable and widening levels of inequality.”A record percentage of children now have weight problems with one in three overweight or obese, by the time they leave primary school at the age of 10 or 11. Studies have shown that being overweight in childhood makes future health problems, such as Type 2 diabetes, far more likely and places a huge burden on the NHS.Under the government’s plan, from 2018 a sugar tax will be imposed on drinks which have more than 5g of sugar per 100m, which would add around 7p to can of Coca-cola. Soft drinks will have to cut sugar by 2018 or face being taxed Credit:Anthony Devlin/PA Wire Food companies have also signed up to a voluntary agreement to reduce sugar content by 2020, but there are no sanctions or penalties if they fail to do so.Health experts and charities agreed that without tougher measures to prevent childhood obesity youngsters were facing a future of illness and unhappiness.Professor Russell Viner, Officer for Health Promotion at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, said: “The fight against obesity is going to be long and hard – and the Health Committee is right; without action across a number of areas, any impact of individual policies will be minimal.“It was an error for Government to exclude TV junk food advertising restrictions in their Obesity Plan.“We know these adverts have an effect on the type of food children consume, and experts from across the health sector, parents and the Health Select Committee agree that a ban prior to the 9pm watershed is vital to help tackle the obesity crisis.” Show more The childhood obesity crisis is likely to become far worse unless the government stops the sale of discounted junk food and prevents advertising of unhealthy snacks before the watershed, MPs have said.Last August the government set out its Childhood Obesity Plan which included a sugar tax on soft drinks but stopped short of implementing further measures called for by the Health Select Committee.In a new report published today, the Committee said it was ‘extremely disappointed’ by the government’s plan, which it criticised as ‘vague’ and ignoring of the seriousness and urgency of the problem.As well as a ban on junk food discounting and advertising before 9pm, the committee had also called for penalties for companies who refused to bring down sugar content, clearer labelling, and stronger powers for local authorities to stop too many fast-food outlets opening in an area.center_img Soft drinks will have to cut sugar by 2018 or face being taxed  Dr Sarah WollastonCredit:Jay Williams  Jo Bibby, Director of Strategy and Innovation at the Health Foundation, added: “The government’s strategy on childhood obesity misses important opportunities to tackle root causes of this crisis.“Without a more ambitious plan that shows true leadership, the childhood obesity crisis will continue to put at risk the health and happiness of today’s children and future generations.”However the government said it had was implementing ‘the most ambitious plan on childhood obesity in the world’Public health minister Nicola Blackwood added:”Voluntary approaches have been shown to be very effective, but as we have repeatedly said, we have not ruled out further measures if results are not seen.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

first_imgFLSmidth is poised to expand extensively into the minerals arena, a key corporate strategy that is only likely to be challenged by the skills shortage.  So says Peter Lohrmann, newly appointed MD of FLSmidth South Africa, who took over management of the company following the retirement of the company’s former MD Dave Reid. “We have excellent products and a substantial in-house technology base, which we harness to provide solutions to customers’ unique requirements. We believe this capability goes beyond what most other companies are able to offer. In fact, we are being called upon to innovate technology solutions to such an increasing extent, that we are seeing our company actually transitioning from a supplier of equipment to a single source solutions provider, capable of designing, operating and maintaining systems – a full scope solutions provider.”FLSmidth today employs more than 11 000 people worldwide and has a turnover in excess of $ 3.5 billion. FLSmidth in South Africa has seen rapid growth the last couple of years and the company today employs more than 600 people. This success is attributed to good products, pioneering technology and world class technical support from the international parent company. FLSmidth’s South African office’s customer and user bases are located in Sub Saharan Africa and the company says it has has differentiated itself in the African market by providing full lifecycle support for its products from a local base, ranging from a strong design capability, to technical support teams which can be deployed to client sites anywhere in Africa within 24 hours.Its customers are becoming increasingly global and although this has its challenges, Lohrmann says FLSmidth is working very profitably in many remote locations including the DRC and Tete in Mozambique, as well as in Armenia and the Middle East.Lohrmann joined the company in 1983. He also ran the FLSmidth company FLSmidth Buffalo, a Witbank-based world class supplier of feeding and crushing equipment for mining and general industry.In 2008, Lohrmann came over to FLSmidth’s head office in Roodepoort as deputy MD. Commenting on becoming MD, Lohrmann says: “I’m anticipating a pretty seamless transition, having worked side by side with Daveon many issues and served with him on the Board of FLSmidth South Africa for several years. The only significant change I face in this new role is the rapid pace at which the company is expanding.”last_img read more

