first_imgAfter 14 days of fasting, 25-year-old Hardik Patel on Friday was admitted to hospital as his health deteriorated, necessitating hospitalisation. He was rushed to hospital on the advice of a team of doctors after he had stopped water intake also on Thursday.“He has been admitted and is currently being monitored by a team of three doctors,” said a health bulletin issued by Civil Hospital in Sola, Ahmedabad.In last 14 days since he began indefinite fast to press for his twin demands of quota for his Patidar community and a waiver of farm loans, Mr. Patel had stopped drinking water after his ultimatum to the BJP government to hold talks with his Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) within 24 hours elapsed.Condition worsens“We have admitted him to the hospital because his health worsened on Friday,” said Manoj Panara of PAAS. He added that the agitation for quota and farm loan waiver will continue because the Gujarat BJP government was non-committal on the issues.Before his hospitalisation, a key leader of the Patidar community Naresh Patel, held a meeting with PAAS leader and urged him to end his fast but continue his agitation on the issues.last_img read more


first_img The Best Bottles of Whiskey You Can Buy For $20 or Less What Is the Best Jean Style for You? Editors’ Recommendations If You Haven’t Visited the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, What Are You Waiting For? Have you ever thought about what it would be like to just pack everything up and move to a log cabin in the woods, away from the hustle and bustle of life? Who hasn’t thought about that from time to time might be the real question. Seriously, though, what about it doesn’t sound great? Peace and quiet, the rustic beauty of the cabin, the chance to wear flannel 24/7/365?As you might be able to tell from the above daydreaming, is that you’re not alone. The log cabin — the myth of it as much as the actual reality of the log cabin as a structure — has been an integral part of the American identity for, well, forever. But why, exactly? What about log cabins make them so damn important in the minds of Americans?In his new book, The Log Cabin: An Illustrated History, Andrew Belonsky tackles just that subject, breaking down for everyone the who, what, where, when, and why of log cabins.Right from the get-go, Belonsky dives into the obsession, writing, “Most Americans have a fondness for the log cabin, but not many understand why.” We like it, we love it, we want more of it, and we always have, apparently. This obsession is nothing new and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.From the people who lived in what were called log cabins, but were really just dugouts with some rough cut logs over them because that was all they had, to those that basically turned Abraham Lincoln’s ancestral home that wasn’t actually his ancestral home (and we won’t even get into the fact that logs from the Lincoln cabin and logs from the Jefferson Davis cabin were intermingled amidst showing them around the country) into a traveling showpiece of Americana, to the lumbersexuals that tramp through the streets of Brooklyn lamenting that the Double IPA from their favorite craft brewery doesn’t taste the same since they sold out to the Man, Belonsky covers them all in fascinating detail.For Belonsky (and for the nation as a whole), he writes, the log cabin is “Omnipresent, respected, and already imbued with transformative powers, [it has] remained the perfect American origin story for North and South Alike.” It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live, part of your makeup as an American, Belonsky infers, is thanks in part to log cabins (even if the only part there is consists of trips to the Ponderosa Steakhouse, which was named after the Ponderosa Ranch that the Cartwright family lived in on the show Bonanza.)There are plenty of highlights and good times that encompass the log cabin in our history and this book could easily only cover them — who doesn’t love a good slug of log cabin syrup, after all? — but Belonsky does well to make sure that readers are able to see that, while we idolize the log cabin — hell, we’ve placed it on a pedestal that is made of smaller log cabins — there is also a dark side to things. Slavery. Subjugation. Deforestation. These topics (and more) are all part of the narrative, just as much as Honest Abe. In order to fully understand why we’re obsessed, Belonsky argues, these deserve equal representation in the story. The log cabin, he continues, “is a prism that reflects and refracts the American story. From one angle, it’s the key to a new future, the driver of incomparable, almost incomprehensible national expansion and wealth; from another, it’s the imprisonment and displacement of millions.”Heavy stuff, but not stuff you can ignore, no matter how light and happy you want things to be.Log cabins are great and all, you might be saying at this point, but this is still a history book. History. Sure, it’s got tons of awesome pictures from archives across the country that show the wide range of interpretations of log cabins since they were first built here on the shores of the great US of A, but it’s history for a reason. That’s where we’ll stop you, because this doesn’t feel like a history book in the classic, dusty, I slept through this class in high school and I’ll do it again sense. Throughout, Belonsky maintains a light, somewhat comical tone, juxtaposing contemporary phrases (“Why is the log cabin such a B.F.D. in the USA?” and “Remember the lesson from earlier about haters? Well, this Davy craze wasn’t without its detractors: Crockett truthers, if you will”) with the subject matter at hand.What we’re saying, ultimately, is this book is as enjoyable as playing with Lincoln Logs was when you were a kid. (Lincoln Logs, by the way, were invented by John Lloyd Wright, son of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright.) Belonsky does well to highlight the myriad connections we as a culture have to the log cabin and reminds us that even if we wanted to, say, escape into the woods to get away from it, we wouldn’t be able to get away from the idea of the log cabin (and if you ask us, we’re more than okay with that).You can buy The Log Cabin: An Illustrated History here. Once you’ve done that, then it’s probably time to build your own. 14 Scandinavian Clothing Brands You Need to Know You Can Sleep in Hunter S. Thompson’s Colorado Cabinlast_img read more

