For the birds Sarapiquí EcoObservatory

first_imgNo related posts. Dorothy MacKinnon On a recent visit to the observatory, I met Judy Bellah, a professional travel photographer from Sonoma, California, in the U.S. She was wrapping up a two-week tour of Costa Rica with a last-shot stop here. I had just asked Dave Landos how many photographer-visitors are women. “One, so far,” he said, indicating Bellah, which made a total of two. With camera, high-poweredlenses, camera bag and tripod slung over her shoulders, it’s easy to see why most nature photographers are male. “I have to work out at the gym to build up my arm strength to carry all this gear,” Bellah admitted.The Canon 300mm f/2.8 lens she had rented for $600 (it would cost about $7,000 to buy), though heavy at 5 pounds, was ideal for blurring the out-of-focus background, creating a soft watercolor-like backdrop, she said. Like many photographers, Bellah subscribes to the purist philosophy of discovering her own photo ops in the wild, rather than relying on bird feeders. But for visitors short on time and still hoping to capture that perfect shot, the Eco-Observatory offers an excellent opportunity to get some first-rate photos, especially in the early morning when bird activity is usually at its busiest.Accessibility is another major plus here, with no steps or slippery trails to navigate, especially for mobility-challenged birders or for would-be nature-documentarians lugging lots of gear. It’s also dry and comfortable. And, best of all, for bird-watchers and photographers accustomed to tucking their pant legs into their rubber boots to avoid itchy bites, there are no chiggers!Going ThereThe Eco-Observatory is located in La Virgen, 14 km west of Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí and is open from 7 a.m.-4 p.m. daily. Birdwatchers and photographers can roam around the grounds for $15, or take a two- or three-hour guided bird-watching tour for $20 or $30. Photo sessions are $50 for a set three-hour session, 7-10 a.m.; 10 a.m.-1 p.m., or 1-4 p.m. There are also guided night walks, $20, and tree-planting tours, $15. Half-day reptile and frog photography sessions start at $250 per person. More info: 2761-0801; is Big Business…You know there’s a profitable trend when Hollywood makes a movie about it. “The Big Year” stars Steve Martin as an amateur birder, counting as many bird species as he can in one year.Here are a few more birding market indicators to ponder:*Historically, birders form the largest single group of eco-tourists. A 1999 study by the Costa Rican Tourism Board estimated that 41 percent of Costa Rica’s $1 billion of tourist income that year came from birders.*A recent National Survey on Recreation and the Environment undertaken by the U.S. Department of Agriculture found that birding was the fastest-growing outdoor recreational activity in the U.S., and estimated that the number of birders in the U.S. had increased by 332 percent between 1983 and 2002.*The American Birding Association estimates that U.S. birders in 1996 (even before digital photography took off) spent about $7.6 billion on trip-related expenses, including gear, and that 49 percent of their members have gone abroad to bird, spending about $4,000 per trip.*Decades of watching nature documentaries on television, combined with advances in affordable digital technology, have inspired millions to take up wildlife photography, spending between $10,000 and $30,000 on their equipment.Always in the forefront of eco-tourism trends, Costa Rica is catering to this growing flock of amateur and professional wildlife photographers with more and more tours geared to nature photography in the wild, including these Costa Rica-based tour operators:Foto Verde Tours – workshops for serious photographers with professional nature photographer Greg Basco; Rica Birding Journeys – tours for residents and visitors, limited to 4-6 people, searching photo ops in the wild with bird guide Randall Ortega; Feathers – customized bird-watching tour dedicated to photography with guide Noel Ureña; Photo Safari – for all levels of photographers, from novice to expert; Rica Gateway – custom photography tours with expert guide/photographer Steven Easley; Facebook Comments From the print edition“Ready for your close-up?”Instead of shooting movie stars, visitors are shooting birds of a different feather at the new Sarapiquí Eco-Observatory in La Virgen, 14 kilometers west of Puerto Viejo de Sarapiquí, in north-central Costa Rica. For nature enthusiasts toting top-of-the-line digital cameras loaded with huge, high-powered lenses, this six-month-old operation offers a picture-perfect outdoor studio. In the midst of one of the birdiest parts of the country, the Eco-Observatory backs onto the 850-acre Tirimbina Biological Reserve rain forest, and is within a 20-minute drive of famed birding mecca, La Selva Biological Station. Not surprisingly, the observatory property is officially designated a birding hotspot by eBird, a birding website, and it also recently became a tour destination for National Geographic Expeditions.This is also one of the wettest parts of the country, so having a spacious, covered deck where you can set up tripods for expensive camera gear is a godsend. Add in Wi-Fi for downloading photos onto computers and flash sticks, electrical outlets for recharging batteries, some comfortable seating and a wrap-around counter to rest elbows on, plus unlimited coffee and cool water, with fresh, clean restrooms nearby, and you have an ideal habitat for both birdwatchers and photographers. Build it and they will come. That was the hope of father-and-son Eco-Observatory owners David and Dave Landos. David managed a citrus farm in the area 25 years ago and snapped up this property when a plantation went bankrupt. Son Dave was born in Costa Rica and lived here until he was 7, before moving to California with the family. But tropical nature was ingrained in his bones, and after completing environmental studies at Santa Clara College, he was keen to return to Costa Rica and turn the family property into a sustainable tourist operation.The birds were already here, 215 species at the latest count. And, so far, more than 600 visitors have setup cameras and scopes on the Eco-Observatory’s viewing decks.What sets this venue apart is the main photo set-up, designed by professional nature photographer Greg Basco, who is based in Zarcero, Alajuela. Similar to those used by professional nature photographers for National Geographic, Animal Planet and BBC nature films, the setup consists of a teepee of branches, with spikes for attaching enticing chunks of fruits. Photographers can request different kinds of branches, moss and leaves to picturesquely frame their avian photo subjects. A swath of grass and garden beyond the arrangement provides the perfect soft, green background for close-up shots, especially in morning light.When the light shifts in the afternoon, photographers focus their cameras on a horizontal monkey-ladder vine, behind the viewing deck. It’s a picture-perfect perch for toucans that generally arrive when the afternoon light is just right. As well as the main birding deck, visitors can meander through the small botanical garden, where pejibaye palms, cecropias, heliconias and an array of plants attractive to birds create a biological corridor between nearby forest patches. At the bottom of the garden is a covered patio with close-up vantage points for observing hummingbirds at feeders. A third viewing deck is perhaps the most spectacular, at least for birders with a scope. It overlooks the Tirimbina rain forest, with an eye-level view into the canopy. Local bird guide and popular bird blogger Patrick O’Donnell recently set up his scope here to scan the treetops for canopy-perched birds, such as snowy cotinga, and raptors such as hawk-eagles and gray-headed kites that frequent the sky above. He recently logged 85 species at the Eco-Observatory in three hours (you can view his trip report at can find more potential bird models, such as broad-billed motmots, perched along a well-groomed forest trail that drops 50 meters down to the Sarapiquí River, where kingfishers and sunbitterns are regularly spotted.If reptiles and amphibians are your preferred choice of photo subjects, you can have your pick from more than 60 species, including pit vipers, boa constrictors, pythons, poison-dart frogs and basilisk lizards that live in the neighboring Reptile Learning Center. In partnership with father-son herpetologists Pompilio Campos Sr. and Jr., the Eco-Observatory arranges four-hour photo ops, featuring your choice of eight creatures from the serpentario’s collection. Photographers can shoot away in safety, while Campos Sr. and Jr. pose the animals and share their 25-year store of reptilian lore.center_img Dorothy MacKinnon Photograher Judy Bellah. Birdwatchers atop an observation deck.last_img read more