first_imgMinister for Health James Reilly will be taking questions on his portfolio at 9.30am. Yesterday’s increase in cost of health insurance policies is sure to come up.Later at 12.51pm, any Topical Issues of the day will be heard.If you didn’t get enough of the Health Bill earlier, discussion continues at 2.39pm, followed the same on the Local Government Bill 2013, heralded as ‘the most radical reform of local government in 100 years’.And finally, in Private Members Business at 7.30pm a Fianna Fáil motion for the “Central Bank to examine the competitive state of the Irish banking sector” will be heard.Everything else that’s happening in the Seanad Like politics? Then why not ‘Like’’s Politics page?Explainer: How does a Bill become a law? Dáil: Health Bill 2013 – Discussion of the Health Bill (Alteration of Criteria for Eligibility) 2013, aimed at setting controversial new medical card income limits for the over-70s, will begin at 10.45am. Thousands turned out to protest against such cuts last month.Everything else that’s happening in the Dáil WHAT’S GOING ON in Leinster House?Every day the Dáil and Seanad are sitting, brings you the most comprehensive guide to what our lawmakers are getting up to in the Houses of the Oireachtas.So, here is what we can expect to be happening in the Dáil, Seanad and Committee rooms today…3 things we’ll be keeping an eye on Committees: Public Expenditure and Reform – Minister Brendan Howlin will be in Room 3 at 4pm to continue discussion of the Freedom of Information Bill 2013. RTÉ’s budget deficit will be in mind when the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland meets the Transport and Communications Committee at 9.30am. They will be discussing future funding of Public Service Broadcasting in Room 4.Starting at 2pm in Room 2, the Justice, Defence, and Equality committee will discuss facilitating requests from Canada regarding “Passenger Name Record” data, where you will see Minister of State Kathleen Lynch make an appearance. Representatives from the Irish Human Rights Commission and the Equality Authority will then discuss recognition of traveller ethnicity.At 10am in Room 3, Finance Minister Michael Noonan who appear before the Finance Committee to discuss his upcoming meeting with Economic and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN).Officials from the Department of Foreign Affairs will take on the task of figuring out how to finance poverty eradication at 2.30pm in Room 1. That will be in front of the Foreign Affairs and Trade committee, discussing a call from the EU to ‘accelerate progress towards the Millennium Development Goals‘ titled “Beyond 2015″.Would you welcome a school book rental scheme? The Committee on Education and Social Protection will be looking at that in Room 3 at 1pm, as well as a report on back to school costs.Here’s how to watch what’s going on in Leinster House todayDáil ÉireannSeanad ÉireannCommittee Room 1Committee Room 2Committee Room 3Committee Room 4To access streams on iOS, click here Everything else that’s happening in the Committees Tributes to the late film-maker, environmentalist, and Senator Éamon de Buitléar will be heard at 11.45am. He passed away earlier this year. These expressions of tribute often take a while to make it to the chamber.A new law which will abolish minister severance payments and cut politicians’ allowances will be discussed at 1.30pm. That’s the Oireachtas (Ministers and Parliamentary Offices) Bill 2013, and Minister of State Brian Hayes will pop in for it.Minister for Energy Pat Rabbitte’s bill that will allow for the sale of Bord Gáis Éireann will follow at 2.30pm.Private Members Business at 4pm will consist of a motion by Senators Rónán Mullen, Trevor Ó Clochertaigh, Kathryn Reilly, David Cullinane which calls for legislation to regulate the siting of high voltage electricity transmission lines, which would affect Eirgrid’s plans to construct such lines around the country. Dáil: Leaders’ Questions – The Taoiseach steps up to the plate at 12pm to take questions from the opposition.last_img read more