first_imgL’ouragan Earl maintient sa trajectoire vers la Nouvelle-Écosse, et les représentants du Bureau de gestion des urgences recommandent fortement aux Néo-Écossais de continuer à se préparer en vue de la tempête possible. Les trois ordres de gouvernement et les organismes partenaires, y compris les services publics, travaillent en collaboration afin d’assurer la sécurité des Néo-Écossais. Selon les prévisions d’Environnement Canada, l’ouragan Earl aura probablement des répercussions sur la province à compter du vendredi 3 septembre en soirée, et ce, pendant toute la fin de semaine. Cet après-midi, Environnement Canada a publié une veille d’ouragan pour les comtés de Digby, de Queens, de Shelburne et de Yarmouth et une veille de tempête tropicale pour les comtés d’Annapolis, d’Halifax, de Hants, de Kings et de Lunenburg, de même que pour la partie des comtés de Colchester et de Cumberland qui donne sur la baie de Fundy. « J’encourage tous les Néo-Écossais à continuer de se préparer en vue de la possibilité que l’ouragan Earl atteindra la Nouvelle-Écosse, a dit Ramona Jennex, ministre de la Gestion des urgences. La tempête continue de s’approcher de nous et est toujours très puissante. Il est essentiel que les gens soient prêts. » À mesure que la tempête s’approche de la province, particulièrement dans les 24 heures qui précèdent son arrivée, l’impact possible et sa force pourront être mieux prévus. Le BGU sera alors en mesure d’effectuer une évaluation des risques et d’offrir des conseils plus spécifiques aux Néo-Écossais et autres partenaires. On encourage les Néo-Écossais à prendre des mesures de base pour se préparer en vue d’une situation d’urgence, y compris la préparation d’une trousse d’urgence qui inclut de l’argent comptant, les coordonnées des membres de la famille et un plan pour l’hébergement d’urgence. « Les gens doivent également vérifier s’ils ont suffisamment de propane pour faire fonctionner un barbecue, faire le plein d’essence et faire charger leurs téléphones cellulaires, a dit Mme Jennex. Dans une situation d’urgence, il est possible que bon nombre des commodités modernes sur lesquelles nous comptons ne soient pas disponibles. » On rappelle aux gens que la sécurité doit être prioritaire dans une situation d’urgence. L’utilisation de chandelles comme source de lumière peut être extrêmement dangereuse. Les barbecues et les réchauds de camping ne doivent jamais être utilisés à l’intérieur. Si vous utilisez une génératrice, suivez toutes les instructions à la lettre. Puisque les ouragans sont imprévisibles, il est recommandé que les Néo-Écossais remettent à plus tard les activités prévues au cours de la fin de semaine, particulièrement les activités en plein air. On conseille aux organisateurs d’événements à l’échelle de la province de surveiller de près les avertissements au sujet des conditions météorologiques et de la sécurité publique. Les ministères du gouvernement, dirigés par le BGU, continuent de se préparer en vue de la tempête. Au besoin, le BGU activera le centre conjoint des opérations d’urgence, qui sera doté en personnel en tout temps. « Nous collaborons étroitement avec les ministères du gouvernement provincial et avec les partenaires fédéraux, municipaux et autres afin de nous assurer que tout est en place pour l’arrivée de l’ouragan Earl, a dit Mike Myette, directeur des services d’urgence au BGU. Par l’entremise de ces partenariats, nous allons travailler en collaboration pour intervenir de façon efficace. » Le ministère du Tourisme, de la Culture et du Patrimoine avise les visiteurs de la tempête imminente par l’entremise du service Check-in Nova Scotia et des services d’information aux visiteurs. Il est recommandé aux visiteurs de la région de prendre les mesures nécessaires s’il est impossible de se déplacer. Les visiteurs qui ont besoin d’hébergement peuvent composer le 1-800-565-0000 ou se rendre à un centre d’information aux visiteurs. L’aéroport international Stanfield d’Halifax continue de surveiller les conditions météorologiques et conseille aux voyageurs de communiquer avec leur compagnie aérienne pour obtenir des renseignements à jour sur les changements à l’horaire des vols. Un avis aux voyageurs publié sur le site Web de l’aéroport ( sera mis à jour au cours de la fin de semaine, et les employés du centre d’information aux visiteurs situé dans le terminal de l’aéroport avise les gens qui arrivent des conditions météorologiques imminentes. Le ministère des Ressources naturelles avise les campeurs dans les parcs provinciaux de la tempête possible et s’assure de répondre à leurs besoins. Les parcs provinciaux et les plages peuvent être fermés, s’il y a lieu. Les personnes qui annulent des réservations faites dans les parcs provinciaux au cours de cette fin de semaine seront entièrement remboursées. Le ministère des Transports et du Renouvellement de l’infrastructure s’assure que des équipes seront mobilisées au moment et à l’endroit où la tempête arrivera. Le BGU se prépare à envoyer des équipes aux endroits les plus durement touchés. Consultez le site Web du BGU à l’adresse pour obtenir plus d’information sur la préparation en cas d’urgence.last_img read more

first_imgAdvertisement Facebook Advertisement Advertisement It was billed as a battle between the fictional worlds of Westeros and Gilead.In the end, the epic fantasy Game of Thrones won for best dramatic series, emerging victorious over The Handmaid’s Tale at the 70th annual Emmy Awards on Monday night.It wasn’t a sure thing: Dystopian classic The Handmaid’s Tale won last year, and the Margaret Atwood adaptation remains prescient in the #MeToo era, and an age when women’s abortion rights are under threat. LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment But Game of Thrones, despite being absent from the ballots last year, roared back to prominence. It was already the most decorated scripted show in Emmy history, but after a 13-month absence, the series seemed vulnerable to fickle voters and the red tide of the handmaids. But voters chose escapism over an alternate reality that perhaps hit too close to home.Despite the focus on the headline contest between well-established incumbents for best drama, this was ostensibly an Emmy Awards night about diversity. But it didn’t quite deliver on the mission statement.Inside the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles, an entertaining musical number featured John Legend, Ricky Martin, Kate McKinnon and Kenan Thompson singing, tongue firmly planted in cheek, that they had solved the lack of diversity in Hollywood.“This year has the most diverse group in Emmy history,” said Thompson. “It’s one step closer to a Black Sheldon.” Login/Register With: Twitterlast_img read more