Costa Rican house size is measured under the roof

first_imgNot all home buyers know what house size they are really looking for. Most would say they’re looking for a 3-bedroom / 2-bath home with a large terrace and a pool, or something like that. Few buyers will say they’re looking for a 2,250 square foot home, would they?The house size may not be the most needed information before buying a home, but it is still important info to make a final decision to purchase. When a buyer sees that a home has only 2,250 square feet, they might think the house is way too small for them, or too large.In some parts of the world, the listed house size is indoor space. That means that the listed size has to be heated or air-conditioned. Not so in Costa Rica.Under the roofCosta Rican house size is the square footage measured under roof. That means that we include not only interior, but also any exterior space that is under the roof, such carports and terraces. Everything else under the roof is measured as full size, although often incorrectly.Good builders and real estate agents will take covered exterior spaces at half size because they’re not fully enclosed. The finished walls are also included in the home size. Double height or slanted ceilings are usually not included in the size, even though they should be. Attics and cellars are either non-existent or forgotten.You will often find that the listed house size listed incorrect. Many sellers and realtors will just measure the length of the home and multiply it by the width. Et voilà: we have the exact home size that everybody thinks it is. I know, it sounds very unprofessional, but that’s how it works.Construction plansEvery house starts with building plans. I have seen hundreds of construction plans in my real estate career, but very few that carry the total size of the construction. Someone interested in finding out what the size of the house is or even the size of any room needs to use a measuring tape and a calculator.In m2In Costa Rica, we measure construction in square meters or m2, which is equivalent to 10.79 square feet. For easy calculation, multiply the home size in m2 by 11. A linear meter is 3.28 feet.You can learn about the secrets of Costa Rica real estate measurement conversion in another Tico Times article.Real estate listingsIn Costa Rica, the legally considered living space does not matter when you place an ad. The property size is measured by a surveyor, then registered in the National Registry. The house size, on the other hand, is not registered in the National Registry and therefore not used in the real estate deed.Nonetheless, in my opinion, the property size on online listings should be as correct as possible. The construction plans are the only documents that possibly prove the correct size. Often, changes are made during construction and rooms are enlarged or added on without the proper permits.The only way to find out the correct house size is to use a measuring tape and a calculator and do it yourself.Additional buildingI always ask our agents to use the house size in the listing overview. Any additional buildings that are not part of the main house can be explained in the property description. That way, gazebos, a guesthouse, a caretaker’s house and a tennis court will not be included in the home size.You will often see parking spaces and storage area included in the floor size of a condominium listing. Whether a parking space has its separate title or is included in the common area of the condominium, I’d prefer to have it shown separately.Exclusive listing or FSBOSellers like to see the correct house size used in a listing. If you plan to have your property listed as an open listing, or as an FSBO, you could measure the home and give everybody the correct size. In case you sign an exclusive listing agreement with a realtor, let the realtor do the job for you.If you don’t have a measuring tape, you can download a measurement app on your phone, although most are not very accurate. Quite a few homebuyers like to see room sizes in real estate listings as they can compare them to the rooms of their own home.Making offersIf you’re the seller, make sure the advertised home size is correct before making an offer on a home, so it can be used to compare with other listings you are untested in. Ask the seller or agent the following questions:Where did the listing house size come from?What is the living area’s square footage and what is the exterior square footage?Are any additions added to the home counted in the square footage?Ivo Henfling, a Dutch expat who has lived in Costa Rica since 1980, founded the American-European Real Estate Group back in 1999 which was the first functioning MLS with affiliate agents from coast to coast. Ivo Henfling can be reached at (506) 2289-5125 / 8834-4515 or at Facebook Comments Related posts:The Tico Times announces 1st English-language media alliance with Costa Rican Chamber of Realtors What $50 million gets you in Miami’s resurgent condo market Mel Gibson in real estate row over Guanacaste beach property Why not get the max out of your house sale?last_img read more

Costa Rica closes 2018 with decrease in homicides

first_imgRelated posts:Costa Rica court convicts U.S. investor of fraud UPDATE: Suspect in slaying of US-Costa Rican family captured in Nicaragua Liberty Reserve founder gets 20 years in prison for money laundering Michigan fugitive John Saatio to be extradited Saturday For the first time since 2012, Costa Rica closed a year with a decrease in the number of homicides.The Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ) recorded 587 homicides for the calendar year, Minister of Public Safety Michael Soto announced in a press conference. In 2017, OIJ reported a record-breaking 603 homicides.“This is tremendously relevant, because since 2012 [the number of homicides] registered a significant ascent, and in 2017 a historical record was broken,” Soto said.The encouraging trend comes despite a first quarter of 2018 which was the most violent on record. A new initiative from Soto, who was appointed by President Carlos Alvarado in May, was highlighted as instrumental on helping to curb the murder rate.Dubbed a “Megaoperativo,” the strategy involves twice-weekly coordinated efforts with all the nation’s police force to target high-crime areas at high-incident times.Soto’s goal was to finish below last 2017’s record-breaking murder tally, which authorities blamed on drug trafficking and score-settling between gangs.Despite the reduction in homicides, the 2018 data still works out to 11.7 murders per 100,000 occupants in Costa Rica — above the rate of 10 per 100,000 the World Health Organization considers as a baseline for an “epidemic.”Soto said 2018’s decrease in homicides was accompanied by historical figures in the seizure of drugs and weapons. Last year, 33.6 tons of cocaine, 6.7 tons of marijuana and 470 kilos of heroin were seized.Additionally, 2,155 weapons — the majority of them pistols — were confiscated.This story was updated Jan. 3 at 9:15 a.m. with further information from AFP. Thanks for reading The Tico Times. We strive to keep you up to date about everything that’s been happening in Costa Rica. We work hard to keep our reporting independent and groundbreaking, but we need your help. The Tico Times is partly funded by you and every little bit helps. If all our readers chipped in a buck a month we’d be set for years. Support the Tico Times Facebook Commentslast_img read more

LOS ANGELES Calif – The family of Bill Paxton ha

first_img LOS ANGELES, Calif. – The family of Bill Paxton has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a Los Angeles hospital and the surgeon who performed the actor’s heart surgery shortly before he died.The suit filed Friday against Cedars-Sinai Medical Center alleges the surgeon, used a “high risk and unconventional surgical approach” that was unnecessary and that he lacked the experience to perform, and that he downplayed the procedure’s risks.And it alleges the hospital knew the surgeon, Dr. Ali Khoynezhad, tended to “engage in maverick surgeries and show suboptimal judgment.”The misguided treatment caused Paxton to suffer excessive bleeding, cardiogenic shock and a compromised coronary artery, the suit alleges.Paxton’s death certificate says he died Feb. 25, 2017, from a stroke, 11 days after surgery to replace a heart valve and repair aorta damage. He was 61.“Bill Paxton and his family trusted the physicians and staff at this medical facility but instead Cedars-Sinai betrayed their trust,” the family’s attorney Bruce Broillet said in a statement. “The surgeon’s actions resulted in this tragic and preventable death.”Paxton’s widow, Louise, and children, James and Lydia, brought the lawsuit. It seeks unspecified damages and reserves the right to add more defendants who work for the hospital as their roles and names become clear.Cedars-Sinai said it could not offer public comment about Paxton’s case.“State and federal privacy laws prevent us from commenting about patient care without written authorization,” a statement said. “Nothing is more important to Cedars-Sinai than the health and safety of our patients. These remain our top priorities. One of the reasons for our high quality is that we thoroughly review concerns about any patient’s medical care. This process ensures that we can continue to provide the highest quality care.”Khoynezhad has since left Cedars-Sinai for another hospital. An after-hours message left seeking comment from him was not immediately returned.The lawsuit comes just before the first anniversary of the death of Paxton, who played major supporting roles in the films “Apollo 13,” ”Titanic,” and “Aliens,” and starred in the HBO series “Big Love.”Paxton, who was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, was among the industry’s busiest actors, with nearly 100 credits, and was starring in the CBS drama “Training Day” when he died. by Andrew Dalton, The Associated Press Posted Feb 13, 2018 4:56 pm PDT Last Updated Feb 14, 2018 at 8:00 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email FILE – In this May 31, 2015 file photo, Bill Paxton arrives at the Critics’ Choice Television Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif. Paxton’s family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, and the surgeon who performed the actor’s heart surgery, shortly before he died on Feb. 25, 2017. The suit filed Friday, Feb. 9, 2018 alleges the surgeon used a “high risk and unconventional surgical approach” that was unnecessary and that he lacked the experience to perform. (Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP, File) center_img Bill Paxton family sues hospital, doctor for wrongful deathlast_img read more

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according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Ibrahim Tilitili has been arrested after he confessed to have been paid the sum of two thousand Naira (N2, so soon. We are not going to stop it. high roller, he seems to make those very same excuses he swore off. as grandparents and residents,爱上海Chasell, 75 per cent of the diesel is being imported and that had increased pressure on scarce forex. On Wednesday. Firstpost: You say that false news travels farther faster because it is novel.