first_imgUpdated at 9.11pmINDEPENDENT TD PATRICK Nulty has unexpectedly resigned from the Dáil this evening ahead of revelations in the Sunday World newspaper that he sent explicit messages to a 17-year-old girl.The Dublin West TD stepped down hours before the paper is due to publish a story saying that he sent explicit messages to the girl.Nulty was elected as a Labour TD in 2011 in the by-election which followed the death of Brian Lenihan, but he lost the whip less than two months later when he voted against the government on the Budget.Here’s his resignation statement in full:I am today resigning as TD for Dublin West and will take all the steps necessary to do that immediately this week.I sent inappropriate messages via facebook. This included inadvertently sending one to a 17 year old woman To the best of my knowledge I have never met this woman and the message was sent while under the influence of alcohol.I apologise wholeheartedly to the woman involved and to her family. It was never my intention to upset anyone in this way but it was totally wrongThe message was entirely inappropriate and I take full responsibility for my actions. For this reason I have decided to resign my seat in the Dail. I set myself the highest standards personally and politically. Unfortunately due to personal mistakes I have not met those standards in this matter and I will take responsibility for that. I still believe passionately that Ireland can be a fairer and more just society based on equality and social justice but at the present time I believe to resign is the correct and right course of action.I would like to extend my deepest thanks and gratitude to all my family, friends and supporters who have given me so much support over the last five years as a public representative. In politics people very often do not take responsibility for their actions. I hope I am doing that. I would further like to apologise to my constituents in Dublin West for my mistake. I hope they will understand my reasons for resigning and accept my apology.I hope that as I have taken decisive and direct action on this matter my privacy will now be respected in what has been a very difficult decision for me personally. Nulty officially resigned from Labour in June of last year having been a frequent critic of the party and the policies it had been pursuing in government.He was among a minority of Labour members who opposed going into coalition with Fine Gael in February 2011.Nulty had recently become part of a loose alliance of independent left-wing TDs, Independents Network, which is providing training and advice for local and European election candidates ahead of the 23 May vote.His resignation triggers a by-election in Dublin West which will legally have to take place within the next six months. The constituency’s current TDs include government ministers Leo Varadkar, Joan Burton and the Socialist Party’s Joe Higgins.Nulty narrowly beat Fianna Fáil in the October 2011 by-election, indicating that the largest opposition party will be in pole position to take the seat.Additional reporting from Daragh Brophy and Hugh O’ConnellRead: TD Patrick Nulty resigns as Labour Party memberRead: Nulty to vote against Budget – 40 days after becoming a Labour TDRead: Labour’s Patrick Nulty takes Dublin West after count dramalast_img read more

first_imgThe management of Public Power Corporation and a foreign consultancy firm are together examining the possibility of reducing PPC’s electricity rates in a bid to respond to longtime demands by its major clients, as the power giant eyes the continuing drop in fuel rates (oil and natural gas) and the positive impact from changes to the wholesale market.The PPC administration has already allocated the task of calculating the impact of the above factors on its costs to an independent consultancy and is expecting the results in about a month’s time. It is aiming to pass any benefits on to consumers.Despite the considerable slide in crude oil rates, the equally significant expected drop in natural gas prices in the first quarter of 2015, and savings of about 150 million euros in total from changes to the wholesale market, PPC’s management believes there is little scope for electricity rate cuts.PPC officials also point to the increase in costs paid for greenhouse gas emissions, as well as what they describe as the increased price of lignite, which is used for the production of electricity, to justify their reluctance to proceed to more general rate reductions.Source: Kathimerini Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

first_imgUn médicament pour chasser les mauvais souvenirs ?Une équipe de chercheurs de l’Université de Montréal remet en doute, avec une découverte publiée dans le Journal of Clinical Endocrynology & Metabolism, la théorie selon laquelle nos souvenirs ne peuvent plus être modifiés une fois stabilisés dans le cerveau. Un médicament, sur lequel ils travaillent, permettrait d’atténuer les émotions négatives liées à un souvenir douloureux.La découverte a tout d’un épisode de science fiction, mais elle est bien réelle. Une pilule d’un nouveau genre permettrait d’effacer les mauvais souvenirs. C’est en tout cas ce qu’explique une équipe de chercheurs de l’Université de Montréal oeuvrant au Centre d’études sur le stress humain de l’Hôpital Louis-H. Lafontaine. Ils se sont penchés sur le cortisol (ou hydro-cortisone), hormone stéroïde sécrétée par le cortex et libérée dans l’organisme en réponse à un stress physique ou psychologique, et se sont rendus compte que le métyrapone, inhibiteur de la synthèse du cortisol, réduirait la capacité du cerveau à réenregistrer les émotions négatives associées à ces souvenirs. “Le métyrapone est un médicament qui réduit de façon significative les niveaux de cortisol, une hormone de stress jouant un rôle dans le rappel des souvenirs”, a expliqué Marie-France Marin, auteure principale de l’étude. À lire aussiAntihistaminique : qu’est-ce que c’est ? A quoi ça sert ?Une expérience a été menée sur 33 hommes. Ces derniers ont dû apprendre une histoire comprenant des éléments positifs, neutres et négatifs. Trois jours plus tard, les participants ont été divisés en trois groupes : le premier groupe a reçu une dose unique de métyrapone, le second a reçu une double dose et le troisième a reçu un placebo. Les chercheurs ont demandé à ces hommes de se souvenir de l’histoire. Quatre jours plus tard, une fois le médicament éliminé de l’organisme des participants, les chercheurs ont réévalué leur performance de mémoire. “Nous avons découvert que le groupe qui a reçu deux doses de métyrapone avait de la difficulté à se rappeler des événements négatifs de l’histoire, alors qu’il n’éprouvait aucune difficulté à se souvenir des événements neutres”, a expliqué Marie-France Marin. “Ce qui nous a étonnés, c’est qu’une fois les niveaux de cortisol revenus à la normale, la diminution de la mémoire des événements négatifs était encore présente”.”Aider les personnes qui doivent composer avec des événements traumatiques”Un véritable espoir pour les personnes qui souffrent de stress post-traumatique. Pour Marie-France Marin, “cette découverte pourrait aider des personnes qui doivent composer avec des événements traumatiques, en leur offrant l’occasion, pendant la thérapie, d’atténuer certains de leurs souvenirs négatifs”. Toutefois, le fait que le métyrapone ne soit plus produit commercialement constitue un obstacle de taille.En attendant, plusieurs personnes victimes de viol ou encore de la guerre seront les premières à tester ce médicament, précisent les Inrockuptibles. La molécule est surtout recommandée à ceux qui ont vécu des expériences extrêmes. Mais qu’en sera-t-il à l’avenir si le traitement se généralise ? La question éthique reste pour le moment sans réponse.Le 1 juin 2011 à 14:39 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