Rabat – In response to claims questioning the legitimacy of EU-Morocco fisheries and agriculture agreements on the grounds that they include Western Sahara, locals from the concerned regions have petitioned for the renewal of the agreements.Coming just days after news emerged of pro-Polisario maneuvers to “disturb” the normal proceeding of the final vote for the Morocco-EU agriculture agreement, the petition set out to squarely dismiss what it describes as maneuvers to separate locals from their “homeland.”Morocco, according to petitioners, is “the only legitimate representative of our interests and of our will.” The petition explained Morocco’s increased efforts to invest and accelerate development in the southern provinces: “Since our country completed its territorial integrity by recovering its southern provinces, it has made significant efforts towards their sustainable development. Noticeable progress made in our southern provinces as the result of our country’s efforts to make development, both at large and in our regions, our top priority.”In recent years, the regions of Laayoune-Sakia, El Hamra, and Dakhla-Oued Ed Dahab have been dubbed by international observers—including diplomats and businessmen—as a beacon of socio-economic developments and an “ideal hub” for investments.Recently, a group of African leaders who visited Laayoune said they were “shocked” by the “rapid transformations” the region has witnessed in recent years because of King Mohammed VI’s “personal commitment and political will.”The ambassadors stressed that Rabat’s development efforts in the region should be emulated in other African countries. But such Morocco-friendly observations have also come from non-African visitors of the region, including French and American observers.Even the UN Secretary-General’s latest annual report on Western Sahara drew particular attention to Morocco’s investments in infrastructure and employment prospects, albeit in a diplomatic and balanced language that sought to avoid accusations of pro-Morocco bias.Drawing on such international acknowledgment of Rabat’s “genuine” interest in and attachment to the southern provinces, the petitioners called on European policymakers to take into account the “tangible” positive impact that their agreements with Morocco have had in the lives of locals in the southern provinces.“The benefits from our country’s commitment to the development of our southern provinces are well established. The southern provinces are now ranked above the national average for human development indicators.“Since 2015, they benefit from a new development model mobilizing 77 billion dirhams and resulting in many projects impacting tourism, employment, the environment, culture, handicrafts, education, health, urban planning, roads, water, renewable energies, agriculture, transport and fisheries.”An oft-repeated claim in Morocco-hostile circles is that the agreements between Rabat and its international partners “do not benefit locals.” According to petitioners, however, the people in the concerned areas “need” and “demand” the agreements because “they contribute to economic growth and job creation in our region.”Most importantly perhaps, the petition pointed out that not renewing the agreements would do more harm than good to the region’s economy, as many families’ livelihood is directly dependent on activities generated as a result of the EU-Morocco partnerships.“The theory that the Fisheries Agreement and the Agricultural Agreement do not benefit the local population concerned is not valid … To oppose these two Agreements would put at risk the thousands of families who are financially dependent on maritime and agricultural activities in our southern provinces,” the petition hammered. read more

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) today launched an over $8 million initiative to monitor conservation efforts to protect the world’s biological diversity.Receiving funding from the Global Environment Facility (GEF), an independent financial organization, the 2010 Biodiversity Indicator Partnership hopes to create a set of benchmarks to assess whether protection measures are effective.“This new partnership helps ensure that the bar is raised around the globe for accounting for biodiversity loss,” said Monique Barbut, CEO of the GEF, which includes UNEP as a partner.“The biodiversity challenge is no less urgent a public issue than the climate change crisis; this effort helps move biodiversity to the front burner to help ignite policy makers to take informed action.”The new indicators created by this new programme will augment ones already in existence.For example, the Red List of Threatened Species – which is compiled by the World Conservation Union – estimates that almost one in four mammals, one in three amphibians and one in eight birds is threatened with extinction, primarily propelled by human factors, such as deforestation and pollution.Another existing indicator examines protected areas, and shows that only 0.6 per cent of the ocean’s surface area and 1.4 per cent of coastal shelf area is protected. The sustainability of marine resources, such as fish and shellfish, as well as the livelihoods of people living in coastal regions, are impacted.The Partnership will introduce new indicators, such as the level of protection for diversity in forests, farmlands and fisheries and the level to which humans are affected by changing biodiversity.“It is more important than ever for the biodiversity community to elevate its discourse and to reinforce the relevance of biodiversity conservation to sustainable economic development in the 21st century,” Ms. Barbut noted.The 2010 Biodiversity Target was established in 2002 by Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity, to which 189 States and the European Community belong.Coming on the heels of last month’s summit of Group of Eight (G8) industrialized countries in Germany where leaders committed to intensify efforts to slash biodiversity loss by 2010, “the launch of this project could not come at a better time,” said Ahmed Djoghlaf, Executive Secretary of the Convention. 12 July 2007The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) today launched an over $8 million initiative to monitor conservation efforts to protect the world’s biological diversity. read more

6 November 2008The women’s sports pioneer and former Grand Slam tennis champion Billie Jean King was appointed today as a Global Mentor for Gender Equality by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Ms. King was named to the post at a ceremony in Doha, Qatar, where the Sony Ericsson-sponsored Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) is currently holding its year-end championships. UNESCO and the WTA already have a formal partnership in place to try to promote women’s leadership.As part of the appointment, the Billie Jean King Leadership Internship programme will be set up to give young women experience in the sports industry through internships at the Women’s Sports Foundation and then job placement opportunities in the sports business.In a statement issued today by UNESCO, Ms. King called the partnership “a strong step” in efforts to improve gender equity issues in sports.“There is so much work still to be done when it comes to breaking down barriers to opportunity for women and girls throughout the world, and one of the most effective things we can do is combine our resources, energies and expertise,” she said.UNESCO Director-General Koïchiro Matsuura released a video message in which he said Ms. King had been chosen “in recognition of her tremendous career, which has inspired millions and changed the lives of young women across the world.”Aside from the 12 Grand Slam singles titles she won between 1966 and 1975, Ms. King has been a vocal advocate against sexism in sports. She also founded the WTA and the Women’s Sports Foundation.The UNESCO-WTA partnership, launched in 2006, already funds projects in Cameroon, China, the Dominican Republic, Jordan and Liberia aimed at improving the leadership capabilities and opportunities for women and girls. read more