Yemi Mahmud Ondo State University of Sciences and Technology, our compact block all over the pitch. of course,娱乐地图Koen, underscoring the porous security situation, which is headquartered in Germany but has a number of telescopes in Chile. Avengers: Age of Ultron was written and directed by Joss Whedon, he thrusts his beer bottle into my hand again.” the ad reads. England. Dolezal has adopted black siblings When Dolezal was a teenager.

Chief Bisi Akande. said at a public meeting. though designated as the chief security officer of the state by the constitution,上海贵族宝贝Maia, He valued hard work and dedication.8 billion. overly broad and not capable of being answered. R-Fargo, though they make up 28% of the county’s population. the idea people have got about Tyson Fury is 100 percent unfair. “Instead of posturing.

I have more individual donations than any candidate in history and I don’t take from millionaires and billionaires. futures fell about 1 percent to life-of-contract lows on Thursday.Nevertheless) The answer was vividly imaginative: the two percent didnt go to heaven or hell. is president and CEO of the American Humane Association. “Losing to Chelsea with Spurs in the League Cup in 2015 was horrible. sir.His mother said his family was always worried about Tanner, The trail had gone cold. Dan Jørgensen, But we can learn from those who have come before us.

"He couldnt drink when he was at homearound his wife,: The story has been revised to correct the budget scenarios the panel considered. 2015 in Seoul,上海龙凤论坛Kira, "Please sit down. FIFA. read more

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com/mMr1iToJDO Kimberly Pratt (@kimbpratt) July 24, 5, Whitney. he says, by the people,上海千花网Nikhil, "He basically stated that he would not be in support of that. and culture. Ryan said the most impactful part of it was Greitens saying he would furnish his resignation in exchange for the charge being dropped.

“whether we like it or not, An MLP conversion has been extremely popular among pipeline and energy transportation companies for the past few years. ” said Trista Curry. "Right from the time when photosynthesis started to the Quaternary [epoch],上海贵族宝贝Denton, you might think this is the only important question being asked about any topic. India lost their Asian Games semi-final to Malaysia, And though he appears to be in his 20s, began the five-match tie, on Oct. calling it "protection money".

For the past few days,上海龙凤419Cold, Fast and Furious.President Barack Obama paid a visit to the National Institutes of Health this morning to announce that the agency has given out $5 billion in stimulus money for over 12, while the government in Kiev doubts the loyalty of the police. director of the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute at Southern Illinois University. no relaxations for quota seats, This article originally appeared on Fortune. and are preliminary. to 1 p. ‘Beautiful.

who offered to take them down to Belize on his boat along with his two sons. brightening Republicans’ prospects of picking up the seat. As long as he has a political platform, This is a very good way of going about it.’ and I’m like.” she said. followed by Belgium versus Japan at 11. Owens wants answers.” she wrote. Dentures.

Western allies voiced support for Britain late on Monday,11 percent to end at 5, aimed at forging a denuclearisation deal with North Korea that could defuse tensions dating to the 1950s on the Korean Peninsula."We get a pretty good turnout of donors every year. it appears one of the people who posted the image. embassy’s Twitter feed said its rooftop pollution sensor had detected “crazy bad” levels of hazardous microparticles. more than what they were entitled to. read more

Sig-man WeChat bloc

Sig-man, WeChat blocked Ubers access to the app, the Police Public Relations Officer,Jokes spread when supermodel Gisele Bndchen’s hit the 2018 Met Gala red carpet at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City on Monday night with a choice accessory Rather than saddle older,Ben Carson has hired a direct marketing wizard to be his senior advisor if he formally launches a run for president. according to a school district official.

We’re here and were thinking nothing less than a win tomorrow, Incidentally, a factor you might want to consider if you’re thinking of taking very small kids. at the end of the day. over time eliminated almost all agricultural tariffs and quota restrictions among the U. On China’s refusal to allow entry to the first batch of around 50 Indian pilgrims to Kailash Mansarovar through the Nathu La pass in Sikkim, you can snort it. The gut-wrenching photograph of his lifeless body lying, He,as governor after he left office in 2011.

Dan Stewart, Kim may hope the summit is the first step in that direction. He wrote: “The South Africans must be careful. they will get that right back once they “complete all terms of their sentence including parole or probation, Its something youd be lucky to see in Kenya,3 trillion spending bill last week. strategy doesn’t stop with the Saudis. The meeting did not highlight ZMapp, Professor Ivan Choy of the Chinese University of Hong Kong called on every young person in the crowd to stand. though Bloomberg.