first_img Law enforcement officials say a possible human trafficking victim from Aloha, Ore., could be in the Vancouver area.The Washington County Sheriff’s Department issued a bulletin Saturday night seeking the public’s help finding Adrian Brown, a 15-year-old girl who has been missing since March. The bulletin said she may be in the company of an unidentified man who is at least twice her age and who may be encouraging her to engage in illegal activity.Brown is 5 feet, 7 inches tall, 135 pounds, with blue eyes and dyed reddish-brown hair. She has multiple tattoos including a depiction of herself tattooed on her upper right arm. She is also known to wear a red bandanna on her forehead. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office believes Brown could be in Vancouver or Portland. It is working on the case with the Vancouver Police Department, the FBI and the National Center for Missing and Endangered Children. Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Detective Jeffrey Boivin at 503-846-2590 or the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at 503-629-0111. Adrian Brown has been missing from Aloha, Ore., since March. Officials say she may be in the Vancouver area.last_img read more

first_imgWith all the layoffs in the media industry this year, it was just a matter of time before an enterprising victim decided to throw a party for all of the freshly unemployed.Enter ex-Radar executive editor Aaron Gell, whose cheeky American Society of Shit-Canned Media Elites (“ASSME”—a dig at the MPA’s ASME) is reinventing the famed “pink slip parties” of the bust era with a holiday party next week in New York. (Say what you want about the magazine, Radar always knew how to throw a good party.)Here’s the invite: Who: Recently downsized magazine, newspaper, publishing, advertising, TV and Web professionals. Still employed?  You’re buying the first round.Where: Ella Lounge, 9 Avenue AWhen: Wednesday, Dec. 17, from 8-11Open bar with p.i.n.k. vodka from 8-9pm; $5 drink specialsBroke ass beats by Josh Link/photos by nickydigital.comWhat to bring: a nice, gently worn coat for New York Cares.last_img read more

first_imgA controversial Houston center to hold unaccompanied migrant children run by Southwest Key may not be opening this week, as some previously thought. Officials with the city of Houston say the facility has not yet secured the proper permits to begin operations.In a tweet on Tuesday state senator Slyvia Garcia said a lawyer with Southwest Key told her the facility could open this week. A spokesperson for Southwest Key confirmed to Houston Public Media the nonprofit is waiting on state inspections but did not comment on permits from the city of Houston.I just met with the lawyer for @SouthwestKey and she claims that they might open facility at 419 Emancipation as early as this week if they pass state inspection. I’d heard they don’t have proper city permits but now they claim to have them. #NoBabyJails #FamiliesBelongTogether— Sylvia R. Garcia (@SenatorSylvia) July 31, 2018Those comments and further news reports prompted Houston officials to hold a press conference Wednesday, where they claimed while the city had previously issued a fire permit to Southwest Key, the nonprofit’s intended purpose for the facility did not match the application it submitted for the permit.Davis Land/Houston Public MediaHouston Fire Chief Samuel Peña.City officials requested more information from Southwest Key after they learned the center would hold unaccompanied minors, according to Houston Public Works Director Carol Haddock.An official with the Houston Health Department also said the location doesn’t have permits to serve food.The city says Southwest Key will have to reapply for an occupational permit and wait for new inspections before the facility can open.Houston Mayor Sylvester has previously voiced opposition to the facility.More on @SouthwestKey’s plan, which I oppose, to detain migrant children downtown: city fire safety permit they circulated to news media tonite doesn’t fit such an operation, @FireChiefofHFD says. They need, but haven’t sought, 1 for a detention center. #KeepFamiliesTogether— Sylvester Turner (@SylvesterTurner) August 1, 2018 Share There are reports tonight that a @SouthwestKey detention center will open next week at 419 Emancipation.@HoustonFire has NOT inspected or issued an operational permit. I oppose the facility.👉🏾👉🏾— Sylvester Turner (@SylvesterTurner) August 1, 2018last_img read more