When his reaction was sought on the BJP state president Dr Tamilisai Soundararajan’s charge that the state government was not working closely with the Centre, he said without elaborating that the state could benefit a lot from the numerous schemes of the Centre. Dr Tamilisai had also alleged that TN went without any representation at a meeting to finalise the smart cities project, though Mr Modi gave 12 projects to the state. A proposal is being considered to establish a rail bridge linking Rameswaram (a coastal pilgrim centre in Tamil Nadu) and Thalaimannar in Sri Lanka.Indian union minister of state for road transport, highways and shipping, Pon Radhakrishnan revealed that the Centre is considering the proposal to establish the rail bridge, the Deccan Chronicle reported Asked about the fate of the Sethusamudram Ship Canal Project, Mr Radhakrishnan said the project was not shelved. “The matter is sub judice… a decision on the project would be taken based on the outcome of the court ruling,” he said. On the Tamil Nadu state government expressing concern over the security to the century-old Mullaiperiyar dam, citing an intelligence bureau report in its petition to the Supreme Court about the imminent threat from terrorists, Mr Radhakrishnan said, the dam deserved to be protected at all cost.The threat may come from anywhere. One should not aim to seek political mileage on this issue. And at the same time it should not be forgotten that LTTE was responsible for the assassination of ex-Prime Minister in Tamil Nadu,” he said. A short boat ride used to connect the railway lines that ended at Talaimannar in Sri Lanka (Talaimannar) and Dhanushkodi in India, which was in operation till 1966. During his visit to the city on Sunday, the Union Minister told reporters during an informal chat that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led BJP government is considering a proposal to establish a bridge to connect the two countries. read more

“Irrespective of all the complaints and/or criticisms levelled against it, the programme has indeed made, and continues to make, a considerable difference in the day-to-day life of the Iraqi people all over the country,” Mr. Sevan told a closed-door meeting of the Security Council today, according to the text of his remarks made available after the session.Just back from an official visit to Iraq – his first since 1997 – the Executive Director said he had found “an ocean of difference” marked by improvements in a number of sectors. At the same time, he warned against complacency, stressing that it was “incumbent on all parties concerned to fully cooperate and to make a concerted and determined effort in order to maximize the benefits of the programme for the Iraqi people and mitigate, to the extent possible, the unintended consequences of the sanctions on the daily life of the average Iraqi citizen.”Looking to the broader political context, Mr. Sevan said that during his discussions with UN colleagues working in the country, he “noted considerable anxiety over international media reports on developments concerning the region, particularly Iraq.” Some UN workers “would like to leave their posts,” while others who had professed an interest in assignments in Iraq were now hesitant to go. Potential contractors, he said, had indicated “that they were no longer interested in getting involved in our operations… specifically stating security concerns.”On the positive side, he reported that “after a series of intensive and, indeed very difficult discussions,” agreement had been reached with the Government on the issue of visas for UN staff working in Iraq.Meanwhile, the Office of the Iraq Programme reported today that the total volume of Iraqi crude exports last week dropped to 10.3 million barrels. In his briefing, Mr. Sevan explained that the diminishing levels of exports was “most likely a consequence of retroactive pricing,” a policy which he said made it “much more difficult for contract holders to receive an abnormally high premium for Iraqi crude oil.”He appealed to all parties, including the Baghdad Government, to resolve the issue “in order to avoid a disruption of oil exports from Iraq, which is the sole source of the revenues available to the programme.” read more

The Buckeyes, led by redshirt sophomore tight end Rashod Berry (13), wait at the end of the tunnel prior to taking the field for the game against UNLV on Sept. 23.Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorThe door to the left of the lectern opened and Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer walked hastily into the team meeting room at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center for his weekly Monday press conference. He had no time for any opening statements.“Just jump right into questions,” Meyer said, gruffly.He had no time for pontificating; no time for questions. Meyer wrapped up his weekly conference faster than usual, hustling out the same door he entered 11 minutes prior.He had just one thing on his mind: revenge.Last season, Penn State nearly ruined Ohio State’s season as a swarm of Nittany Lion fans wearing white stormed the field following their team’s upset of the then-No. 2 Buckeyes while those wearing scarlet and gray slunk back to the locker room with their season seemingly in shambles. Though coaches normally shy away from publicly claiming avenging defeat as a catalyst for a statement victory, Meyer was blunt.“Is revenge a motivator?” Meyer asked. “Hell yeah it is.”Not much motivates teams quite like memories of a loss to a conference opponent.“We were just stunned. We didn’t respect a really good opponent and kind of took for granted winning,” redshirt junior defensive end Sam Hubbard said Wednesday.This season, Ohio State will not be surprised by the Nittany Lions. The Buckeyes believe they are ready for what will be one of their stiffest challenges of the season. Meyer said Penn State has “one of the top offenses in America.” He called running back Saquon Barkley “the best all-purpose guy we’ve probably faced in probably, maybe my career.” Barkley, a Heisman Trophy frontrunner, has rushed for 757 yards — 6.5 yards per carry — and has racked up a team-leading 32 catches for 448 yards. Meyer said Penn State has “the No. 1 pass defense in America.” The Nittany Lions rank first in the nation in pass defense efficiency (94.02).If Ohio State hopes to win, it must slow down the best running back in college football and penetrate one of the best pass defenses in the country. It needs to limit dual-threat quarterback Trace McSorley and protect quarterback J.T. Barrett from a rampant defensive line that decimated the Buckeyes’ offensive line in their previous meeting. Last year, the Nittany Lions picked on right tackle Isaiah Prince, who will have an opportunity to show his improvement on a grand stage.That’s no small task. But whether this season will be deemed a success relies on it. For Ohio State, anything but a berth in the College Football Playoff will be seen as a failure. The Buckeyes’ game versus Penn State marks the turning point in the season, just as it unexpectedly did last year. Will 2017 be a disappointment or will Meyer’s team position itself in the conference’s driver’s seat?If Ohio State defeats the Nittany Lions, it will be the heavy favorite to win the conference. Sure, it will have to take down Michigan on the road, No. 16 Michigan State and likely No. 5 Wisconsin in the Big Ten championship, but optimism would be high following a win against the team many presume to be the best in the conference. If Ohio State wins out, it would earn a spot in the College Football Playoff.But if the Buckeyes lose, their chances of reaching the playoff vanish. They entered the season with three season-defining games — matchups against Oklahoma, Penn State and Michigan. They would have failed their first two true tests of the year, effectively turning their season into an instant dud. Either Ohio State enacts revenge, upsets the No. 2 team in the country and becomes the favorite to win the Big Ten, or its season would be viewed as a flop. There is no middle ground.The Buckeyes cannot look too far ahead. This season-defining matchup comes at 3:30 p.m. Saturday at Ohio Stadium.The page flipped quickly from Ohio State’s off week and Penn State’s 42-13 victory against Michigan to Ohio State versus Penn State.Just six minutes after Penn State’s decisive win Saturday night, redshirt senior center Billy Price tweeted, “#BeatPennState.” At head coach James Franklin’s postgame press conference, the Penn State head coach picked up a phone, saw the time was 11:23 p.m. and said the Nittany Lions had just 37 minutes to celebrate the win.“I’m not talking about the next opponent,” Franklin said, referring to Ohio State, following his team’s win Saturday. “Enjoy the heck out of this win for the next 37 minutes and then the next day, we’ll focus on the next opponent.”Those 37 minutes are up. Now it’s time to see whether the Buckeyes will have their revenge or watch their season end at the hands of the Nittany Lions. read more