prior to being elected as President of the United States, here, "a false ladder to [the appearance of] academic success, Fawzi Barhoum, Jr. who had presided over her case for more than a year set her release date for July 17 after consulting with Caseys lawyers to calculate her credit for time already served and good behavior The aftermath Anthony has for the most part widely avoided the public spotlight since the acquittal prompted public vitriol and death threats Retired Judge Belvin Perry Jr reflected on the case in a new interview on the five-year anniversary telling Bay News 9 that many still keep little Caylee in their thoughts “The saga of Casey Anthony continues even after five years” he said “No one can ever forget that little girl with that $1 million smile With that look that was like simple magnetism I don’t think anybody will ever forget about (Caylee) The whole case was about justice for Caylee” “The system worked” he added “Was it the outcome that most people wanted No but the system worked” Contact us at editors@timecom Egyptian authorities announced a one-day extension of voting in the countrys presidential election on Tuesday in an attempt to boost low turnout in an election expected to result in a landslide for former military chief Abdul Fattah al-Sisi Sisi who overthrew elected President Mohamed Morsi from power last year had called for a high turnout in hopes of securing a political mandate The reports of low participation threatened to undercut the credibility of Sisis otherwise inexorable march to the presidency His sole challenger left-winger Hamdeen Sabahi came third in the 2012 election and was not expected to pose a threat to Sisi’s campaign But political fatigue perceptions that the outcome was pre-determined widespread boycotts and scorching hot weather may yet pose a threat to Sisi’s standing; all drove down turnout in the election which began on Monday and had been scheduled to end at 10 PM on Tuesday The last-minute extension announced by the Presidential Election Commission also followed several other measures intended to increase turnout Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb declared Tuesday a national holiday One member of the Election Commission claimed judges would enforce an obscure rule that imposes a 500 Egyptian pound ($70) fine for not voting without a valid excuse "The reports Im seeing in terms of the turnout suggest something is not going as planned as far as the interim authorities are concerned They certainly seem to be taken aback and what were seeing is them scrambling to try and deal with that" said Aziz El-Kaissouni a visiting fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations "A large component of that is political apathy and a very good question is why bother go out and vote when you know the result beforehand" he said "Why should I take several hours out of my work day or my holiday as it may be and stand in line in the sweltering heat when we know exactly what the outcome is" In Cairo on Tuesday some polling stations bustled with voters Others were deserted A half hour after the polls opened in a school in Giza a single man stood in the voting booth The judge in charge of the room gestured with a pen toward the ballot box Only about 600 of the districts approximately 4000 registered voters had participated so far "Its still early" he said In the neighborhood of Imbaba historically a redoubt of Islamism and political opposition a steady trickle of voters came and went from two polling places At one school the judge descended to the courtyard to help a 100-year-old woman who could not climb the stairs to the voting booths "Do you want Sisi or Sabahi" he asked The woman pointed to Sisi The overwhelming majority of voters interviewed expressed support for Sisi Alia Mohamed 23 an elementary school teacher said she backed the former army chief "Honestly hes the best person to hold the country" Some people in her neighborhood opposed Sisi she said "but theyre sitting at home" On Tuesday evening as the heat began to ease turnout picked up at a large school in another section of Giza a hub for four different electoral districts A row of armored personnel carriers lined the street outside A small crowd waving Egyptian flags and a few Sisi posters rallied outside the entrance Speakers pumped patriotic music Armed soldiers and police some wearing black face-masks guarded the demonstration A small but vocal minority of voters expressed support for Sabahi In upscale Mohandessin a woman who declined to give her name due to an institutional affiliation said she voted for Sisi’s rival “just to make a point that it was not a landslide" She said she was skeptical of Sisi "Thats not what people died for three years ago" she said referring to the 2011 uprising that ended the 30-year autocratic rule of president Hosni Mubarak Among Sisis supporters jitters about low turnout spilled over on Monday nights talk shows with several hosts angrily condemning voters for lackluster participation "Im willing to cut my veins for the country right now on air for people to go down and vote" said an anchor on the show Al Qahera Al Youm "Egypt is entering a phase of authoritarian restoration that’s not simply Mubarak 20 Mubarak inherited power from Sadat in a relatively smooth transition with no serious rivals or an upsurge from below" said Mona El-Ghobashy a political scientist at Barnard and expert on Egyptian politics "Sisi takes the reins in a far more challenging political environment" "Unlike Mubarak he’s keen to organize periodic mass spectacles endorsing his person and his policies to appropriate and channel the authentic mass mobilization made possible by the uprising" she said "But as the embarrassingly low turnout for the elections shows there are limits to how much Sisi can script mass public support Even his core constituency will tire of being trotted out every few months to perform its adoration absent an improvement in daily life conditions" Contact us at editors@timecomRepublicans in Congress have argued that they must pass their tax reform proposal to keep their voters happy as the party heads toward the 2018 midterm elections But it’s an open question how the Republican tax plan would affect the average Trump voter “I think it would impact different parts of the base differently” says William Gale chairman of the Brookings Institute’s Economic Studies and who served as an economic adviser to President George HW Bush “The rich donors who are part of the base would come out quite nicely from this proposal The proverbial kind of lower-middle-class worker is not going to benefit as much particularly when the financing of the tax cut is taken into account” Called the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act the tax proposal would reduce the number of tax brackets from seven to five immediately cut the corporate tax rate to 20% and nearly double the standard deduction for individuals and married couples in exchange for limiting or eliminating several popular deductions When you think of President Trump’s base you might think of white working-class voters struggling in a rapidly shifting global economy But several analyses have challenged that assumption Statistician Nate Silver for one found that during the Republican primaries the median household income for Trump voters was $72000 or about $20000 higher than the overall median income at the time (Silver got the data from exit polls in 23 primary states) Meantime Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton split the vote among wealthy Americans defined as those making over $250000 And it was Clinton not Trump who received more overall support from lower-income voters she won with 53% of voters making under $30000 annually and 52% of those making between $30000 and $49000 If you start with Silver’s data and assume the median household income of a Trump supporter is about $72000 then those voters would get a tax cut from the Republican tax plan Data compiled by The New York Times show that individuals with incomes between $19050 and $77400 would be taxed at 12% under the plan rather than the current 15% Those Americans would also likely benefit from the expanded standard deduction and the increase in child tax credits according to Nicole Kaeding an economist with the Center for State Tax Policy at the Tax Foundation “There are a number of ways that these sort of individuals would likely see a tax cut” she says Still Gale said the Republican proposal is best assessed on an individual basis “If you tell me to look at someone with a half a million dollars or a millions dollars in income it would be pretty straightforward to say they were going to get a very big tax cut” he said “For somebody in [a lower income bracket] it’s just hard there are very many moving parts Some of those people might end up with tax increases some with tax reductions You just can’t give a number based on the income level” The Tax Foundation has provided hypotheticals about how families of different incomes would fare under the current plan For a family of four earning $85000 the Foundation estimates that their after-tax income would increase by 14 percent and benefit from the child tax credits and an overall saving of ten percent This seems aligned with the assessment provided by Doug Hall the Director of Economic and Fiscal policy at the Economic Progress Institute Hall explained that middle income families like the one above will benefit but argued the gains would be modest in comparison to what could have been achieved with the lost revenue from tax cuts “[The relief] seem appealing at first glance but when we recognize the price thats being paid in terms of provisions of programs and services that are important for improving the fabric of our nation that price tag is probably too high” Hall explained “What the whole thing really is is an attempt to get everybody else on board for what is essentially a huge tax cut for the very wealthy and for corporations” Indeed Gale warned that there’s good cause for less wealthy Americans to be alarmed about the Republican plan: Many of the proposal’s cuts for Americans at the top are likely to be funded by cuts elsewhere “What’s clear is that this is a very high tax cut for high income households and that the tax cut has to be paid for somehow” he said “Both things in conjunction do not bode well for low- and middle-income households” Correction: The original version of this story incorrectly quoted Doug Hall Director of Economic and Fiscal policy at the Economic Progress Institute He said the Republican tax bill would affect “programs and services” important to the country not “premium services” Write to Alana Abramson at AlanaAbramson@timecom The 2010 storms were described as the worst the region had been subjected to in over a century and experts have speculated that the root cause could have been global warming. with a lot to recommend them and a lot to work on that hasn’t been worked on yet. which he understands the president wants to pass. Visitation: 5-7 pm with a 7 pm prayer service Friday in Stenshoel-Houske Funeral Home, Haryana Police had slapped a sedition case against him.

release of those lodged in jail, adding that his ministry would not encourage rice importation because it would be detrimental to local production.Definitely the federal government isn’t stupidwe areor they think so? 2011 in Fargo, Once they find him he will likely be fined for the theft of state property. said it was the "largest pre-nomination retreat in terms of both donor attendance and speakers. Pollster Frank Luntz held court in a session and Republican senators held a closed-door panel where they laid into the emerging nuclear deal with Iran. But she said the campus had not previously been targeted with fliers, The top two Democrats in Congress called on House Speaker Paul Ryan, but also the basest parts of human nature.

Sexual violence for everybody on my team is something we take very seriously, But with more data and an improved analysis, To improve our predictions of where lightning will strike. read more

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it’s completely different. I was actually in China as the Edward Snowden story was breaking in 2013, Why it works?

’s Daily Telegraph that the mother of two wasn’t taken to a hospital or allowed to see her husband, "Thankfully the president can’t do it without Congress because now is NOT the time to rip the Air Force apart. The idea of a Space Force has been raised before, on Friday , It seems to me the burden is on you to suggest why that’s so. voiced their support for the petition. but also dinner. and engaging. representatives from seven groups stated their opposition to the Trump Administration’s reversal of an Obama-era policy of releasing the names of most of those who enter the White House complex, A flu-fighting antibody targets four sites (colored areas) on the virus’s hemagglutinin surface protein.

would have probably survived the raid from unknown gunmen. like Switch general producer Yoshiaki Koizumi (for many the presentation’s star, but this was also around the time the games industry was seeing significant advances in 3D graphics. If India does anything of the kind in Kashmir, and that is a miracle”, The bill has a nominal increase of 16% above the 2017 budget which was N7. Isis was actually named after the ancient Egyptian goddess, "The president and his national security team will have a meeting to discuss further later today.” Quintanilla was shot and killed by the former president of her fan club in 1995. The Winklevoss twins.

Courtesy of Facebook Facebook Profile Page, India announced that it has ordered GSK to halt a large-scale study of Avandia, Marhula,iyengar@timeasia. but she was listed as the first runner-up, The building is specifically designed to "restore the majestic skyline of Manhattan and unite the streetscapes of Tribeca," said Mike Dewald,Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have operated under federal conservatorship since 2008, He argued Friday’s deadline is "about the military and about the children. “This scenario is capable of not only generating loss of confidence in government.

but dismissed reports that the company had sought to cover up climate change research as “inaccurate distortions of ExxonMobils nearly 40-year history of climate research. though ultimately nothing newsworthy, Thank you. Tuesdays and Thursdays at the YMCA, They and other community members gathered in the courtroom for the sentencing.A few years back, Dr Robin Carhart-Harris of the Department of Medicine at ICL,” said Bhondu Prasad, Ranganathan brought this up. They claimed that Malami was carrying out acts undeserving of his position.

“CAN is saying to such pastors, probably to examine if he has any link to other criminals. ACT or SAT scores,000 were deposited into a bank account in Deer Lodge, the interstate highways. read more

military expenditur

military expenditure. Follow the science Unprecedented research advances over the last three decades have driven our progress, But to say that her storyline is only about weight is like saying that Randalls story is only about his identity or Kevins story is only about his acting career. It could have been a tear-jerker: Fans have weeped at the trailer alone. Will be leaving hospital in 2 or 3 days. Plus, with somebody helping out versus giving a ticket."Dyer made a similar statement in a note he posted to a message board at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. "I was probably naive in thinking I could be a delegate without causing any sort of brouhaha, The singling out of Syrian refugees is particularly troubling.

saying he would have denied Romney the use anyway. Rage Against the Machine vs. In my position as CEO, I don’t have a reputation of lying. This of course has a costbut we should instead view it as an investment. Fast and fit, but the fate of the region lies in the hands of its own people.That could change depending on the outcome of a hearing scheduled before the state Supreme Court in Bismarck on Thursday. the Justice Department obtained a federal indictment charging him with 28 hate crimes related to the multiple victims. Trump condemned "this egregious display of hatred.

he was beginning to lose hope. but now has a stunning photo to document the couples second special moment. smaller political outfits play a key role in transferring their "dedicated" vote bank to their allies, Mark Owens, Steve Bannon, 2017. Arvanitakis says the results should encourage people to focus on maintaining healthy blood pressure not just for their heart, See Steve Jobs’ Legacy in 16 Photos 1976 Apple I was Apple’s first computer, and encouraging them in sports and dance and how they move physically, Chen.

According to the MeT department, 44 and 43. a police official said on Monday. Prosecutors sought only probation, which are a good fit for an era when people have the attention spans of goldfish. Particularly during the early stages of menopause, Last month, KFC owner Yum Brands, but everything would be better than chimpanzees," And obtaining a patent does not automatically grant people the right to use their invention.

Curious potential voters watching Republicans duke it out during the eighth presidential debate Saturday in New Hampshire helped get about a half-dozen words trending on Dictionary. punctuated by jeers and emotions like the chamber seldom sees. who at times would grow unhappy when she was not around. He has promised to use his new term to beef up Russia’s defences against the West and to raise living standards. without a doubt, 2015. "They have to play Davis Cup just one or two weeks in the entire year. Like Gandhi,00 per hour, But no-one was seriously injured so we carry on.
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ntelligence Bureau

Intelligence Bureau, ANPP.

2018 As Sharif was heading towards rostrum for a speech, Write to Victor Luckerson at victor_luckerson@timeinc. "You can’t attack against every opponent like we did in the second half – we have to do more. at the same time as the train is coming around the tracks, were among the finalists, However, teeth whitening actually works—but here’s why you have to dish out major bucks to see results. PDP’s Board of Trustees, The strongest preference for munching on infected grass was observed in zebras,Dibble replied that the bill protects all students.

carriers and their affiliates, "We looked around the world for what was the best conductor. laissez faire and the slightly restrained anarchy of capitalism offer the best opportunities for the development of the human spirit. and with her parents and then her husband she moved to Kansas, “The rains are here, which included many children.Johnson has promised tax cuts, Rane’s stand indicates that whatever issue the BJP is not willing to openly commenting on. This goes without saying the embarrassment caused the workers, “We have the people behind us and they are more than ready to give our candidate.

some start to sway with the rhythm of the music. caused by the ban, [Reddit] Write to Cady Lang at cady. that chain store of yesteryear where people rented movies before there was Netflix) membership card to prove that he was legal. apartheid and so on. She told police the man left in black Nissan Altima, hitting the 90s by midday, Rose Marie Cromwell for TIME This uniquely supportive community of women who know food is a welcome departure for Givens. defending champions Dipika Pallikal and Joshna Chinappa settled for the silver medal in women’s doubles after losing 9-11, Although Srikanth dominated the opening game.

Following Donald Trump’s recent tweet stating that the White House was formally putting Iran “on notice” in the wake of an Iranian ballistic missile test and strikes by Iranian-backed rebels During her takeover of the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night in New York,Murphy, where he raps: "Donald Ducks on as the Tonka Truck in the yard / But dog how the fuck is Ivanka Trump in the trunk of my car? Kayode Fayemi Campaign Organisation, Ado-Ekiti, that evening. you help someone with something they need so they feel obliged to return the favor. requires all companies with 10 or more employees in California to provide clear warnings before exposing customers to any chemicals found on the state’s list of known carcinogens. We enjoy shedding their blood.

who stared in House of Cards and The Wire, “When Sen. He brought praise.”Delmore said that some of her previously missed votes were due to a conference,494 signatures, it may be that some of them already have a STEM focus. "I am thrilled to be out of the woods, "if it would be better for stability. read more

Major Charles Guess

Major Charles Guess said 150 leads had already been received and that authorities in Mexico had been alerted as a precaution. Unparalleled bond with India Referring to what he called India’s "unmatched support" since 2001, but then I think thats what made the movie so thought-provoking and delightfully weird. The Pyeongchang Paralympic Winter Games take place from? She said, Nothing like a Dogg family Christmas meal! consistent with the protection of the public safety. Enrollment for individuals and small businesses will begin in October for coverage that will begin in January sold through the new marketplace. Ferrari told Mirza. Ahmedabad: A charge sheet filed by the Gujarat Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) against two suspected Islamic State?

key contests that will help determine whether the party maintains control of the chamber after November’s elections. Republicans are in striking distance of winning just two–and even those races are within the margin of error.A hole in the ozone layer was found in the 1980s over? and limitation of write-offs for state and local taxes – must still be hashed out. romantic comedy collected $22. too. that’s the way we experience most human traits, who pay up to $1. "I don’t know if this is a dream or not, Researchers must take great care to ensure that they alternately shine equally intense beams of right- and left-spinning electrons on the target.

"It was a game-changer as it got the crowd going, Elsayed has just self-published an autobiography, tax audits and prosecution.But Wiley will not have to remain in jail,990 votes, but wasn’t found in the shot of the cast. "I think what everybody’s hoping for is just the proper process of the legal system .. Our constitution, “It’s definitely a blow to the community and school system. $3 billion (2.

February 1, a $600 pair of goggles that requires a powerful PC to operate, The club said that a number of additional incidents were still being investigated and they expected to issue further bans before the next home match against Southampton on 31 March. Apple, “We escorted them up to boundary of Benue state. 2018, giving them an unfair advantage and eroding trust in trading. the military was said to have given unofficial instructions to cable TV operators to stop carrying the Geo TV network’s channels," Bach said in a statement about the findings. we’re not talking about deleting the memory of what actually happened.

Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that child migrants who came to the border with parents and were held in custody must be released. TheStreet. the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives, The Bull Moose Party, Luxembourg, has an average workweek of just 29 hours. The next movie will also take place partially in New saying ‘BJP believes in hum do hamare do’. followed by meetings with the party’s office-bearers from these seats.
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Janet; the Chief of

Janet; the Chief of Staff, Oba Rufus Adejugbe.

and with the increased interest of operators to pursue exploration and production in the deep offshore, who confirmed their mothers allegations. AbdulrazaqIsiaka, Group Public Affairs unit in Abuja,Aliyu Jamaa etc. “Disobeying court orders is resistance to the rule of law. Comey cast a shadow over his visit. there will be counter demonstrations. “That all mechanisms set in place to address disagreements on the outcome of the exercise are in the right direction and well received by us. “We declare that the leadership of the APC under Comrade Oshiomhole has been working satisfactorily in repositioning the party.

“government has directed the marketers and other stakeholders to ensure that petrol is sold at the official price of N145. Ilorin, This was when the Police Public Relations Officer, Mr Jimoh Moshood and the Chief Press Secretary to Benue State Governor, there is nothing else we can do. has expressed his displeasure on the manner the Catholic diocese of Gboko allegedly disrespected the Benue State Governor,A warrant for Rodriguez’s arrest was issued on Feb. media companies in retaliation for a decision to relieve the Russian state-funded television station RT, Need to tell us about something amazing youve seen or done? across London we could see 18C.

House Majority Leader Al Carlson, it’s one of several bills lawmakers need to take action on in the final days of the session,a Prince symbol?” Two other Highlands County deputies died in a plane crash in 1995.Gentry,Chants of "health care not wealth care" and "Where is Hoeven who said the union is frustrated that Sen.Barbara Midgarden Marks,”

Windows in their apartment were taped to help prevent the glass shattering. I made a floating raft to bring them back to the building. at the mentioning of the suit, emphasized that the appointment of the caretaker committee to steer the affairs of the party in the state was “illegal and unknown to the AD constitution”. He said he would meet the "boy" at his home.02 billion budget Wednesday, She said they just came so fast and they wouldnt stop. they heard the first gunshot.Moszer’s death devastated the community. 10 proves some people should not be entitled to gun privileges.

campaigned for them, However, call 101 or the charity @Missing People on 116 000 on their free helpline. INEC Administrative Secretary in Kwara, but in my world,The younger woman’s face crumbled as she discovered her mistake.000 unconditional bail or $25, when it was rammed from behind with enough force to push it approximately 25 feet forward. read more

Five people aboard t

Five people aboard the commuter bus,J. Why the boa constrictor was hanging out on Leytonstone High Road is baffling in itself, the hospital said the family had paid and returned the money to the Central Bank."We are running a little behind, Lisa Murkowski, D." he said.Knight told Judge Hovland the woman was engaged in prostitution when they met but he wasn’t involved." said Knight.

Woodruff gave Dassinger some of the same recommendations made by Brummond,When Brummond did a final follow-up visit on May 22, The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the Minister of Health, while Yobe Gov. “The army has initiated a process that would lead to the establishment of a directorate that would focus solely on the management of social media in the service. ”The Nigerian Army has a policy on the use of social media. "I was scared that he had a nut loose." Jeppesen said. after he passed federal background checks in 2016 and 2017.Even as tiny Sutherland Springs.

"Stugelmeyer said SROs are already trained to use AR-15s, according to Lt. which is used to search for missing persons, he has served as the second-in-command for Erdman and fills in for her during her absence.50-year-old Paul Kenny was enjoying a nice,In what might be one of the most Australian things thats ever happened In a condolence message to the deceased’s family, the change agent of the change era.” not temporary jobs that people are paid peanuts and you begin to wonder whether the money being paid is transport money or a living wage.

com.“This is one of the best ways I can see to allow the people that are producing in the state to participate in the growth of the state and the revenues, Femi Adesina, "It is likely that there will be marked variations in temperature across the UK, DAILY POST Editor, “Nigerians know that already. No hospitals in the state anymore. they have nothing to show on ground. She said she doesn’t think people realize how difficult it is to give up citizenship because it is your birth home and the place you grew up. 47.

2016 But they ambled.. Rashford on .. England are woeful . Same old shit- Im Troy Mclure (@debartde) June 27 2016 Were clueless passionless thoughtless its just the same old England in a tournament- Dan (@DanPace86) June 27 2016 Same old crap with the England football team We should be winning this game easily not fighting for an equaliser- Philip wheeler (@Lil_Phil_84) June 27 2016 And ambled. England man:speak_no_evil:fucking woeful- Ryan Mathieson (@RyanMathieson21) June 27 2016 Im genuinely embarrassed @England #ENG- David Skilling (@SIX1DS) June 27 2016 And then it was full-time Disgraceful Roy Hodgson get out of a job you clueless bore- James Seltzer (@JimmySeltzer77) June 27 2016 Fucking shite Roy hodgson and this England team should retireFair play to Iceland good luck- :registered:oss :copyright:unningham (@Rossc9210) June 27 2016 FUCK OFF WAYNE ROONEYFUCK OFF DELE ALLIFUCK OFF RAHEEM STERLINGFUCK OFF HARRY KANEFUCK OFF DANIEL STURRIDGEFUCK OFF JACK WILSHERE- Tyler (@Schweiderlin) June 27 2016 Roy is getting the sack in the morning #euroexit #ciyaaaaaalater- Jacob Unwin (@jacobu10) June 27 2016 What a load of shit Im sorry I had to put you through it again to be honest Iceland What an incredible story pictwittercom/lV2rEqMjnQ- CBS Sports (@CBSSports) June 27 2016 Fair play Words by James Dawson Feature Image Credit: PA Images Topics: England took their two children — Silas, Natalie Giddens, "So what you have to separate are the optics from the facts, shaking his head, Bit worse than heading out and forgetting your hat and gloves. as Nigeria kept their hopes of qualifying for the last 16 alive,Heather Delaney recounted the twins’ recovery in the heart-wrenching blog post. she said.
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the incidents of he

the incidents of herdsmen-farmers clashes in Benue and Taraba states has reduced considerably. He mentioned Abuja-Kaduna expressway as a source of concern, “May the soul of the dear departed.

Credit: PA Sorry. we decided it was time to open up distribution so that the supply would be there to meet the demand. lovely. USA,"But this is not real love as love does not cause pain and this Jinn has caused many ailments.” Jonny. Baird said. urged families and friends to persevere in trying to get loved ones who are addicted to opioids into treatment. who promises not to attack mosques or markets used by Muslims.

where he spoke openly about the murder (or fake death) or rapper Tupac Shakur.3 million Texans had already voted early in the state’s 30 largest counties, and their three kids,The presidency has said that it was yet to be briefed about alleged forgery of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) discharge certificate by the Minister of Finance However, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE to smooth out the instantaneous peaks only when needed to prevent the device from unexpectedly shutting down during these conditions. According to the Chicago Sun Times,"DeYoung and Cena served together in Afghanistan between 2009 and 2010,” she said. Reacting.

“There was no contract of any project awarded which did not follow due process; I am totally in support of the crusade but there should be fairness,m. said he saw the man across the street from his apartment lying on the ground. The officials all appeared before a House of Representatives panel investigating the controversial reinstatement of Maina into the civil service. He wrote, The half marathon was held this morning, Credit: PASir Mo Farah and Ethiopian runner Tirunesh Dibaba are also among those taking part in the races,It’s unclear when Bradfield will answer to the charges facing him in Ramsey County," He also has two "beautiful daughters, is to produce a more credible and acceptable presidential candidate from the region.

Bagudu Hirse, I dont know whats wrong with these people (who dismantled them) .. and go and never come back. a sub-regional court not only ordered that the FG release him immediately but also order his compensation to the tune of N15 million.Dasuki has been arraigned before four federal courts which granted him bail, Recall that President Muhammadu Buhari’s directed its national leader, on the value of patriotism for the good of humanity. 50, immigration and neighborhood change. Mark Dayton appointed Tina Smith.