Just about any way you slice it, the 2017-18 campaign was a trying one for Carmelo Anthony.Although Melo’s sole season with the Oklahoma City Thunder saw him reach the postseason for the first time in five years, he never achieved the same sort of individual success that teammates Russell Westbrook and Paul George did, posting career lows in scoring, usage, true shooting percentage,1He logged the worst true shooting percentage in the NBA among the 33 players who took 15 shots or more per game in at least 50 games last season. assists and win shares per 48 minutes. His playoff showing was a letdown at both ends of the floor, so much so that he rode the bench for long chunks of time during the last two games of Oklahoma City’s season. And once the Thunder made their first-round exit, Anthony bristled at the idea of accepting a bench role next season, saying, “That’s out of the question.”“I think the player that they wanted me to be and needed me to be was for the sake of this season,” Anthony told reporters after his exit interview with the club. “As far as being effective as that type of player, I don’t think I can be effective as that type of player.”Anthony will reportedly sign with the Houston Rockets for the veteran’s minimum once he’s officially been traded to Atlanta (and then released). So with his career at a crossroads, his comments raise the questions: Can he still be effective at this point? If he can, what would that role look like?Considering the film, his numbers and the potential fit with his new teammates, Houston figures to be Anthony’s last, best hope for a situation in which he can be a productive scorer again.Much of that hope will be predicated on Anthony’s ability to play off of James Harden and Chris Paul in a more effective way than he did with Westbrook. In that regard, Anthony’s life may get easier this season. While Anthony certainly underperformed last year — and likely could have shown more willingness to accept a secondary spot-up role sooner in OKC — the fit with Westbrook wasn’t always ideal, either. One big reason for that: Westbrook, despite being a triple-double machine, isn’t always the most accurate passer.Westbrook drives to the basket more than any NBA player, using his blistering speed and leaping ability to get around and over defenders. (When he opts to make jump passes, he uses both skills at the same time.) But that often leaves him off balance as he tries to hit a shooter who’s already spotting up and in position for an open look. And it sometimes results in a pass being thrown at a shooter’s ankles, or up above his head, forcing a teammate like Anthony to take a split second to reposition himself or extend further than he should have to in order to get off a jumper.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.On passes from Westbrook, Anthony hit just 34 percent of catch-and-shoot threes, down from the 36 percent that an average player would have been expected to make from those spots (based on defender distance, according to data from Second Spectrum).2It may be worth noting that Anthony also shot worse than expected from deep during the previous season off passes from Derrick Rose. Taken together, Anthony’s struggles with Westbrook and Rose may suggest that he isn’t as accurate a shooter when catching passes from highly acrobatic point guards who throw so many jump passes. By contrast, Anthony shot 41 percent on catch-and-shoot threes when fed by George, up from the 36 percent an average player would have been expected to make.“As a scorer, you want the ball in rhythm, where you can catch it and go right up and not have to alter your stance or your shot,” Anthony told reporters in March. “Any small thing — the pass could be off a little bit — [could be] a big difference between making a shot and missing a shot.”Westbrook commits more bad-pass turnovers (4.1 per 100 passes) than any NBA player, according to Second Spectrum. Then again, Harden (3.5) ranks No. 2 in the same metric, raising the obvious question of whether things would be any better for Anthony with the Rockets. But Harden and Paul — neither of whom is wildly athletic or reliant on speed — throw much different types of passes, and both are known for hitting teammates in the hands when they spot up.That pinpoint accuracy, paired with the abundance of open shots that Houston players get in the team’s wide-open offense, is the potential upside for Anthony with the Rockets. Still, there’s the issue of whether Anthony is willing to play off of the ball again. While the Rockets isolate even more than Oklahoma City does, Houston’s offense will be at its best when Harden and Paul are running the show, even if Anthony continues to view himself as a top-end scorer. Another potential problem: Anthony and Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni didn’t necessarily see eye-to-eye when they worked together in New York several years ago.Anthony’s defiant season-ending presser wasn’t very different from the one in which the Thunder introduced him, where he laughed off the suggestion that he could potentially come off the bench to stagger OKC’s scoring threats. And as obvious as it to NBA observers that Anthony isn’t anywhere close to a No. 1 option anymore, it’s not too surprising that he doesn’t see that for himself. He connected on 44 percent of his 2-point jumpers when tightly guarded last season (meaning a defender was standing within 2 feet of him), slightly better than the 42 percent he drilled four seasons ago, per NBA Advanced Stats. Translation: He can still hit tough shots.But in a way, even one of Anthony’s best attributes is somewhat problematic in nature. While teams will always be in search of players who can knock down an undesirable shot — especially in the playoffs — today’s NBA, with all the spacing it provides, prioritizes the notion of reducing such attempts. (This is particularly true in Houston, which led the NBA in wide-open 3-point tries last season.) So, ideally, a player will bring more to the table than simply making tough jumpers.And from that standpoint, it’s hard to see how Anthony would give the Rockets an upgrade over what they just lost in free agency, with Trevor Ariza and Luc Mbah a Moute both departing. Those wings were among the most skilled in the league on defense, and they were key cogs in the club’s ability to switch nearly every pick-and-roll action if it chose to.Plugging Anthony into the Rockets’ defense figures to mitigate a great deal of that advantage. In fact, Utah — in an effort to punish the Thunder for playing Anthony such heavy minutes — ran pick-and-rolls over and over during the teams’ first-round series, seeking to force Anthony into switches onto ball-handlers. The Jazz found success with that approach, scoring 1.22 points per direct screen when getting Anthony to switch onto a pick-and-roll ball-handler, per Second Spectrum. For context, Kevin Durant — who led the league in efficiency when handling the ball in pick-and-roll situations — averaged 1.15 points per direct screen set for him during the season.3Among offensive players who faced a minimum of 150 switches in direct pick-and-roll situations.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.With all that in mind, the Rockets’ defense — which helped lift the team into true championship contention last year — looks set to take a step back this season with Anthony in the fold. Houston can only hope to make up for it on offense, where it has a chance to unlock some of what made Anthony lethal at times with the Nuggets and the Knicks, in an earlier phase of his career.But one thing seems almost certain at this point for the Brooklyn-born Melo: If the 34-year-old can’t make it work in Houston, with a pair of passers as otherworldly as Paul and Harden, he probably can’t make it work anywhere. read more