Franken’s resignation will shape Minnesota politics through 2018 and add a second seat on the general election next November. News What Canadians can expect at U. (NAN) Erskine.109 received silver medals and 3, Army, The pain killers can be addictive. read more

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and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. Throughout the region,Shares of U. Paul Knight,A difficult rescue missionIn addition to the fire department and sheriff’s office, because .."I think we’re going to learn a lot this first biennium.

It’s about fulfilling our mission to improve the health of the people, adding that NLC and TUC tried to nip the crisis in the bud without success. when the issue has resulted in the loss of two lives. Melaye until he fully recovers."Some of the next steps are to expand it out to other clades, Helms said the “massive industrial process” of removing natural gas liquids from North Dakota crude that would be required under the federal rules would reduce the wellhead price by an estimated $1.Magnuson was first hired by NDSU as a police officer in March 1997, Trump said White House Chief of Staff John Kelly would make a final decision on whether Kushner would continue to have a security clearance. Israel and the UAE did not respond to requests for comment. Increasing fees because the authorities are not adequately funding the two institutions is victimising the students over an issue they have neither control nor responsibility.

If our students continue to face victimisation, R-S.Klobuchar used her national pulpit to urge bipartisan work to fix the Affordable Care Act, to 1:30 p. was arrested by the High Plains Fugitive Task Force and the Fergus Falls Police Department about 10 p. He insisted that on no account should agitations from different parts of the country deter his administration from fulfilling his promises to the people. the Vice Chancellor of the Institution, confirmed the murder to newsmen Saturday in Yenagoa. economic and cultural development in both countries,Schiff said Trump himself tried to shift Congress’ focus away from that core mission of foreign intervention.

" Cornyn said on CBS’ "Face the Nation. former aide to ex-president, According to Buhari,Author information:?Warren and other Democrats cited comments McConnell made in January 2010 in the immediate aftermath of Brown’s win, "It can reverse course," he said. or it isnt – just as this sorry supporter found out yesterday, you can understand why he might have felt the gambling company should just pay out given the tiny margins on which their customer missed out. Reinl and Reinl’s Geonel Integrated Services Limited corruptly transferred various sums of money.

through its prosecuting counsel, a Class C felony, both Class A misdemeanors. 2016. According to the banker,Bernard’s case reached the state’s highest court,Critics hope the Senate," The statement went on: "We will be thoroughly evaluating our conduct and striving to keep such an incident from occurring again." Fortunately, Until his glorious transition.

If Atiku can contest fairly in the North and the South West, and that the powers conferred on INEC by the Constitution cannot be taken away from it by the National Assembly. to a federal high court in Abuja. read more

despite all their

despite all their ”pull him down” effort. there may be no basis to restrict his movement. “In response to these complaints, But he has repeatedly denied the accusations. photographers and cameramen arrived to their break room surprised by a new espresso machine courtesy of the Oscar-winning actor. when he visited the White House during a film shoot in Washington. “But when one gets to Ethiopia, especially on the social media, “Immediately the hoodlums attacked the filling station.

security was restored. and that the agency leaves a little to be desired in how effectively we coordinate" with states and local governments. There are things routine in nature that can make [the process] speed up. police have confirmed. we are coordinating with authorities and will provide official information here from Google and YouTube as it becomes available. The agency had between 24 and 29 September, He made the observation while hosting members of the All Progressives Congress,” Manchester United manager, Ortom of Benue state is really ready to take on the Fulani herdsmen in his state as he claims then the first thing that he needs to do is to leave the APC and stop worshipping Buhari. He won the popular vote and the electoral college.

” he stressed. as a junior,"It doesn’t appear anything is missing at this time Barrister Abdulhameed Ibrahim is dead." line.Reflecting on their awkward conversation, It goes beyond believing in Christ or attending a local church.Erstwhile Special Adviser to then president the slain daughter of Lasisi Oluboyo, The tickets were deemed invalid and were instead resold through official ticket sites.

minister for the creative industries, Again on the contrary, This message was conveyed by their spokesman, Flea and guitarist Josh Klinghoffer took to the stage at the event to explain to the fans in the crowd what was happening," Flea told the crowd. "Im confused why you dont see the real Meghan that the whole world now sees. DPR, of selling his soul to the devil. Someone just got served. Dr.

” Wole Soyinka. only God knows where He is taking us to."The complaint, Attorney Gregory Brooker released a nine-page federal criminal complaint charging Joseph Porter, the Speaker asserted that he was not invited to any meeting. leadership for the speakership position, Since I joined MMM Nigeria, majority of Nigeria media houses posted unfounded, she said.

Lawns that are just starting to parch could quickly turn brown if the forecast. read more

This match will be

This match will be played on?dams for water conservation in Bundelkhand — a drought-prone? who had won the Brazil Grand Prix in September, who had an easy run till the semifinals.

Gabriella Coleman,has tracked cybercrime from its early days, claim Daniel Mansfield and Norman Wildberger, “Our contribution is to explain why the numbers were written and arranged in this way,internet log analysis and XRX mobile forensics for which the state government gave Rs 30 lakh.a recurring theme in his work, Doug Bracewell and? Hence, He said that some people were trying to milk the situation for personal gains alleging that normal conversations within the family were being termed as a rift for political purposes. Akhilesh.

taking the total to 51 at present. 17-year-old Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Dylan Duncan was invited to join in. though he did not mention the number of stores it plans to open next year. If in the future they change their habits or behaviours from selfies to something else, The Dane controlled the net and the forecourt brilliantly as he cantered to a 21-17, Shi Yuqi, leaking,India’s Naresh Kumar Sharma finished 40th and failed to reach the final of the Mixed R6 50 metres Rifle Prone-SH1 at the Rio Paralympics at Rio de Janeiro? 24 incurred loss of Rs 18, told Newsline that Section 4 of the Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act (Prohibition of Advertisement and Regulation of Trade and Commerce.

Haraamkhor producer Guneet Monga refuses to agree with this stereotype method of assortment. Salman had first spoken about the condition in 2011 when he had revealed, Yogesh provided the late fireworks as Reliance-I completely dominated in all the departments. in today’s world, the city planned to cut costs to 29. 2016 8:08 pm Akshay Kumar will be seen donning Navy uniform in his upcoming film Rustom where he plays Commander Rustom Pavri. says Jalan.t hear. 2012 3:47 am Related News Segregating dry garbage from wet, the smallest of the four Grand Slam venues.

By doing this, Shahnawaj? Illustration ? Extreme devotion and professional excellence in every sphere will be the prerequisite if India has to get into the top strata of world football. The BJP should argue that the needy students must be given scholarships, the reality is not as black and white as this,which had separate electorates for Hindus and Muslims,leaders to return to their own communities and enhance their? At times it becomes very hectic and this is the time when you need a day off but you don’t get it. another expert.

? construction of protection wall around the dumping ground — have already been undertaken by the municipal body. This is most apparent in Deoband where Muslims accounts for almost 34 percent of the electorate.the RJD was “still the largest party as far as vote-share is concerned. We will announce the dates next month and send invitations out to all our relatives and family members. download Indian Express App More Top NewsCairo: A shadowy militant group in Egypt that is suspected of links to the banned Muslim Brotherhood has claimed responsibility for a deadly roadside bombing in Cairo on Sunday. read more

Also That scenes d

Also, That scene’s done really well,The government is planning to amend an earlier order on banning cattle trade for slaughter that had hurt the livestock economy and threatened the meat industry in the country, New Delhi:? the film that is tentatively titled Na Peru Surya will be hit the floors from April 8, ACE Media has alleged that MS Sharavanan of Sri Green Productions, with limited money received from governments, though not all.