Ohio State freshman guard Luther Muhammad (1) guards Purdue-Fort Wayne redshirt senior guard John Konchar (55) in the first half of the game between the Buckeyes and the Mastodons. Ohio State won 107-61. Credit: Amal Saeed | Assistant Photo EditorLuther Muhammad knows he is a good basketball player. In the middle of a fastbreak offensive possession, the Ohio State freshman guard weaved his way through Purdue-Fort Wayne defenders, throwing up a feather-touch layup for the score. Muhammad immediately turned around to his assignment, Mastodons redshirt senior guard John Konchar, with a smirk on his face, nodding his head in approval of his actions and mockingly clapping his hands as he crossed midcourt. Ohio State head coach Chris Holtmann has seen this before.“When we saw him in [Amateur Athletic Union camps], we’d have an 8 a.m. game and Luther Muhammad would be out there doing that at an 8 a.m. game, the only guy on both teams with that personality,” Holtmann said. “The only guy. 8 a.m. game. Doing that.” This is what made Muhammad so important for Holtmann to get in his first recruiting class at Ohio State: a confident and fearless player who brings confidence and life to the program. A sign of the future. But for most players, this confidence comes in the form of offense, doing what Ohio State freshman guard Duane Washington Jr. did — sending an imaginary bow-and-arrow into the crowd after hitting consecutive 3s at the end of the first half against the Mastodons. Muhammad’s different. His joy comes when he’s playing one-on-one defense against Konchar, making him work for a basket. It’s defense that defines Muhammad. It’s become his identity. “Everyone who plays basketball likes to score. But what is scoring if your guy’s also scoring?” Muhammad said. “I just feel like it’s better when you score and also you get a stop, your man’s not scoring because if you score 20 and your man scores 20, you really ain’t scoring.” Muhammad said this is the mentality with which he grew up, something he lives by based on how he learned to play basketball. This is what separated him from the pack for Holtmann, what made the head coach desperately want to secure a commitment from Muhammad. “He is who we recruited in the sense of we fell in love with the kid when we recruited him because what you saw today is who he is. He is ready to take on a challenge against a really good player. It’s his identity,” Holtmann said. “He is a more-than-capable offensive player, but that’s why we chased him every day like we did because we knew how important it was going to be for us.”  Holtmann has always been a defense-first coach. When establishing the team identity, the defensive strategy has always been the primary focus with offense coming later. Purdue-Fort Wayne head coach Jon Coffman said Holtmann’s team played a defense in which he felt every player had bought into something bigger than himself. It was a cohesion, a common goal that made the defense so ruthless, the Mastodons head coach said. This was the mentality for Muhammad all along. But having the mentality is one thing. The other is actually performing against collegiate athletes, knowing he is not in high school anymore. “Now, you could be defending a draft pick rather than just defending a Top 100 player that’s an unfinished product,” Muhammad said. “It’s definitely more detailed and you just have to be ready all the time.” Muhammad said it is all about preparation, paying attention to detail and utilizing the scout team, which was integral to Ohio State’s success in its home opener. Through the first two games of the season, Ohio State has allowed opponents to shoot 30.7 percent from the field, giving up 22.6 percent of three-point shots attempted. Senior guard C.J. Jackson said defense has been the team’s main priority early in the season. “It’s pride on the defensive end,” Jackson said. “We work as one and we work every day to work as one.”  But it is Muhammad’s confidence, knowing he’s going to make it difficult on an opponent, that is carrying the team through two games. And for Ohio State, it’s contagious. Holtmann just has one thing to ask of his freshman guard. “I just don’t want him to average a technical a game.” read more