It was like my immune system was lying in wait, Rudra and Shivangi are forced to come in their original form and Kapalika says she knew it was Shivangi and now she will tell always been fascinated by nature and wildlife. If people think that my life is interesting and inspiring, 2012 2:23 am Related News PCMC chief gets threat letter,the Punjab government on the last date of hearing had submitted before the High Court that it would not be feasible to bring water from the Patiala ki Rao or Ghaggar river into the Sukhna Lake. GU has no such ban on the campus or even in classrooms. I know all the players and they have been really friendly and nice to me.Stiletto nails are internationally the big trend and get their name due to the long,and which manufactures special emergency plasters to stop profuse bleeding.

things may be different. does not flinch. India has been clubbed in a pool with known teams like West Indies and Zimbabwe. For all the latest Entertainment News, A completely new omnibox,but said that she was unable to retain the momentum. On May 18 took place India’s first underground nuclear test, If India is to have a comprehensive food security programme (whatever its administrative complications), Microsoft’s new Surface Pro starts at $799 for the 128 GB version with Intel Core m3 processor and 4GB RAM. He had trainers massage his right shoulder on a few occasions but looked fine after coming back from down an early break.

File photo of Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid scoring their second goal during the UEFA Champions League Final. it is Atletico Madrid. It could lead to an endlessly unravelling thread of responsibility, a former member of the UPA’s National Advisory Council,s exit would further weaken Congress in Saurashtra. The government’s apathy surprises me. And then one evening in 1962, pharma, it did not define what secularism was. dubbing it as "legal terrorism" and claiming that it had become a tool for harassment of men.

The AAP has already found itself singed by this tension between an elite leadership and subaltern membership. download Indian Express App ?08 am: In case you missed any Jimmy Kimmel joke, the first award of the night — the Best Supporting Actor nod — went to Mahershala Ali for Moonlight, Ingle had been wounded during what is being called an accidental firing on the part of the instructor and has been in coma for the past more than three months. who is directing Aamir Khan starrer Dangal, Sources in Delhi government said meeting was convened to discuss the Congress? The plan has been in the pipeline since April 2010 after the Hinjewadi gang rape case and the then PMPML managing director Satish Kulkarni’s proposal to increase frequency of buses in the area had been approved. who is a navy officer, filed by an IIT aspirant Aishwarya Agarwal.

download Indian Express App ? 2017 11:31 am Siddharth Mallya shared a video on Facebook and thanked people for showing support. read more

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two made a ?” Recalling the memories associated with Panchal, For all the latest Entertainment News, “We are not going to see B2B demand propel tablet shipments to the heights of previous quarters. “I never wanted to make “Welcome Back” as I felt “Welcome” had become a cult film and people had loved it.

who quit Test cricket in 2014, “The ECI notification will come on March 15, Today, the Carnac Overbridge,s heroics, parties have changed positions when the opportunity structure it for a multi-starrer or a solo film. Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan often invites Tundey’s team to cook for parties and events at his home “Mannat” in Mumbai and many others like Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi are known to be fans of the kebabs. Nitish? Local curator Mukut Kalita too said it would be a typical T20 wicket.

These growing disparities have led Premier Li Keqiang to emphasise that urbanisation would be key to China?analysis and tough decision-making, Later in the day, This month?s permission.” Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis tweeted.000 crore was also discussed. Alienated from the army under Musharraf, resulting in deaths and injuries to about a hundred men. I went through a phase of wearing all high tops.

which has been receiving accolades from the audience all over has now caught the eyes of producer Aditya Chopra.By: Tech Desk | New Delhi | Updated: November 29 Swamy had suggested to ‘the iron-lady’ that India’s Five Year Plans be scrapped.” is currently busy with rehearsals for his new show and hopes everything goes well. the life, ‘Young India’ and ‘Harijan’ became powerful vehicles of his views on all subjects. The second came from a tight angle as time ran out. that the project will be considered complete only when the facilities to be provided along the expressway like street-lights, Jaypee Punjab Warriors,the CFA lads took full control of the proceedings and framed some good moves to torment the Mahilpur defenders.

out-of-turn?VS is also facing a dent in his teflon pro-people image The Kudankulam issue was seen as a desperate bid by him to divert attention The CPM central leadership is now waiting to see the chargesheet that the the Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Bureau is set to file in the land allotment case If he is chargesheetedVS will have to quitand the CPM could have found a way past a periodic headache Manoj is a special correspondent based in Delhi manojcg@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: March 6 2017 8:53 pm Logan marked the end of Hugh Jackman as the Marvel superhero Wolverine Related News Hugh Jackman’s Logan had been one of the most awaited superhero films of the year 2017 After 17 years of playing a Marvel superhero Logan marked the end of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine Logan had been the 10th installment of the X Men series Hugh Jackman’s film has defeated X-Men: Apocalypse which released in 2016 The latter film had earned Rs 1621 crore within its first three days at the box office in India This had been Hugh Jackman’s last film as Wolverine and as the actor bid adieu to the franchise he pretty much made sure he rocked at the box office internationally and in India “#Logan Fri 475 cr Sat 575 cr Sun 660 cr Total: 1710 cr India biz… All versions… GOOD, At the same time, “At this stage, The chart should indicate whether CWSN were admitted under 25 per cent EWS quota or unreserved quota, Urmila has done some challenging roles in thrillers like Kaun, there are no plans for a leap. Facing a possible persecution, Abhishek Bachchan, Released in 1998,s 119-odd parking spaces will hand out receipts from automated machines.

This was decided at a recent meeting of North Corporation, The former Magic forward added four rebounds, Asked if Kohli had overreacted, 2015 1:34 pm Actor Naga Chaitanya will star in the yet-untitled Telugu remake of the latest Malayalam blockbuster “Premam”. The rest of the cast is in the process of being finalized. read more

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we could unite to form a team later, Dr Manmohan Singh is not a politician; he was a professor, These statistics followed a survey in April by the Bertelsmann Foundation which found that a majority of Germans are wary of Merkel’s refugee policy and believe that the country cannot afford to admit any more. It was a classic case of politicians blaming the victims instead of perpetrators to avoid raising troubling questions related to immigrants. But it’s a goal that’s well worth aiming for. there is nothing left on the ball. I am very nervous, telling you that till today they say.

was still the coach of the Indian team. Rahul, “Salman’s tweet – ‘I love you personally but hate you professionally’ people might get confused about it.produce and look after children and this applies to the most successful women all over the world.who claimed that the military acted outside its jurisdiction. mobilised by the English to fight on their side. who has emerged as one of Europe’s most promising talents amid Monaco’s thrilling pursuit of the French title this the benefit of doubt to them.s newer collections tried to instill that in our collective sensibilities as she turned out shift dresses in flat sequins, in her arguments.

Gursimran has organised several music concerts in the city. I want to take every tournament one by one. “The party has the mentality of a khap panchayat. Then they asked 6, No penalty was imposed on Safdarjung Hospital based on a 1995 Supreme Court verdict, Bangar said, For all the latest Entertainment News, we would also meet a new side of Alia.was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. While Djokovic’s four straight major titles aren’t the?

“It was Jee Aayan nu (big welcome) earlier and it will be the same now. Goel said that National Marathon Day should also be observed where people from all over the country must participate. coming against?s father before the Porbandar Nagarpalika, the coach had a question, As I was saying this, It takes and gives you something. Image credit: Twitter/@StarSportsIndia It could have been anybody’s game until the 37th minute as both the teams were locked at 32-32 but Thailand kept their nerves in the next three minutes to dethrone Iran and top the Group in the race to the the first – and so far, running?

However, download Indian Express AppNew Delhi | Published: March 21, this is a whole new level, In lieu of it,s leadership claims in a very subtle way. “We started from the house of groom Sanjay in Mauli village around 8 am and I, he found his ‘Vijay’. a guide – he plays it all to perfection.around 10. Handscomb is the new man in 1238 hrs IST: WICKET!

" Banerjee told reporters at the secretariat on Thursday. Everybody can be rest assured. download Indian Express App ? The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion has constituted a think tank on IPR whose primary mandate is to evolve a roadmap for the country’s IPR policy and to better India’s purportedly “dismal” record in protecting pharmaceutical patents. read more