first_imgThe Royals as depicted in King Charles IIICredit:Robert Viglasky/BBC I never thought I would be offended by anything on TV, Charles III was offensive pile of Royal bullying and I hate bullies they’re cowards— herbysnipe2 (@herbysnipe2) May 11, 2017 The television show is based on the play of the same name, which opens with the death of Elizabeth II, and Prince Charles’s swift ascension to the throne. Rather than follow in his mother’s footsteps, Charles decides to use his power to intervene in government.He refuses to sign a bill that has been voted through Parliament, causing a constitutional crisis that brings the country grinding to a halt.  Viewers have hit out at the BBC and sympathised with the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry after the new King Charles III show featured Diana’s ghost.Some have dubbed it “Royal bullying”, as the ghost of Princess Diana haunts King Charles as well as her sons in the controversial television show.Others have said it is “melodramatic drivel” and that it doesn’t show an accurate picture of the Royal household.The controversial adaptation of Mike Bartlett’s play, which also includes the Queen’s funeral, received favourable broadsheet reviews but was received with distaste by viewers. Imagine being prince William or Harry tuning into #charlesIII and seeing the Diana scenes. Jesus Christ.— D Gilmore-Kavanagh🌹 (@DrDeclanK) May 10, 2017 Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. One Twitter user said: “I never thought I would be offended by anything on TV, Charles III was offensive pile of Royal bullying and I hate bullies they’re cowards”.Another fumed: “Didn’t agree with King Charles III on BBC 2, speculating on the future and the royal family overstepped the mark.”And another wrote: “Five minutes in – King Charles III is in awful bad taste, with weak, childish and stodgy writing and acting of the poorest quality”.center_img #charlesIII. Become too weird now. Diana’s ghost, a male Prime Minister and female leader of the opposition! And poor Harry!— Peter Pownall (@pjp1951) May 10, 2017 The half-rhyming and bizarre wording (as well as overdramatic story) makes this feel positively Shakespearean! #CharlesIII— Rob Gainey (@RobGainey1) May 10, 2017 The Royals as depicted in King Charles III But John Whittingdale, David Cameron’s Culture Secretary, has defended the show. “If the BBC has commissioned a production of a decent play how can one possibly object to that?” he asked. “High-quality drama is at the heart of public service broadcasting.”Regarding complaints from other politicians, Whittingdale said: “Some of my colleagues get hysterical about this kind of thing. I don’t think the Queen is the least bit offended.” Former Conservative defence minister Sir Gerald Howarth told The Telegraph: “We have a sovereign who commands universal respect across the nation and the rest of the World. It is extraordinarily insensitive for an organisation which is so consumed with political correctness.”It is pure indulgence by the BBC to run a play featuring the demise of the sovereign and ascribing to a popular member of the Royal member [the Duchess of Cambridge] base motives.” Started watching @BBC #charlesIII with high hopes of historical drama..fat chance of that! Utter drivel.— Sarah Wheeler (@wheel50) May 10, 2017last_img read more

← Previous Story Gottfridson to stay in Flensburg until 2017 Next Story → Mladen Rakcevic to HCM Constanta Danish girls continue to play on the high level. They qualified for the Women’s EHF EURO 2014 in Hungary and Croatia by victory over Ukraine 28:24 in Slovakian city of Michalovce, neutral ground because of political situation in the Eastern Europe country. Austria needs only a single point from the last two matches to secure the place at European TOP event…STANDING:Denmark 8Austria 6Ukraine 2Lithuania 0Besides Denmark it had been Russia, Montenegro, France and Norway that had already qualified for the Women’s EHF EURO 2014. Hosts Croatia and Hungary are directly qualified.Rounds 5 and 6 of the qualification will be played from 7 to 15 June. The final tournament draw will take place in Zagreb, Croatia on 19 June at 13:00 hrs local time. The final tournament itself is played from 7 to 21 December 2014. read more

first_imgUpdated 19.42DERMOT DESMOND RANG Martin O’Neill this week to enquire about the availability of Roy Keane, the Ireland manager confirmed this evening.The Corkman is the favourite to take over from Neil Lennon at Celtic Park after a flurry of bets last night.Keane was due to take today’s press conference at the Aviva Stadium after squad training but O’Neill emerged to face the media instead.“I had a call the other day from Dermot Desmond wanting to speak to Roy if it was at all possible. I mentioned it to Roy, of course,” O’Neill said.  ”I’m sure he wanted to have a chat because obviously a club like Celtic might not come around too often.“It was a really informal chat I think. I would be really disappointed of course if Roy was to leave us.“But I kind of felt when I took him on in the first place for the course of the next 18 months to two years that this kind of thing was likely to happen. He was coming right back into high profile again and perhaps I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly.”This evening, Celtic have released a statement confirming that they are in discussions with more than one candidate about the position.“Following speculation concerning the managers position at Celtic, the club can confirm that it is currently continuing its discussions with a number of excellent candidates,” it reads.“We will continue this process and select who we regard as the best appointment for Celtic. We will update our supporters as soon as this process is complete.”Ireland boss O’Neill also admitted that Desmond’s call isn’t the first from a club since Keane took the post with the FAI.Celtic is one,” he said. “He has had a number of offers as well too from other football clubs so he obviously has a lot to consider.”O’Neill says he expects Keane to be involved at Craven Cottage on Saturday when Ireland take on Italy but when asked if he’ll have his assistant by his side in America, he said: “I think we’ll take it step by step at the moment. Things can develop very, very quickly or slowly but I expect him to be there for the game coming up against Italy.”If Champions League football is enough to lure Keane to Glasgow, could he juggle both jobs?“Because it has just arrived really, that sort of thing I haven’t really got a chance to speak to him about. I genuinely haven’t had a chance to. It’s a possibility, but if you’re a manager of a football club, then I think maybe that sort of thing of coming back and doing something else might be difficult,” O’Neill said.Additional reporting by Niall KellyOld Trafford flags fly at half mast but United fans still bitter over Glazer takeoverChilean miners’ message to their World Cup hopefuls: ‘impossible is nothing’last_img read more

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram This week Senator Nick Xenophon threw a spanner in the works of the deal the Turnbull government has secured with One Nation on media reforms, central to which were a raft of restrictions on the ABC. Having originally agreed to One Nation’s demand for the ABC’s charter to include a statement that the broadcaster needed to be ‘fair and balanced’, (as opposed to ‘accurate’ and ‘impartial’ which is in the current wording of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Act 1983), the government is under pressure to rethink its arrangement with the far-right party, after Xenophon and his NXT party voiced their disagreement. Crossbench support in the senate is crucial for the government’s changes to media laws to be passed. The reforms proposed – which have widespread industry support – include cutting licence fees for commercial TV networks and scrapping the ‘reach rule’ which prevents any one TV broadcaster from reaching more than 75 per cent of the population. In its efforts to get the reforms through the senate the government has also agreed to One Nation’s demand for an inquiry into whether commercial channels are disadvantaged when competing with the ABC, and to force the ABC to publish details of wages and conditions of staff who are paid more than $200,000 per year.Xenophon told ABC radio on Wednesday that he could not support such a deal. “[This] is not about the ABC or SBS,” he said, adding that he could not see the need for “the so-called ‘fair and balanced’ test. What that would mean to the ABC, in terms of the way it could fearlessly report issues. . . really concerns me.The senator added that for ABC staff to have their salaries published “would be quite unprecedented and put the ABC at a real disadvantage with commercial broadcasters”.Xenophon said one of the priorities for the government’s media reform package was to respond to “the existential crisis that commercial media has found itself in, largely as a result of the rise of Google and Facebook – the fact that they hoover away $4b worth of advertising revenue in this country from commercial media outlets.With redundancies in the Australian media industry since 2008 meaning 3000 journalist jobs had been lost, Xenophon said one remedy “would be to give tax breaks to publishers, to smaller mastheads and broadcasters, but principally. . . to online and print media, and if you had and accelerated tax write-offs similar to R&D concessions, that would turbocharge media in this country.“It would create, if it’s done properly, many hundreds of jobs for journalists around the country. It would lead to more diversity and greater coverage . . .” Xenophon’s efforts behind the scenes with the Greens on an alternative reforms package bore fruit on Thursday when communications minister Senator Mitch Fifield released a statement confirming the ACCC will be asked to conduct an inquiry into the impact Google and Facebook are having on Australian journalism.Senator Fifield also confirmed the government would look at measures to enhance local content in regional television markets, extend community television licences, and work closely with NXT “to develop further policy measures to ensure local journalism remains vibrant in our communities”.last_img read more

first_imgThe Lincoln club manager believes he learned the trade thanks to being away from the English Football Leagues for many yearsDanny Cowley has managed Lincoln for a while, and he’s grateful about learning the trade outside of the English Football Leagues for many years.The Sky Bet League Two manager spoke to Sky Sports on what he learned during all this time.“I’ll forever be appreciative of that grounding, it’s been a brilliant learning curve and certainly allowed me to learn the job, develop my skillset away from the pressure you get in professional football,” he said.“It allowed me to make mistakes, behind closed doors in a sense, and to find my style. It’s benefited my management and it’s been really good – I’d recommend it to anyone.”Danny CowleyCowley explains why he changed his mind about Huddersfield Manuel R. Medina – September 9, 2019 Last week Danny Cowley rejected the chance to coach Huddersfield Town in the English Championship, but today he accepted saying it was a good opportunity.“I look at Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard who have had brilliant playing careers and then taken on really high-profile jobs, and it must be tough for them to try to learn about the role under such pressure and scrutiny,” he added.“Everyone talks about football philosophy, I’ve never thought it was as complicated as having a philosophy, I think it’s about having some values.”“We have a set of values which we try to stick by and live by, on a daily basis, we try to work relatively hard, but tactically we’re quite flexible because I think you have to be,” he continued.“In the lower leagues you generally inherit players of all shapes and sizes, different profiles, and you have to try to find a way of playing for the players you have at your disposal.”last_img read more

first_img Recommended for you Opposition Leader responds to Throne Speech  11 days later; says PDM Govt plan puts TCI in ‘deep doo doo’ Related Items:mike misick, oswald skippings, pnp, progressive democratic alliance Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp TCI Country Leaders condemn vicious memes Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 19 Feb 2015 – He told me we can consider this his re-entry into front line politics and confirmed that when the Progressive National Party holds its convention in April; he will offer for the post of Chairman. Michael Eugene Misick, yesterday during a talk show with former House Member, Royal Robinson announced that he will run for PNP Chairman and used the on air opportunity to also clear the air about joining former Chief Minister Oswald Skippings in his newly formed – Progressive Democratic Alliance – party. Mr. Misick who is a former PNP Leader and former Premier of the country said his party needs direction; his words exactly: “It is my intention to seek the Chairmanship of the PNP to help the party to ensure that the Government carries out the party’s agenda and the Party Manifesto promises. My intention is to help my party to fulfill its promise and to prepare it for the next elections. I believe that some of the directions of government is not in the people’s interest or the party’s interest and it’s important for the party to be put back on track with its core values of progress and the empowering of all our people.” Michael Misick said it’s time for the government to follow the PNP party agenda and not the British Government Agenda.” Magnetic Media asked him about comments that he is a PNP to the bone; he confirmed that comment to be true explaining that no way would he ditch the PNP for a new party, as the Progressive National Party is a political engine his late father helped to establish. What Michael Misick, who once represented his hometown of Bottle Creek, North Caicos did say was that he does share the same kind of passion to stand up for Turks and Caicos Islanders as Skippings does. Last month, Oswald Skippings revealed a defection from the Opposition PDM party. As an arduous former leader of the PNP though, I asked Mr. Misick if this role of Chairman would be enough for his appetite and if it is constitutionally permitted for the PNP. His reply; yes it is permissible and that it is a sacrifice he is willing to make. “Well the chairman has a very important role. That is in the the day to day running of the party. It’s even more important when the party is in government.” General Elections for the Turks and Caicos are slated for next year, 2016. Olive branch extended by Opposition Leader, says it is time for Turks and Caicos leaders to unitelast_img read more

first_img Dan Plante, January 12, 2018 Dan Plante Taxing recreational marijuana 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsThe use of recreational marijuana has been legal for exactly 12 days now and for those in the business, the money is rolling in.But as KUSI’s Dan Plante shows us, handling that money, and eventually paying taxes on it, is proving to be a challenge. Posted: January 12, 2018 Categories: Local San Diego News Tags: Marijuana FacebookTwitterlast_img read more